Friday, January 27, 2023

don't protest for selfish needs


Why do the Islamic followers protest?

This is a foreign country internal problems

Let the country handle her own affairs

It has nothing to do with these followers

Even Anwar shouldn't say much on it

He can send his protest note to the Ambassador

But our leaders shouldn't say bad things about the country

We should understand Sweden internal problems

We have much to do on our economy

Even those Islamic followers should look in the mirrors

They talk bad about the other races in the country

They should show empathy and practice their faith sincerely

Our country needs healing

The unity seems out of context

Every time the opposition leaders speak

It is about their religion and race

They are living in fear

Afraid of the ghosts cascading their minds

Milking them to taste the wrong instead of the right

They should wake up and see the lights

Don't just protest to gain personal benefits

God will not be kind to those selfish needs

They have to look in the mirrors

What they say about their own country people

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