Tuesday, September 28, 2021

stick to the rules to save ourselves


Don't be in a hurry to be normal

The situation with Rocking Rona

Spreading like the wild fires

We are just putting it out

The wind keep blowing

The smoke will get into our eyes

It will make us blind for a while

Rocking Rona will fly

Some countries have released the restrictions

The people want to get back to normal

Though the C19 is still making its marks

Patience will save us the trouble

These countries should wait

Maybe until the end of the year

By then many will be vaccinated

Then we can see the normal will return

Rocking Rona has mutated

Alpha to Beta to Delta

Now Mu is in the mix

Don't forget to stick to the rules

the bees are dying


The bees are dying

Everywhere in the world

Without cross pollinations

Even humans will disappear too

The governments in the world

The leaders should sit down and listen

What the bees will say to survive?

Leave Nature alone!

The greed and corruption

The bad atttitude and toxic religious fever

It doesn't bring joy to the living

Even bees are dying

Because the governments in the world

The leaders want to clear land and developments

Drawing out nature causing bad vibrations

Bees are dying

Without bees in the eco-system

The cross pollinations will not be there

Slowly every breathing specie will collapse

When one key is lost the consequences will be bad

Even humans will not survive

God doesn't need to send flood for 40 days and nights

We will sign our own downfall for destroying nature

When we don't take care the gifts of our natural forests

PH better listen


PH better listen

The Turtle man ignoring

The call of his family Malaysia

It is still the supremacy of a race

As I wrote before

It is entrapment for PH

The Turtle man will feel solid

He can implement his ways

Like the Old Man

He likes his way

So the Turtle man will behave

Listen to me but don't do as I do

The supremacy race

The controlling game in all sectors

It has been swallowed up plenty

Yet the losing faith

They should practice

What they pray everyday

There is only one race

Homo Sapiens

PH better listen

The ground of angry minds

The day light robbery

By a stroke of a pen!

Monday, September 27, 2021

rocking rona going low


Rocking Rona going low

Taking a break let us feel in the mood

Dining in or watching movies or holidays

We feel we can beat the virus

The chart seems to dip lower

As the virus struggles to maintain its speed

The vaccinations may help to walled it in

Until we hear of Mu stepping up its mark

The Delta variant may have lost its sting

It has done enough pain and sorrow

Now it may go away as its job has been done

We shouldn't put our guards down as yet

The statistics isn't in a single digit

We have still a long way to go

We better watch out for Mu variant

We mustn't allow it to cross here

Still we have to follow rules

The standard SOP procedures

We aren't out of the wood yet

Don't let it spring a surprise to us

the loss of millions in the lock room


The Turtle man

He hasn't said of Macc corruption

Of millions gone in its custody

A few senior officers detained

Yet the head of Macc

He should take garden leave

Let a neutral party investigate

The loss of millions in the lock-room

The police stay low

It doesn't want to interfere

This should be under police investigation

As fake notes were used to siphoned off the genuine ones

The millions should be found and returned

The senior officers must be held accountable

There will not be DNAA on this case

The officers must be sent to prison

The fish head rotten years ago

Likewise the middle and bottom will carry on

Finding ways for a slice of the wealth

Since many want to live beyond their income

the lucky turtle man


The lucky man

It may not come again

He gets into his position

The right moment in his life

The Turtle man

You don't expect it to happen

In the party of the wolves

Because of court cluster he gets in

He shouldn't make the same mistakes

Sometimes power will get over the head

The lucky man at the right moment

It may not come again

His track records aren't inspiring

He needs a lot of changes in his mind

He shouldn't play the 3R in his life

It's the 4R he should play his role

The lucky man

Enjoy the moment now

It may not come again

The Turtle man shouldn't forget

the box


The box

Wrap it up with strings

On the trolley sits

Cool as its shadow

The way it sees

How its life will be

Soaking in the cool wind

Breathing its air of freedom

Sitting cool on the trolley

The box with strings

The different ways in unity

The box, the strings and trolley

The interdependence touches

One final movement the human energy

Pushing the trolley delivering the box

To a place the objective of its destination

The box

Wrap in the strings

On the trolley sits

Cool as its shadow

Sunday, September 26, 2021

the fishes in the pond


The fishes in the pond

The many colours and sizes swim along

They don't differentiate each other

They are contented to live together

When the feeding times arrive

The fish breeder will spring food in the pond

The fishes will swim together to swallow it

Taking turns to get the filled

They learn how to survive

They don't impose their own rules

They can swim free in the pond

It's freedom the whole time through

A certain race should learn

How to live and work together

Without imposing rules for advantages

Because it will profit the nation

the stray cats


The stray cats

No home no master

They are on their own

Living free in their world

Only they have to seek

Shelters and food everyday

Walking on the streets

Sleeping at the back lanes

Occasionally seeking in

Stealing food or doing their business

They don't care what they do

As long as they can meow they are free

Though the house-owners will shout

Sometimes spray them with water

But the stray cats get the high

Running like the speed of wind

The stray cats

Living free no rules to stay

Walking on the streets

Sleeping at the back lanes

the leader of the pack


The leader of the pack

Will he show his stand?

