Saturday, January 07, 2023

Covid 19 XBB variant


XBB dancing through the winter

In the cold weather it makes its presence

Spreading along with its infectious smile

The Americans get caught in its way

The smoke spreads quickly

The hospitals filled it up too

XBB shows no mercy at all

Once we forget to take precaution

XBB with its variant riding along

WHO is monitoring with concerned

Here we have to take our own measures

Wearing masks still a better option

WHO can't tell of its impact

The officers are collecting data

Trying to study of its infection

Deadly or otherwise on the people

We need tourists to boost economy

We mustn't forget to balance our act

All tourists must be tested on arrival

We can't put our guards down

XBB variant will race with us

Like it or not the virus will spread

It needs one infection to cause havoc

Our hospitals will be dragged to high capacity

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