Wednesday, September 15, 2021

let GE15 the road to change


The 3 former prime ministers

They still have the gumption to go

Saying publicly to announce to contest

In the next election as candidates

The Old Man still has high hope

Eyes still painting the chair

Waiting for him to sit on

A 3rd time he will wish to happen

He has betrayed the people

By his actions he brought down PH

Because he couldn't get his way

And he still dislikes Anwar

Moo too has betrayed the voters

He lies to his teeth about the wolves

During his reign the pandemic hit the roof

The bloated Cabinet and poor management

Causing deaths to hit over 20k

The IMDB man stole wealth

Convicted of his crime yet still talks big

Dreaming he will be free of his crimes

He still wants to return to the power

All 3 should go away

The trust has been gone

The truth has come out

What else they want to say?

The urban Malays have known it

It is the rural folks still dreaming

The 3 parties want to woo this group

It will be an uphill battle to survive

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