Friday, September 10, 2021

the hungry wolves


The hungry wolves

The hungry minds for 2 years

Now they are looking

The old wolves for the chicken's coop

One convicted wolf

Already smelling his roses

The Turtle man moves

No balls to stay clean with the ocean

The grapevine says

He will become the economic advisor!

What a bad move Turtle man!

You will fall in quick moves

The next one as the deputy speaker

The court cluster on the rise

With a corruption case hanging over his head

The Turtle man soils his name

By GE15 the people will not forget

The Malays should wake up and realize

It is against their religious teaching

Even it is against all religions

The bad shouldn't return

They have to pay for their sins

They have to atone it for years

But the Turtle man moves?

He is no difference

He sinks into power and benefits

Sinking deeper into the dark pit

He has a chance to redeem but he forgets

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