Thursday, September 09, 2021

follow the rules else we will pay for it


Don't be afraid of Rocking Rona

We have to face it like other health issues

Cancer, strokes, diabetes, heart attacks

All breathing and living in our body systems

Now of course is Rocking Rona

The virus of saying “no way to stop me”

We have to live within certain rules

We shouldn't be carried away

Vaccines aren't the cure

We must accept the fact of it

It is to build walls for protection

Allowing us time to find the solution

The rules must be adhered to

Else the infection will spike the chart

Now the back door is opening up business sectors

When the infection is still high!

Besides we have Mu flying

Waiting to cause more pain to us

Here the back door falling for the trap

Don't we have enough of Delta causing pain?

Don't be afraid to face Rocking Rona

We have to live by the rules and stay alert

Wearing masks and social distancing all the times

But the economic sectors will cause us pain again

Many hosts in a crowd

The easy meat for Rocking Rona

It takes one person to cause the spread

Haven't we learned our lessons?

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