Saturday, January 21, 2023

the road bullies


The road bullies on the road

They think they have their rights to bully

The intimidation of other drivers

Following the traffic rules

The road bullies mustn't allow to go free

They must be caught and sent to prison

Even for a day and a fine will shake them up

On the road traffic rules always apply

When we talk about road bullies

We always assume it will be the men

Driving like crazy going mad with intimidation

But lately it is a woman driver who has become one

The woman driver got the wrong stick

On the highway she tried on a female driver

Now she is in hot soup for the police want her

She didn't realize her deed was recorded

The victim is the PM's daughter

The female road bully can't escape

She is wanted by the police

She better reports herself to nearest police station

The road bullies men or women

They mustn't allow to go free at will

The punishment must be severe

Let others to recognize the law must follow

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