Thursday, November 30, 2017

painted red on the door

The old horse still gallops
On the race course to earn trophies
Where many have said it should go back to the stable
The old horse has no business to race again

But the old horse around for decades
He has learned the trade of horse riding
He has race in many challenging conditions
He outwitted many young horses

Now they hit him with RCI
On one of his championship rides
Though he didn't win outright
He suffered some bruises but survive

The other owners gang up to set him down
Painting him as the bad old horse depriving others a ride
They say he should go back to the stable
Using RCI the lapdogs will run barking whole night

sweeping under the carpet?

Apa Mandi turns
He doesn't want to sue
There is no benefits gained
Taking on bankrupt RPK

It isn't about a bankrupt
It is about honor and face
Apa Mandi says he will sue
Now he plays a different tune

He should address the issue
RPK wrote it playing a game
The honor is at stake
Is it true or false?

Without initiating a legal suit
There will be some truth in it
RPK can claim he is right
The persons name afraid to sue!

does it really matter big or small?

Big fraud or small fraud
Does it really matter?
It is still a crime
It is still a cheating

The lap dogs will twist it
Thinking the people are fools
There is no affirmative action
Giving excuses do not buy it

The public confidence has eroded
With the leaders handling our finances
It seems to easy to defraud it
There will be no heads to roll

It is still the old story
Every year of the Auditor General's Report
The public funds are wasted or gone
There are no proper procedures followed

The AG should conduct this current year
Audit the last 6 months transactions involved
There will be the same old story
As long as the heads never roll

We are tired of the old story
No action but a lot of excuses
Time we boot out Bee Anne
And let the lap dogs become stray dogs

the stray dogs

The stray dogs of the humans
Once the dogs were pets in the households
Once the usefulness is gone in time
The humans throw out the dogs
Eventually they become the strays
Running on the streets and backlanes
Scavenging for food sleep in any places
The poo can be found on the streets
Sometimes it can be seen outside the front gates
These are stray dogs like the Ronin of the samurai era
They have no masters to control and care for them
They are the stray dogs

Of course we will find good Samaritans
These women will feed the dogs
They think they help these poor animals
To live and survive in their harsh reality
They should just take the stray dogs home
It really defeats their intentions
They allow the stray dogs to multiply
In the end more strays will be on the streets

The authorities will be slow to act
There is no proactive actions taken
The officers will wait for complaints
Only then they will act on the strays
Otherwise they don't bother much on the problem
They let the residents getting angry
But the stray dogs are the humans issue
They make the strays!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

we decide oh captain!

Bee Anne will sink
Amno B leaders say it will not
They have one captain
The coalition partners are first officers

Amno B doesn't recognize equal partners
In Bee Anne set up it looks to share equally
But in reality it isn't....
It is just Amno B carrying the load

The coalition partners are warming the bed
They will collect the leftover and stay quiet
Occasionally they will make some noises
It is to show they are still relevant..

But Pakatan Harapan has equal partners
They will share the loads equally
Every leader has a say on issues
They will tackle issues on consensus

We will see in GE14
The way of a new party
The way of the old
We have to decide once and for all

the rain the flood and the pot holes

The rain
The floods
And pot holes
It comes again

Is there no solution?
The floods in East Coast
Every year it will return
Sometimes taking lives too

The rain
The monsoon
It comes end of year
Giving the people sleepless nights

Areas aren't covered by floods
The clogged roads will see pot holes
By the constant stagnant water
The pot holes will appear

Maybe it is the lousy job
The job never handles good
When rain hit a few times
The motorists will see pot holes

The rain
The floods
And the pot holes
And we don't learn

the persian cat in love

I put up flower pots
Around the concrete fence
Believing the persian cat stays
In the garden by himself

But I was wrong
The great pretender could jump
He learns it from the stray cats
They could find their ways around

Once he showed me
He couldn't come down
So I thought he couldn't jump
I was fooled by the persian cat

Nowadays he hardly stays
He hangs around outside
Playing his time chasing female cats
I have to walk to look for him

Though he will run back
Stopping a few times looking back at me
As if trying to say I am not sporting
Disturbing his romance on the field

Now he has fallen in love
The persian cat with a female cat
Once the female cat makes her calls
The persian cat runs and jumps over the fence

He seems to be possessed by love
He doesn't care what he is doing
Running after the female cat
Like a toy cat in heat

it's hard work

You think you have a class
You don't want to behave in the low
You think you have the credentials
A breed of its own

