Friday, January 20, 2023

the darkness will retreat


The darkness will retreat

In the schemes of things

As the light slowly emerges

The glow of lights slowly bloom

The moos and crocodiles

Staying low afraid to see

The $92.5 billion investigations

It isn't over until the results published

The Moo facing a lawsuit

Anwar isn't going to take the potshots

Even in a political speech

Don't make up stories to boost one's ego

The police should investigate Bawang

Under the Sedition Act for racial disharmony

He always tries to belittel other faiths

The Home Minister shouldn't stay mute on it

Anwar shouldn't stay to please

He hasn't got much time to satisfy anybody

His call is to bring the nation forward

Let the bell ringing loudly to the world

The land below the wind

The land of the hornbills

The leaders are smiling

They have much to gain

The darkness will retreat

Finding no way to show its face

Back to the cave and lick its wound

The nation of people don't want it to appear



copy write I.LOO 20/1/2023 12.53pm


The Federal Court shouldn't entertain

M01 filing to review his SRC case

The judgement delivered by the highest court

He serves his sentence for his 12 years imprisonment

The Federal Court shouldn't be lenient

Because other prisoners don't have that leeway

The judges should throw his appeal away

Let him rot his soul for his corruption in jail

His lawyers always try to find excuses

Creating something out of nothing to appeal

MO1 hasn't returned the $42 million in his bank accounts

The millions don't belong to him at all

The thing is

The final court of appeal delivered

The Federal Court made their case

MO1 should stay in prison

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