Saturday, September 11, 2021

the bad ring


The bad day

The bad ring

It's the old story

Rocking Rona grinning

The easing of restrictions

Thinking the way to recovery

When the infection yesterday was 21k

It isn't all right!

Look at Singapore of 5.7 million people

Over 80% vaccinated against C19

She opened up most sectors

What she got in return?

Delta stopped her tracks

Singapore infection rate rose

The government imposed restrictions

But here the back door does the opposite

We mustn't allow economy sectors to open

Now we hear of tourists going to Langkawi by 16 September

For those who had double doses of the vaccines

Delta still can infect those people

We haven't seen the Mu variant yet

It has spread in over 39 countries world wide

It may land on our shore the way of the back door

It will not be a surprise as with Delta spreading

The bad ring

We should study it again

We still have high infection rate

It isn't the way to ease restrictions

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