The years of study
The years of experimentations
The years of knowledge gathered
You say you are an expert

But you don't study money
It makes the world economy move
You don't have a basic economic knowledge
The knowledge you gained give you no edge

You decide to abandoned class
You will join the gang
For money will pull in the good and bad
They will share the same identity

From it you realize
The people on the streets know
They will bargain or beg
As long as they get the dough

You think you have class
An education and a path
But success in the economic world
It starts back at zero

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

true religion needs no protectors

They want to play gods
They want to throw weight around
They will say they have the credentials
They have gone on years of study

But they don't say they are humans
As humans they will make mistakes
As humans they will commit sin
All that they brush it aside

They show they are above the Constitution
They demand the faithfuls to follow orders
Obey them; believe in them; follow their views
There will be no tolerance of different thought

But they forget to mention
The last prophet of God came and gone
There will be none for the people
It is only the power grabbing game

The true religion will stay through time
No matter what has been said and done
It will stay true to its calling
It doesn't need protectors

God's work is supreme
Nothing can take it away
Politics in religion
Satan will laugh all the times

the darkness

The darkness will come
When we don't wake up to call
Everyone has to unite
For the sake of the light

The darkness will come
When good people sleep
They don't want to get involved
They let the bad things triumph

The darkness will come
When a religion tries
Hit the heads follow the lead
Do not question or engage

The darkness will come
When we let fear rule our lives
We let a few powerful men
Set the tone of our lives

The darkness will come
When the little napoleons run
Every direction to make their marks
And we keep quiet like robots

The darkness will come
When we are afraid to change our lives
We don't want to rock the boat
We will suffer quietly for our cowardice

So what will it be?
Let darkness rule?
Let the light bloom?
Let our fear pull us down?

the holes become a fall

Too many lies
Even a right will not score
The holes become a fall
Once the rain come along

The tales never end
A story runs out of connection
Yet the stories will be told
By different liars different locations

It is sad really
When monies become a fortress
Covering it high up to the sky
Reality is functioning in the mind

Too many lies
Culprits still walk free
The agencies still talking
The holes become a fall

the change must come

The hidden Islamization
The subtle ways to go
Without the partners know
They let the lower ranks run

Though the Constitution says
The nation is Secular all the same
But Amno B leaders playing the game
Behind subtle messages framed

The coalition partners keep silence
So are the opposition leaders
When it comes to a religion
Both houses keep a distance

Of course the green moon people
They will smile clap their hands
Though they can't manage well
The state they rule for decades

The Constitutional lawyers will jump
This isn't the frame work of our Constitution
But they don't have the power to effect change
They are the voices albeit without teeth

Now the people have to decide
Look into Selangor how the ruling is made
The religious authority can persecute
The freedom of religion is a farce?

The change must come for this nation
She is crying for decades of mismanagement
Now look what the Auditor General has to say
The ruling elites still don't bother to learn

Monday, November 27, 2017

don't let the big sharks go

Don't catch the small crooks
They are the fall guys
They know what they do
They know what the heads carry through

The agency officials only go at them
They are easily apprehended and remanded
Now the agency officials will say
They will pursue without fear or favor

It's only the small corruptors
They too play the games
The cut of projects and commissions
They want to enrich themselves

The agency officials must go for the big sharks
They are the ones causing hiccups on the road
Catch these big timers and put them behind bars
They aren't the saints but the bad in suits

The road to get back our dignity
There is only way to do it
Change the government
Let the crooks and cronies fall

A chance is on our way
We mustn't forget to get it right
The coalition partners are in scared mood
The newspapers and televisions put them high instead

the chinese

The Chinese will do anything
Any where any place just to stay
Living it extract its wealth to survive
Along the way to make it to the top

They will say the best ways
They will do the bad things
As long as they can smell success
Death is just a number called

The Chinese aren't afraid
The Chinese aren't the softies
Put the Chinese any where
They make a name for themselves

The Chinese are known too
The running dogs for good measure
Digging their own kind to save their skins
Like the case of Japanese occupation

The Chinese can be found in many countries
They will live to adapt to the environment
Blend themselves into it but retain their roots
The Chinese will flourish but so are the bad

Now China has grown
Flex her muscles and her wealth
China doesn't bow to pressure
She is her own to make the world

there is no short cut to parenting

I mean a young child committed suicide
He got into a tiff with his mother
The next thing his mother realized
He had jumped down from her apartment

Is there something missing?
The parenting has failed somewhere?
Giving the young children handphones to entertain
They are so engrossed in it

Until they can't differentiate entertainment and reality
Is this way we are going to see now?
Letting children enjoying the internet games
Learning something without parents guidance?

