Monday, September 13, 2021

we should try to balance our needs


Every business owner

Raring to open business

The outlook may not look good

Wasting time isn't the norm

Every company wants it too

The suffering during the pandemic

It has caused hardship financially

But the lost of lives?

It can't be balance out

It can't have both ways

One has to give up

One has to stay in the dark

Even the working population

They find it hard to stay indoors

They want to get into working mood

Destress their lives in working environment

C19 still causing high infection

The new variant Mu will be attacking

Does everyone see it coming?

Now the death toll stands at over 20k!

We have to live with it

We can't have both running together

It isn't a normal way of life

Rocking Rona makes the changes for us

We mustn't be too eager to open sectors

We will cause the rise of infection again

We should try to balance our needs

Until we bring down the infection rate

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