Monday, September 27, 2021

rocking rona going low


Rocking Rona going low

Taking a break let us feel in the mood

Dining in or watching movies or holidays

We feel we can beat the virus

The chart seems to dip lower

As the virus struggles to maintain its speed

The vaccinations may help to walled it in

Until we hear of Mu stepping up its mark

The Delta variant may have lost its sting

It has done enough pain and sorrow

Now it may go away as its job has been done

We shouldn't put our guards down as yet

The statistics isn't in a single digit

We have still a long way to go

We better watch out for Mu variant

We mustn't allow it to cross here

Still we have to follow rules

The standard SOP procedures

We aren't out of the wood yet

Don't let it spring a surprise to us

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