Wednesday, September 15, 2021

jack sparrow the cat


Jack Sparrow the cat

She was active to find her mates

Every season she had her taste

The male cats would chase her

The whole day; some even waited

Staring and hoping and wanting

The heat of the season

One day long ago

A neighbour brought kittens in a box

Put it at the back lane

Where Jack Sparrow would hang around

I knew it was her kittens

But she refused to feed them

Later all the kittens died

Lacked of milk and warmed

One even dropped into the drain

Because a neighbour shouted to her friend

What a pity the kitten fell and died!”

The last I saw Jack Sparrow the cat

It was like 2 weeks ago and pregnant

Now I didn't see her walking at the back lane

It isn't like her to stay away too long

She used to wait and steal food

When the house-owners were careless with their food

I once saw her dragged a chicken drumstick running away

Now I guess she may have died

Maybe somebody throws her away

Because it has been 2 weeks

I don't see her walking at the back lane

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