Monday, January 09, 2023

don't recognize muslim marriage outside the nation


Why allow the lustful Muslim men marry outside the country?

These horny men only interested in sex with the young women

Because they want to feel young and behave like studs

They are afraid to lose their mojo when they wake up everyday

Though certain states have laws barring this unkind matrimony

These states have laws to punish the offenders of such lust

The punishment is light and it will not burden the offenders

The state governments should amend the punishment

These Muslim marriages outside the country

Let the offending couples stay in jail for a year

Find them $20,000 or another year in jail

The current ones will be light sentences for them

Restore the first wives dignity

Without their consent no husbands can marry another

It mustn't come down from the shariah judge

The husbands must ask their wives before to get marry again

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