Wednesday, October 31, 2012

sebastien dreams of halloween

The pirate ship sails
UK registered port of call
On her way to Hong Kong
It gets grounded the ship mast falls
For a while she stays
Until the mast is repaired and put on sail
The strong wind in the early morning
The pirate ship sails in the open sea

The small pirate captain
Nickname the “Lttle Jack Sparrow”
He wears his trademark of black white skeleton
Standing high on the top mast
Ah Hoi! Land ashore!
We make it!”

At the back of his back T
The name written in big print “Sebastien”
He climbs down a big smile on his face
If I am right, we are in Narrabeen
It is the Halloween time”

He's dancing on the deck
Like a small boy enjoying the festival
Of Halloween on the shore
The 3 crew members follow along
Singing as they dance

Halloween in the air
Tricks or treats we come to get
Don't be stingy with your gifts
We want to fill our bags in full”

On the land of Narrabeen
They walk on shore feeling the mood
They dress up as the Halloween parade
Mixing with the locals going door to door

We have our time
Halloween of our lives
Tricks or treats we come to get
Don't be stingy with your gifts”

Sebastien wriggles his fingers
Dreaming of his piracy on the high seas
With his crew of 3 he knows he pulls it through
Smiling with joy on his face

growing old growing pain

Growing old growing pain
The good life the part time
The days will bring upon itself
The circle will bounce back

In life pursuits always do the good
You never know what the future holds
The payback time will bounce back
Growing old growing pain

When old age sings its blue
The receiving end is hard to forget
The cycle has come to tell a story
The bad treatment the sorrow in the eyes

Growing old growing pain
When old age sings its blue
The web of our lives
The deeds will be paid in full

tomorrow is our right

Am See A
Large crowd for the dinners
The open field tents erected
The PR work the papers sing

The truth is..
Free tickets for meals
Listening to the spinning tales
Instead of telling the truth

The lies of Bee Anne
The crumbs to the people
Giving a few hundreds
Painting old high rise buildings

The diversion of the illness
Bee Anne has to fall.....
Too long running into heavy sickening debts
$500billion even death has to pay

Tomorrow is vague
The light seems to whisper
Sometimes bright sometimes dark
The people have enough of it

mahjong addicts

Mahjong addicts
They never know about time
When the session begins
Time becomes irrelevant

The pong of the game
The sound springs the sleepy heads
The fingers touching the minds come alive
The mahjong addicts never know time

The conversation will flow
As the game falls into gear
Even through late of night
The game will ring

Mahjong addicts
They can be lively crowd
When they start to play
The conversation and pong echoing

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

why commit suicide?

Why want to die?
When the time hasn't arrived?
This isn't the way to go
Facing life problems

Young and old
They think suicide will end their misery
It is just the beginning of their lives
The loved ones will cry

The dead leave behind
The unfinished problems for the living
The loved ones have to tackle it
They think they are free

They will face the wrath of angels
When they go to meet their fate
It isn't be gone forever
They will face their own fear again

the aerobic exercise

In the morning rise
In the recreation park
Without fail a group of women
They will do the aerobic exercise

Near the market
The distraction for a while
For the market sellers
Out of the ordinary

Some will watch
The women do their exercise
In the morning rise
The cool breezes whirring

Some older guys will join
Do the exercise for a better health
In the surrounding of trees
The green for the eyes to see

You want to stay healthy and strong?
Do your exercise regularly through your life
It helps you to avoid illnesses
And watch what you eat as well....

the mat rempit's girls

The Mat Rempit's girls
On the tracks for the winners
In the midnight racing flow
The loud revving noises
The hungry for the prizes

The gang of Mat Rempits
They don't think of the future
Today, tonight, the races
The beauty waiting at the end

The crushing machines
The bruises and broken bones
The unlucky ones can't have the girls
The winners take it all

The solos and orgies
The girls will do as they like
Without shame forgetting dignity
The girls in Mat Rempit races

Here's one of the reasons
Why babies are borned and dumped
There is no safe sex practice
As the shadows take the bow

malaysian terrorists

Malaysian homegrown terrorists
These people bring the bad name
The shame for their families
Relatives and friends and teachers

What are they thinking?
Fighting a war for God?
God never ask to kill God's children
It is the work of Satan's network

