Thursday, January 31, 2013

the sins of bee anne

The sins of Bee Anne
The shadows poking at them
The leaders in the coalition
They can't sleep easily

The former prime minister
Instead of living his life in retirement
He is poking at his foes
He is worried when Pakatan takes over

He is throwing red herring
The people have known his trade
Once he was in power
He would jail his opponents

Now the old man is afraid
The jail house he is trying to escape
The sins of Bee Anne
He can't hide it or sweep under the carpet

He should understand
The country needs change badly
No party should stay for decades
Sabah RCI finally opened the can of worms

So it was the massive fraud
Granting citizens to illegals
On condition they voted Bee Anne

Now it is in the open
He is blaming Anwar
He doesn't blame himself
Again throwing his red herring

The country has no choice
She has to change the party
The people should wake up now
1Malaysia is just a fraud to cheat our minds!

the attitude of houseowners

The back lanes
In the housing estates
The houseowners
They don't care

They think it is public
Let the town council or city hall do
The workers should do the job
Clearing the rubbish and cutting grass

It just takes the houseowners
A mere 10 minutes to make the effort
The back lanes can be cleared and clean
Every one should play a part

It is the mentality and attitude
Why the back lanes are dirty and unkempt
It is on the social structure of society
How they are brought up and educated

The back lanes
Some owners put up potted plants
They blocked up the lanes!
Don't they see the hazard they cause?

The back lanes
The thieves and robbers like to come
They know they can freely climb up
Nobody will say or shout

the colours change

Life will keep changing
It's like the traffic flow
The colours change
The stop, look and go

The core values
It doesn't need to change
It's the foundation
Where the spider's web spread

It touches people
Every one comes into contact
The shared of similarity and views
It is the way to run the race

Along the way
The spider's web may have to break
The new ones will come into existence
It's like the traffic flow -stop, look and go

the marks of dots

The marks of dots
Izzy the busy pastry apprentice chef
Putting on her final touches
With flakes on her cheeks

The game of fun
Running here and there
The baking oven heating
Izzy hopping a kangaroo

It's her final day holiday
Before her school life takes over
By then she has to learn 1,2,3
A, B, C go and collect her cookies

Now she sits on a chair
The satisfaction on her face
She forgets to wipe it away
The marks of her mischievious antics

The first day in school
She will meet the faces she never knows
True to herself she will make many friends
Then she has the excuse for more cookies back home

the election rolls

The election rolls
It is never cleaned
The dubious names
The ruling regime put in

Pakatan Rakyat had said
In many instances of the tainted rolls
The EC chairman giving lame excuses
He has lost his right to sit on the chair

The RCI in Sabah
The games finally said in the open
The illegals became instant bumiputras
The legitimate citizens became second class

On that score
We could say the past elections
It was a massive fraud from the ruling regime
It had no business to manage the Nation

Now in Selangor
The same operations are carrying on
The EC and concerted parties
They don't want to clean up the election rolls

Now the true Malaysians
We have the right to make the change
Bee Anne has to go
Let the new party clean up the mess

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the pretty smile

The small UFO
Flying around in the room
Izzy and her friends
They tilt heads to watch

The small aircraft
Flying upside down
They are curious
What's that?”

It's the dragon fly
It is so small in the big world”
It is a small balloon
We blow up to the room”

They laugh
When they see their images
Our faces in the mirror
It laughs back at us”

Now girls don't try to imagine
Smile to the camera len.......
Be natural and say cheese”
Click and they are in the small mirror

we make it our own

It is time for the change
We don't have to feel afraid
The unknown is just a phrase
We don't have to fall for it

The Bee Anne publicity machines
The news will keep pounding our minds
Vote for opposition vote for chaos”
The big baby crying for his milk

We know it isn't true
Bee Anne sits on the chair
Its leaders never learn to manage
They just want the goods for their own

It is time for the change
The country needs it so are her people
We don't have to feel afraid
We have to make it our own

sebastien playing bond

The small J. Bond
We hear you saying
With sunglass covering eyes
The Bond from Ozzy

Sebastien holds up his hands
Flying down from the sky
Look at his determination
The crooks are running scared

Hey guys I am not Bond
I am Sebastien Webb
Don't you want to play?
See I hold up my hands”

