Saturday, September 25, 2021

we can change for better living


People can change for better living

When they fall to the worst in their lives

When they experience pain they will think differently

They will value the times they have with it

The attitude we have

We can change it to a better one

The change is within us

We are the ones who will make the change

If we ask people we know change now

They will stare at us or blink for a while

They may say “mind your own business”

It's the attitude needed to be changed

Time is fixed; it can't change for more hours

When we have no money we can find work to get some

Our attitude can be changed when we fear of the negativity

When we experience pain or sorrow we will change

People will not change

When they have it so good

Why change when they can scoop plenty?

Only fear of losing life one will change focus

A leopard can't change its spots

It is there for all to see

But it can be trained to be a better animal

With values chained into its mind

Change can happen

Change attitude or feel the pain

Down on last dollar

Tomorrow must change or fall

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