Tuesday, September 14, 2021

the turtle man is smiling

The Turtle man

Losing he can't face

Now he has MOU with PH

He may breathe easy

He has much to gain

In a stroke he can contain his rivals

In the wolves and the Moo

This he finds comfort with PH

Now what has PH gained?

Reforms to be had in coming months

It is short-changed to gain some points

But the wolves can ignore it later

PH shouldn't trust the wolves

They have shown what they can do

They will ignore rules and laws

They want a free flow by their standards

PH shouldn't dance yet

The tune isn't in chords

The strumming hasn't got the rhythm

Yet the Turtle man is smiling

Because he knows he wins

He gets the ghosts off his back

What has PH gained?

A sleeping beauty in the mind

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