Will he show what he can do?

Will he show his strength?

In 30 days he has shown nothing

The leader of the pack

He has to watch his back yard

He is afraid he will fall

We don't expect much

The leader of the pack

In the back door nothing to crow

It is always on the same broken tune

The rhythm of chords

He finds it hard to come along

As his key players run as they like

Counting eggs in their closets

The leader of the pack

Thinking back to yesterday

He can't do much everyday

He is afraid he will fall

a tease or a bully?


A tease or a bully?

A child can't know

He will think he has done wrong

On the wrong side of life

He may cry

He may shout

He may shout his tantrum

As long as he can get his way

In his mind

He can't understand

Nobody has explained to him

The young mind of softness

A tease or a bully?

A child can't know

He will only know

He has done something wrong

Or he believes he has

In his mind the world should be free

The smile and joy in everything

Everyone should be nice and kind

A tease or a bully?

A child can't know

Nobody has explained to him

In his mind the world should be free

Saturday, September 25, 2021

we can change for better living


People can change for better living

When they fall to the worst in their lives

When they experience pain they will think differently

They will value the times they have with it

The attitude we have

We can change it to a better one

The change is within us

We are the ones who will make the change

If we ask people we know change now

They will stare at us or blink for a while

They may say “mind your own business”

It's the attitude needed to be changed

Time is fixed; it can't change for more hours

When we have no money we can find work to get some

Our attitude can be changed when we fear of the negativity

When we experience pain or sorrow we will change

People will not change

When they have it so good

Why change when they can scoop plenty?

Only fear of losing life one will change focus

A leopard can't change its spots

It is there for all to see

But it can be trained to be a better animal

With values chained into its mind

Change can happen

Change attitude or feel the pain

Down on last dollar

Tomorrow must change or fall




You don't chase them away

We aren't the only nation

Marketing this program

Those who settled here

They may want to leave

Leaving behind their fond memories

Only back door can do the wrong way

Even Sultan of Johore expresses his displeasure

Yet the back door doesn't want to rethink of the rules

It will not settle well within the current holders

The future ones may think for other countries

We will face keen competition

In our neighbouring countries

They don't have the religious extremism

They know how to multiply their games

The back door should rethink its policy

The Turtle Man should step in to advice his minister

Don't shoot something is bad for the nation

As it is now the low economy

no driving licenses for the senior citizens?


Let the senior citizens

Live their lives with their own abilities

They will know when to stop

When illnesses rear its ugly head on them

The senior citizens who drive

Let them enjoy their few joys in life

The police shouldn't come out with a statement

No licenses for the senior citizens?

Unless the police can show statistics of fatalities on the road

It is best the police spend time to find Jlow or Pastor Khor

The police shouldn't waste time and energy on trivial issues

It is a waste of tax-payers' monies

The senior citizens

Spend their youth for the nation

Now let them enjoy a few joys in life

Let them drive until they give up willingly

we want to live easy


We want to live easy

Everyday as we wake up and go to sleep

We don't need the bad gossips and bad news

It will bring us living in trembling moves

We want to live easy

Enjoying the simple tastes and living

All around us the many faces and colours

But it hasn't gone the way we wish it will be

We hear Nature hiccups many times

Our umbrella to protect us living on this planet

Why we destroy it with our greed and needs?

It will bring us living in trembling moves

We want to live easy

The politicians strum up rules and divide

Without a care of the consequences

Letting the nation fall into the deep hallow

We want to live easy

We don't need the bad vibrations

If only the politicians can live what they pray

Every way will be fine for all of us

Friday, September 24, 2021

when we hit together well


Our dreams

Wanting to take flight

Soar up to the sky

Only a race wakes up to realize

The many colours must cooperate

Work hard for a common goal

To bring the nation to greater height

Not for a single race to benefit

It has to be shared by all

The tears, smile and grin to succeed

When we face the hardship in life

United we can soar high in the sky

But a race has to wake up

The spoon feeding shouldn't be there

Over 64 years even a child has grown old

This isn't the way to achieve goals

Our dreams

The nation to soar high

Wave our flags in glory

When we hit together well

it will not bring economic progress for all


The Moos

Don't play the supremacy race

Over 64 years still harping on it

Even want to take NM businesses

You have to work hard for it

You can't be spoon fed every time

The NM work hard for their business

They don't get any help at all

You don't take 51% stake

Without contributions of efforts

This is like a day light robbery

It will bring shame to the country

Maybe you want to be better then the wolves

They are the old hands with this method

Harping on the race agenda to take control

It is better to have a back bone to make it

The Moos like the wolves

Spoon feeding to get what they want

How can a race progress without competition?

