Friday, September 24, 2021

live simple much to gain in life


Finding success in life

It isn't always about money

It isn't about creating wealth

It is about how we view life itself

Because wealth we can't take along

The day we depart from this world

We should find ways to balance it

Don't play into the greedy market

When darkness falls on our minds

We will have lost our bearing in lives

Going the wrong way will make us lose

Our own paradise in the journey of it

Though money moves in this world

It will give the economy of living

We shouldn't be too greedy or corrupted

Live simple and enjoy life while we can

Don't always make creating wealth a central point in life

We will lose the values of life in this world

We should live sufficiently well during our stay here

Don't let too many sins make us sink deep in the dark hallow

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