This is the horror of parenting
There is no short cut to nurture young ones
Don't play the game every parent is doing
The children will feel neglected without love

Spend a lot of time
Don't say use quality management
The child will not understand

He will only see the hurrying parents!

don't write off the old horse

Don't write off the old horse
In any field of one has to endeavor it
Without trying there is no response
The old horse will gallop through

Though the stable of horses
Everyone has a right to win
In the race to get to the top
Don't write off the old horse

Now we hear the thorough breed
They think they are the best to race
But the bad race affecting all
It is time to put them back to the stable

The old horse still takes ride
Along the minds of the rural folks
The city folks will encourage him
Once he was a thorough breed

Sunday, November 26, 2017

brim a political tool

I don't subscribe to Brim
It never helps in the long run
Though Bee Anne leaders will lap it up
They think they help the people on the streets

The money over $6 billion a year
It is better collectively built houses
Across the cities and towns
Give them for free

What economic situations the people are in
These homes will help to live rightfully
They don't have to worry where to stay
When bad times hurt the pockets

The Brim money they receive
Honestly how long will it last?
Some a few days others maybe a month
Then what will become of these people?

Brim is a voting tool
Bee Anne thinks to butter them
What they do behind close doors?
We hear the crying of the Auditor's Report

don't twist the story

The green moon party
The lights never shine my friend
4 Islamic countries name your leader
One of the leaders to promote terrorism

Though he tries to slam the countries
These Islamic countries can't be wrong
They have put on their terror list
The party leader is involved

We have read reports about its members
Going to fight for Isis in the Middle East
A few died fighting for paradise lost
It is at home that they have forgotten

The police will not investigate
The green moon party will float along
The red and white will lend its support
And the lapdogs will stay quiet as well

The green moon party
Its leaders can say all they want
Look in Egypt 305 people dead
The wrong approach brings chaos and death!

Let religions be a private affair
Let God decide for each of them
Let nobody try to create fear
We are afterall children of God

we mustn't let bee anne in again

Bee Anne enlists 100,000 members
On the road to disseminate the truth news!
Challenging the opposition for the lies
As the party prepares for GE14

What truth these members going to say?
1MDB stilling hanging over our heads
Atlantuya still wants her dues
The report on 1MDB under OSA

The shame we feel on the world stage
What truth are they going to spin?
These members should study in the mirrors
Don't spread your own lies too!

The opposition parties have the people
These concerned citizens will hit the world of web
Everyday they have been doing it
They don't get paid for saying the truth

But Bee Anne is floating with cash
They use it to play the catch games
They are afraid to fall to the ground
They will face the music in Bamboo River

The people must not feel afraid
Let us change the landscape
We have enough of cheating and corruption
Time we take back our rights and dignity

religions should stay private

Religions should stay private
The faithfuls and God
It shouldn't be recognized as an official religion
It spells headaches for all around

Once it is written in it
It takes the extremists to rock the scene
Branding it as the mouth piece
They do not tolerate dissent

Religions are paradise and hell
It depends how you breathe into it
Look at the Middle East countries
It sours the paradise and peace

Even the simple joy of life
The extremists will control it
Using religion as an organ of discrimination
They spell their law in the name of God!

Religions have no compulsion
A person can leave as his choice
He shouldn't be stopped for doing it
Let the faithfuls decide their fate!

Let religions stay free
Let no politicians try to enforce it
They aren't the prophets they aren't saints
So stop the lies say the truth please!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

the game of politics

The soldiers of fortune
They will do whatever it takes
They have that chance to do it
Before they leave the stage

The smell of wealth
It is there all the times
It is matter of how to connect the dots
Play the game enrich it with support

They play the game of politics
They say to serve the people with straight faces
Behind the public eyes they feel the wealth
In the hands of power enrich with bloated contracts

The soldiers of fortune
It can happen in any structure of society
But in politics the game is to play
Before leaving the stage

the clown in the august house

The dominant B leaders
What they have in the August House?
Sack Sack Sack!
It is always in their minds

When one clown starts to say
The leaks falling from the house
They clap in applause
Smiling on their faces

The fools in the August House
They make the dignity on low grade
The clowns stick together
Sack and sack and sack!

The bale of laughter ring
There is nothing else in their minds
They think they are males
What else they think in their minds?

The August House
Let the dignity rule
This is where our future hold
Don't use it to play mix fruits