Wednesday, January 18, 2023

polygamy shouldn't be encouraged


Polygamy shouldn't be encouraged

It will break up the family unit as a whole

A woman worth her salt will not share her man

No matter what will be said and done

But a woman by nature will ensnare a man

Especially one she finds is married

She will try all means to get into the sack

The animal brain will lock her deeds

The evolution of her brain will not change

When she smells something of a man

She will get hooked into the smell

This is where the start of the affairs

Under the syariah law though

A man will be allowed to marry

If the syariah judge allows it

The first wife agrees to the marriage

Most of the time the first wives will oppose

No women want to share their men

They will file for divorce and break free

Why let the men eat all the cakes too?

The syariah law must totally ban polygamy

If the men want to marry again it is always lust

They must divorce their wives and pay matrimony

The men mustn't be allowed to go free

Currently it is still allowed

Causing problems in the marriage

Directly impact on the children

Lustful motive will not bring good vibrations

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