Tuesday, January 31, 2023

will reforms begin?


Anwar fights for reforms

During those years in the opposition

He nailed it on the ground

The changes the nation needs

Now he is on the driver's seat

His focus may have changed

The tasks ahead will be plenty

He needs trusted leaders or advisors

By appointing his daughter to advice him

In economy and finance for the nation

Does he going out for reforms?

Maybe he needs time to reset the focus

No doubt his daughter has the credentials

The years she spent as member of Parliament

She has the experience to look at solutions

But many don't agree for it isn't a reform

Maybe Anwar wants to groom his daughter

The future he sees she has the potential

To become the first female prime minister

In 10 years time starting in 2023

As long as she can play her role

The nation needs to progress economically

Nobody should question her credibility

She isn't a greenhorn in politics

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