Saturday, January 07, 2023

don't let the rowing go undone


The unity government formed and flow

Like the waves dancing on to the shore

Rising up by the whirring wind

Blowing good wishes all the way

The spread of goodwill

The leaders in unity have to perform

They can't let the rowing go undone

Every effort needs to hit the right note

In the background of the whirring wind

The back door leaders still plotting

They know the back door is locked

They still want to rush to get in

The London move seems the way

Plotting far away from the nosey mates

Every one involved will play dumb and dumber

As if the people are fools not to recognize their tale

The unity government leaders will stay aloof

They need to provide better services and economy

They have to keep taps on the backdoor

Don't let bad break in without invitation

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