Izzy the M
Sneaking from behind
You have a mission
Is to walk the floor”

Nope I need Q
The gadgets I must have
I don't want the crooks to run away
I want to stick them ”

Sebatien looks at the floor
The squares and patches...
He sees it all in shades
Izzy keeps watching him at his back

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

walking in the back lane

Walking in the back lane
The dim light and shadows
You hear the silence
The quiet lane whispering

You see dogs sniffing
Maybe about left over food
Maybe finding a place to urine
The marks which the dogs leave behind

Sometimes there are cats
Many of them meowing away
The heat of the season
The parade in the night

Occasionally cars may pass by
Revving up the noise in the quiet night
The low voices of the occupants
It's the back lane of shadows and light

you make your own choice

Why worry about words?
It is there to make a statement
It is there to make a choice
It is doesn't influence anybody

Unless you are swayed by it
As long as you hold it through
You believe in what you do
Words will just be like that

It rings you some melodies
It never says it wants you to change
It just tells you of the wonderful dreams
It can make it up in your mind

You change because you want to
Words don't bring it to you
It is your own free will
You make your choice

Why worry about words?
Are you afraid it takes your life?
It never will be as long as you understand
Words are guidelines to pursue your dreams

there is no closure yet

The child dead and gone
In the watery grave for days
Before he was found
Decomposition had set

Now the loose ends
The rumours spread
Abusing the child
The bad luck he brought

The medium consulted
Before the news hit the nation
The police will relook the evidence
The statements many need answers

The parents should come clean
The 7 years old boy will give his view
Of how his brother was gone....
Until then the theories spread

the snakes in the box

Pas members
The snakes in the box
The sword should pierce and slice
Let these back stabbers go

These leaders want to forge unity
For their political convenience
It is the street of shining gold
It isn't about helping the people

The snakes in different colours
They will poison the change
They want to remain the same
The polluted water and game

Pas has to wake up
The changing speed waits for nobody
The party leaders should pay close scrutiny
About what they say and preach

The echoes will hit back
When the sound makes a return
Do the right thing always
The party interests should be last

the shadow of treachery

The Afican mamba hisses
Crawling silently on the wall
It comes from a far continent
Now staying cool waiting for its victims

Once it bites
Chances to survive
You can dream on it
You can hear the bell ringing

The colours changing
The black hole of falling grace
Once you fall into its pit
There is no escape

So it is best to remember
Bring a spear or a knife
Along the way under the dark shadow
You will never know the bites..

Monday, January 28, 2013

the sparrows

The sparrows on the roof
The tweeting morning and afternoon
They fly around sometimes hang on cables
Viewing the bird focus

Once they were many
Hopping around the garden
Picking up insects to feed
The birdies hatched under the roof tiles

Too much tweeting
It never is good
For a long while the cats watching
How to catch the birds

One day there were feathers
In the garden of its fallen birds
Now the sparrows distance away
The smell of cats roaming the roof

the wagons on publicity

The hitting wagons
The show is going on
The Bee Anne publicity
There will be more in the news

We hear the king of frogs
He doesn't lie low
Though the floods came
He managed to stay afloat

Burning Bibles”
He has played his card
He knows he can't get into trouble
The law will not touch him

This is the set piece
The king of frogs are set free
Others who say that
The police will come swiftly

For the king of frogs
The police just take a tortoise walk
It is a phone call to talk
The law never reaches the fire

Then we have a state mufti
Wearing a cloth of religion
He spins his view on politics
Instead of calming his followers

He never learns history
He just wants to play with fire
Years ago he did the same thing
For that he got a Federal title

The majority know the shackles
The calm and practical minds to reason
The game these dimwit religious-political leaders say
We aren't the fools for we have eyes and minds to know

When the regime is falling
The underlings will do silly things
It has happened in stories of history
There is no different with Bee Anne

For the next 60 days
The wagons of publicity begins
Now is the cash hand out
The smile on camera

the night life

You have your life in your time
You climb hills and race in the city
The night life make you craze for it
The women of many nationalities

When many are asleep in the night
You make your day spend all in the glow
Of the glittering lights and boom beats
You feel so good and alive

You feel the life bursting speed
You want it all but you know
It's all about money in the night
Without it there is nothing to smile

Women of many beauty
You see them you hunger for the nights
They warm up your mind
They make you come alive

When the night is over
You are as alone as before
You walk back to your car
Wave to the empty night

You drive away
The night of free traffic
You empty your pockets
There is no warm glow in your mind

Sunday, January 27, 2013

the wayward parents

The wayward parents
They forget when they go shopping
They glue their eyes to the goods
They shut out others when they look

The missing children
They have boundless energy
They are curious to see things
The display on the shops...