They will be colonized by the economic power of nations

Let the races enjoy their fruit of their labour

Let them stay united to progress the nation

There mustn't be a one sided road for a race

It will not bring economic progress for all

the cats have to find ways to live


The cats at the back lane

The few I see hanging around

Some are new faces from somewhere

The old ones have gone

They came looking for food

They too find it impossible to feed

The back lane feeding has stopped

As the house-owners do not want to get C19

A lone male cat passed by yesterday

By the kitchen window I saw

The cat is sick and sickly

Maybe suffering from a virus

Like those before him

They too had disappeared

It wasn't old age but a virus attacked

It looks like a similar profile of sickness

In the pandemic the cats too suffer

They are the Ronin without masters

They will have to find their food

They have to find ways to cure their illness

The cats at the back lane

Without food they will disappear

I see a few new faces

Maybe from another street

live simple much to gain in life


Finding success in life

It isn't always about money

It isn't about creating wealth

It is about how we view life itself

Because wealth we can't take along

The day we depart from this world

We should find ways to balance it

Don't play into the greedy market

When darkness falls on our minds

We will have lost our bearing in lives

Going the wrong way will make us lose

Our own paradise in the journey of it

Though money moves in this world

It will give the economy of living

We shouldn't be too greedy or corrupted

Live simple and enjoy life while we can

Don't always make creating wealth a central point in life

We will lose the values of life in this world

We should live sufficiently well during our stay here

Don't let too many sins make us sink deep in the dark hallow

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Rocking Rona changes


Rocking Rona

You tell them don't be fools

They don't want to listen

You make them realize the truth

Millions stuck at homes

Thousands get hooked up in hospitals

They don't realize the severity of it

They think it is a bad day

In hospitals they ask questions

Why they have to get it at all?

There will be no answer

The sad eyes facing the truth

Rocking Rona

A virus seems made by scientists

Somehow it escaped its home

Spreading its jaw of death in the world

It emerged as Alpha

Now it is Delta on the go

The next is Mu affecting 39 countries

If the people don't listen they will get Mu on the chart

Rocking Rona

Don't play around its invincibility

It is still better to follow rules and SOPs

And enjoying life with some restrictions

don't look back


Don't look back

Yesterday has gone

It isn't going to come back

You have to let it go

Yesterday can be beautiful

It will bring the memories

Of the days and times gone by

Living in it brings sometimes smile

Today and tomorrow

A new page has to be written

Let yesterday be gone

It will not change a thing

Don't look back

Today and tomorrow

A new page has to be written

A life full of hope and beginning

the back door has trust issues


The back door wants to lie

It should say it with some facts

By appealing a case to COA

It says to buy time to amend the Constitution

It is two different cases

The back door still can do it

In Parliament by proposing the amendment

Though it needs to 2/3 support

Pakatan Harapan will back it up

Since it benefits the women marrying foreign men

Of their children who will be born here or overseas

The right to get citizenship

Reading the news

It can be an entrapment

If COA disallows the ruling

The back door will all grin

The back door should stop pursuing it

Drop the appeal case and let it stay

There is no need to amend the Constitution

This is a lie to stop giving benefits to women

living in the pandemic


Living in the pandemic

It isn't a picnic

Living in the pressured time

Life can be infected at any day

There is no security

There is no guarantee

Out in the open

Crowded places or malls

Living in the pandemic

Eyes can't see the invincibility

Once Rocking Rona brushes by

Home quarantine or staying in hospital

That's the way

Rules and SOPs must obey

Even the government too

Infection is still high don't play game

Rocking Rona will win

The close combat we will lose

80% vaccinated

Don't get carried away

Rocking Rona still can break through

As past cases have recorded it so

Still must follow

The rules and SOPs

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

waiting for change


Waiting for a change

It happened 2 years ago

We saw it came

But the traitors took control

The back door waves

One gone but another returns

The same old folks in play

The same old routines nothing changes

Once it was the Moo

Everyday he had to please his backers

He got nothing to show

But his incompetence in all levels

He was disposed by the wolves

Now the wolves take control the reign

Yet it is still on the weak ground

They face the familiar problems of the Moo

Now the roles are reversed

The wolves have to please the backers

In every way possible to sit on the chair

There will nothing much to show

The days will be put out fires

Wasting time and fruitful ways

The wolves will not be able to do

Because old habits will return

The pandemic will hurt them

They can't find ways to make it return

The economy and stability

It will drag on for another year

Waiting for change

It will be a while

If the pandemic is not solved

It will not happen any time soon