Maybe the terrorists dream of paradise
Bombing and killing other people
On heaven's gate they don't have the keys
They are the outcasts the angels throw them away

Don't they realize it?
They should learn the religion well
Don't get influenced to do others bidding
Pretty virgin women not in this way!

the echoes of the hill

The echoes of the hill
Sitting alone surfing the web
The cool night of whirring breezes
The mind transports back in time

The creaky bus climbing up hill
The winding road the uphill battle
The bus driver aka James Bond
The skinny China man winding the bus

The cool mist appear
In the morning sun of cool light
The hill welcomes visitors and residents
The quietness makes the day

The border of 2 States
The line winding around the hill
It makes no difference to the residents
They just want to live in quiet solitude

The bone shaker bus arrives
Goods bring down to the shop nearby
Tourists and residents descend from the bus
Feel the transformation of life on the hill

The bus waits near the post office
Waiting for passengers down the hill
The bus driver has his drink at the coffee shop
The normal routine the everyday life

Monday, October 29, 2012

the holidays

The holidays
The escape from the traffic jams
The forgetfulness of daily frustrations
Into the web of different experiences

The tourists walk
Along the beach, streets and malls
They spend, eat, dreams and sex
In a foreign land feeling free

The singles and married
Into the world of make believe
In their minds and physical needs
Affairs and one night stands

The places of romantic illusions
The neon colourful lights and dark entrances
The silence of the escapades
Back home is just a short memory lapse

the heritage of a birth

Age has come
Life experiences flow
In your eyes you see
It never stops a minute

As you watch the blue sky
The white clouds and hot sun
You inhale the purest oxygen
There is still time to design

The dreams of space
The time of your life
The bolts and screws united
A whole new cycle floating by

Age has come
The heritage of a birth
The life of moments
The footprints glow

taxi drivers

Taxi drivers
The profiles have changed
The working for money
Every one will drive in

The days of the uneducated
They have long gone with time
Now driving taxis by graduates
It isn't about glamour; it's about money

The choice of freedom
The way you work for it
It may sound a low profile job have your freedom!

Hardworking taxi drivers
They will earn thousands in a month
They are their own bosses
They know where lie the dough

The taxi driving
You meet all kinds of people
You will listen to gossip
You hear tips of life too

Like all kind of trades
Harkworking will take you there
You know where you are going
You just have to put in your efforts

Sunday, October 28, 2012

the spins and lies

The spins and lies
Bee Anne and frogs unite
The power of shadows
They know they are losing it

The wealth of the nation
They are hoping to get it
In the line of no expiring date
They hide their true colours

The latest spin
$40 million for Sabah Umno Baru
Bee Anne gives the cock and bull story
The courier caught in HongKong

The truth isn't in the book
God has seen what the dirty hands do
Slowly the dirt will be coming out
The people better vote for change

Pakatan will get the mandate
For the people want the truth
Umno baru, Mca, Gerakan and Mic
They should be very afraid....

12 months of summer 2

12 months of summer
The light never disappears
You can watch it the whole day
Living with shadows and shades
The light of reflections
You just give a glance and go
The hot rays capturing naked skin
The red light of the hidden scores
12 months of summer
You try to get your days moving
You think you have all the time
Then it is the last month of summer
The raining days come to call
You aren't prepared for the fall
The wetness of the season
The last summer brings its toll
You watch the river flows
The rising water and the jumping boys
They don't forget about summer
Even it is the last of the year
Oh the 12 months of summer!
The naked rays of shadows and shades
You don't forget the hidden scores
You just give a glance and go

the steps of a faith

Batu Caves
The steps of a faith
The Hindus worship
Lord Murugan high on the step

The sanctuary of a belief
In the cave of the past...
The freedom to exercise
The faith of the followers

All is fine
Then politics come to play
The sanctuary of protection
It was lost years ago

In the Hindraf demonstration
The temple committee refused
The Indians seeking shelter
When acid rain came...

The politics of Bee Anne
The Batu Caves now shakes
Lord Murugan isn't happy
The temple committee playing politics

the chatty small boy

The chubby face
The eyes of smile
Listening to the growns up
The words bringing him cheers

Hey I want to talk!
I am making some words
Don't you listen to my voice?
I am making progress”

The parents turn around
Waving at him blowing him kisses
Sebastien glows in his eyes
My parents hear me!”

