Wednesday, January 11, 2023

the political football in Sabah


The political football in Sabah

The referee halts the play

The political storm has died

The storm has blown away

The wolf leader of Sabah

He is kicked out of the state Cabinet

It serves him right to be impatient

Too greedy to sink his teeth

GRS Chairman stays on his post

He isn't a partyless leader

He is the Chairman of GRS

A registered party approved by ROS

The dishonest leaders sing the wrong tune

They only harp on their self interests

The Governor of Sabah backs the current line up

The wolves and warisan can lick their wounds

Wait for Sabah state election in 2 years time

They can have their game of play in their minds

Now they should play in their own back-yard

Play like a good opposition for the Sabahans

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