Sunday, September 05, 2021

we haven't controlled the hike of Delta


Why in a hurry to open up tourism sectors?

We haven't controlled Rocking Rona hike

Yet the back door is talking of opening up tourism

It is inviting for our health sectors to cry

The economy can wait

Lives lost are gone for good

Once Rocking Rona spreads

It isn't easy to control its hike

The Delta variant is moving out

From Klang Valley to other states now

The rate of infections are high

We still hear of daily infections over 20K

The back door has no clues to tackle it

Gunning for economy; infection will hit

Don't we learn from Klang Valley?

The back door wants to forget

Rocking Rona is spreading

We mustn't allow it to take hosts

We have over 16k deaths on the chart

Yet the back door wants to draw with C19

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