They will go to have a peek
Thinking they are at homes
The adventures they will play
The curiosity make them go

When they are gone
The wayward parents start to panic
They search high and low
In the crowd it takes just a few seconds

The tears will flow
It will not help the situation
The children have gone
When parents forget to play like hawks

In the crowded malls
The syndicate runners keep watch
They are humans but no compassion
Their lives are buried in the hot cauldron

They keep a look out
For the unprotected children
Once they lure them
It is goodbye

The wayward parents
We see them in the malls
When will they become hawks?
The predators are hunting

Don't take your eyes away from the kids
Watch your children as you take them shopping
Let's your eyes see wide through every place
You never will know what lapse concentration do

a straight road to paradise

I never want you to go
I know I have my faults
I stay out late at night
I forget you on my way out

The nights life has its share
The neon lights keep me coming back
You keep telling me not to forget
I lose it when I am in the night club

In the nights of the pretty women
I fall for the faked smiles and physical
The women keep me company for a while
The moments my pockets are empty.....

I have no use to them
They don't smile to me
They don't glance my way
I am alone to play my loneliness

I drink my beers
I drown myself in sorrow and pain
The money I have couldn't buy me
A straight road to paradise

I don't want you to go
I have learned my lessons well
The girlie bars and GRO
They are there for pockets of money

lack of compassion

The mother and daughter
They were chase out of rented apartment
When they couldn't pay rent
The apartment dwellers show lack of compassion

The landlord couldn't take it
Owing him 3 months rent
He forced them to leave
Without a place to go

The belongings spread on the ground floor
The sad of affairs came to light in newspaper
We helped the poor in other countries
Our own we forgot to lend a hand

Charity must begin at home
We don't see it happen often
It is politics of image building
Back home who want to write?

Now a temple offered them
A temporary shelter to stay
Life in the city of Kuala Lumpur
And its surrounding areas....

It is dog eating dog world
The people living there should stop and think
A little help will carry them a long way
But compassion is missing in the city

it is a fight we have to change

It has become clear
The divide and rule
The elites and the common people
The Bee Anne and Pakatan

When the mouth piece says
Hitting the seditious circuits
The police will not take action
The home minister will keep quiet

What's more the prime minister
He is busy trying to play the good guy
The baggage he carries nobody can touch
The sins of his weight carrying him down

The publicity going around
The words keep trying to shore up their images
They think we will not know the truth?
It isn't the day of newspapers and televisions

We are wiser now
It is a fight we have to change
We can't let Bee Anne win
It's enough of its time

Saturday, January 26, 2013

the jetty of hope

You walk on the jetty
The wind blowing your hair
Covering your face with cool fresh air
You smile pieces of glow in the mind

Somebody's wheel of fortune
The wait and hope finally ends
The crowd of people jostling along
You walk with ease carrying your bag

Underneath the splashing waves
The cool ripples making the sign
You stop for a while to see
Nature has her way to teach

The hurrying people
They walk quickly away
The destination has arrived
The sea of faces and eyes

You look through the crowd
He stands there leaning on the wall
Aiming his photographic shots
Taking pictures as many as he wishes

The voices of the crowd
The silence in your mind
The eyes glow and a wide smile
Who cares? You have arrived!

the simple life gone

The simple life
It has gone
You never know
What's like
Living as easy flow
When there is nothing to fear
Sharing the chores living in the free
The cool fresh air
The whirring cool breezes
The simple life
It never comes again
The big jaws come
It takes away the simple folks
Living in the simple life
You can only see the faces
Living in the memories of a time
It's called progress
The simple life
It has changed the landscape
The wheels of greed
The pollution of the minds
About the simple life
It has gone