He closes his mouth
Trying to whistle but he blows flat
In his mind that's the words!
The parents, Belinda and Martin, smile

the storyteller

Once there are
The 2 little stars
Shining bright in the sky
The night of twinkling lights

Izzy and Sebastien hear
The storyteller reads the book
Izzy seems to remember
Sebastien is trying to follow

Lying on the soft carpet
Eyes glowing bright listening to the story
The stars of lights dancing in soft voices
They bring cheer to the darkness

Izzy remembers her baby stories
Sebastien now begins to enjoy the tale
Martin, the story teller, reads again
The voice, Izzy smile; Sebastien listens

Saturday, October 27, 2012

12 months of summer

12 months of summer
The hot and humid climate
In this part of our world
The neighbouring countries too

You don't have to feel
The winter bites into your bones
When old age problems sail through
12 months of summer here

There are food and drinks
Through the day and night
The night activities come alive
There is no reason not to like

12 months of summer
You can escape to the hills
You can laze around on the beaches
Life the sun of living light

where's justice?

Read the real life story
A robber entered a house
From the roof top
He fell landed in a room

Two brothers woke up
They found the intruder
They fought and the robber dead
In the room

They called the police
The brothers were charged with murder
For a robber who came from the roof top
In the court they were found guilty

They were sentenced to death
What system was in place?
Now thieves and robbers can come
To any house at will....

Self defence has no value
They were protecting themselves
The robber came robbery in mind
What should the brothers do?

Let robbers and thieves steal and rob?
The houseowners have no legal to fight back?
Is this what the court saying?
We have to let the evil come to our homes

the hired killers warning

A businessman's house
Among the row of quiet shadow
The night of midnight crawl
A sudden crack of bullets fly

Nobody comes to watch
The businessman sleeps away
In the night the hired killers warning
Several shots fired at his residence

When he wakes up in the morning
Out of his house going to his office
He finds several spent shells outside the gate
He calls the police immediately

The men in blue arrive promptly
The preliminary investigations begin
The man says he thought it was fire-crackers
He has no enemies in his business

The hired killers strike
No victim to the hit list
The fear is on going
The men in blue still walking

the back lane

The man walks at the back lane
In the night after his night shift
The street lights shining bright
The black dogs watching him

He hums a song
A tune he knows best
Blowing with the wind”
The cool night breezing him

He looks at his watch
It has passed midnight
He walks a bit faster
He feels the chill of the night

He passes a few houses
The darkness he sees...
He holds no interest
He just passes by

He stops at a corner house
When he hears moaning echo
He pricks his ears to listen
He thinks he may imagine

There is dim glow
The streets light further away
The spreading light outlines shadows
He stops by the concrete wall

The buzzing insects
Flying around to watch
He leans on the wall
Eyes searching in the shadow

The camouflage of palm trees
The shadows move in unity
On the manicured grass...
The shadows play in tandem

The curves of the shadows
The flow of waves hitting the shore
The constant flow of movements
It delights his mind as he watches

He stands watching
The time moves along
The mosquitoes make contact
He curses under his soft breath

He takes out his handphone
Slowly he begins to video them
The naked shadows rowing along
In the open dark dim light

He still hears the soft moaning
A woman soft purring of sexual delight
He hears the pounding of flesh on flesh
As the insects keep buzzing at his ears

The man checks his watch again
He is late for his midnight rendezvous
He is to meet his girlfriend at the food stalls
She seems far out of his mind at the moment

He looks into his video recording
He records what he wants to see
He moves away smiling to nobody
Some people just want to display

He hums his tune again
Blowing with the wind”
The naked couple hear it
They get up to see

A man walking away
Humming a tune they recognize
Did he see us honey?”
I have no idea”

The night lightning suddenly appear
They quickly dressed up and go inside
Strong wind blowing through
Then the rain come suddenly

The night becomes dark and wet
The man walks to an empty house and wait
The two black dogs keep watching him
Don't do anything stupid!”

The man checks his watch one more time
He curses himself for his delayed meet
He takes his handphone auto-dial her number
I get caught in the rain”