Monday, January 09, 2023

let the Sabah politicians fight it out


The trading horses

In the land below the wind

The roaring wind still blowing

The tailspin still in tow

Though GRS chairman has his support

He announced he had 44 members to his side

He is still the rightful candidate for Chief Minister

Because he enjoys his majority

Only the wolves and warisan

They will bring up their noises again

The ambers of fire still burning

The chief wolf trying to find solutions

He should have controlled his people in Sabah

He let go the wolves to run around in the state

Trying to cause instability for his cause

Though he loses his gambit on it

The next round will be with Anwar

Currently in Indonesia for his 1st official visit

There will be a meeting for Sabah politics

Maybe he should let Sabah politicians handle themselve

Let the Sabah politicians fight it out

As long as it doesn't involve the Federal level

Sabah politicians are knowns as the frogs

They always enjoy the hopping and croaking!

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