Monday, September 06, 2021

the old habits return


The old habits return

The Turtle man ignores the call

He can't shift his changes

He is too afraid to see beyond

PH doesn't need to work with him

The CSA should be shelved now

He takes PH for a ride

Now the reputation declines

Even voting for his VOC

He may not want to do it

He is afraid to be the shortest pee am

Ever rising up from the nation

The people will not expect the change

They are waiting for GE15 to call the shot

The wolves can lick their tongues and teeth

Dreaming of the meaty roles they hold in

The Turtle man isn't a visionary leader

He can't see beyond his own focus

He can be voted out if he calls for his VOC

Because the other wolves may vote him out

The old habits return

The changes will be on hold

The old gang all checked in

Because the change isn't in the bag

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