Tuesday, September 21, 2021

it is best to live simple


Facing life

It isn't easy 1,2, and 3

It isn't like the monkeys jumping tree to tree

It isn't like life always free

The challenges in our lives

It is like the traffic lights

Sometimes high or low or stagnant

Nobody can see beyond the mind

Sometimes we are told by decree or law

We have to toe the line or face the bad flow

Majority have no cables to fix the leaks

They have to face jail or pay

The harsh reality of life

When we are cowards we will be pressured

Join the herd mentality and stay obedient

Allowing the bullies to take control

When we are rich

The red carpet in our lives

We seem to have the free flow

Everyone wants to share in the front row

Facing life

It is best to live simple

Like the wind; like the rain; like the sun and moon

Maybe like the stars sparkling in the dark

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