Saturday, September 18, 2021

the foreign retirees staying here


The ocean waves

Whispering it in the air

The waves slowly gliding

Towards the shore touching base

The Turtle man should listen

The issues of foreigners in the programme

They came here to stay on retirement

Contributing much to the economy

With rules change

It will make the country look bad

The Turtle man should change the policy

Even HRH Sultan of Johore is disappointed

The Turtle man should cook the Home Ministry

He should tell the Home Minister to change the rules

Let the old rules stay as it is

Since it helps the country

Talking of security of the nation

It is just an excuse to change the rules

Everyone applies into this programme

The Home Ministry will screen before approval

The ocean waves

Whispering its gliding touches

Change for the better not the worst

The Turtle man better listens to the sound

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