Tuesday, January 10, 2023

young or old enjoy life don't think of tomorrow


Life, enjoy it while we are here

Don't let trouble spoil the fun of it

We were born to live and kick some storm

Don't let our lives go out without memories

Life, the footprints we will make

Up the hills or mountains or streams

Along the beaches, jungles or waterfalls

Among the people we meet and say hello

Life, there is always an ending

We aren't the immortals so don't dream on it

Live the life to the full in our own capacity

We don't need to follow trends or gadgets

Life, age isn't the calling

We can die young or old along the way

MMA lost a young girl full of potential

She was only 18 when she left her world

Maybe you read about her

Victoria Lee from Hawaii

A future champion on her way

She came from her family of champions

Life, young or old

Death can call at any time of the day

Enjoy it while we can to the last minute

Don't leave things or words undone

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