Monday, September 20, 2021

C19 isn't contained as yet


Opening it up

The economy and borders

It only encourages C19

Smiling like a child chasing candy

The vast opportunities ahead

The infection rate hasn't gone down

The death toll has hit over 22k

It isn't going down as yet

Rocking Rona will be grinning

The people think of different view

Vaccinated doesn't mean we can forget

The rules and SOPs on Rocking Rona

Sadly we don't remember

The pain and sorrow in our lives

Though life has to go on

But not by taking chances with C19

As long as we have the virus

We still need to follow rules

The economy can wait

But lives lost will be gone for good

But is the back door listening?

Have the business owners remembering?

Have we forgotten about the fear of the virus?

We shouldn't repeat the mistakes again

C19 needs hosts to spread and survive

As the people can move freely

The infection rate will spike up again

Because C19 isn't contained as yet

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