Thursday, January 31, 2019

the orange suits

The orange suits
Let it walk on parade
The Amno baru crooks
They aren’t special in law

Let them wear it
It will let them realize
It isn’t a dream
It is for real

Even the supporters
Even the aides will not say
Their leaders aren’t guilty
But as long as they wear the orange suits

They will dance in our minds
How they fall for the sin of corruption
There shouldn’t be any special treatment
Once they break the law, they face the consequences

The orange suits
Let it walk on parade
A picture will tell many stories
The crooks can’t slip away

the poor lives

The poor lives
In a one room shack
Back in the old days
When poverty strikes hard

The woman cuts wood
The children have to forgo food
Living on white rice porridge
Still happy to be alive

When it rains
The roof leaks
The pails will bring in
Storing up the water

The poor lives
In a one room shack
Back in the old days
The children hope for a good life

The years flow quickly
The children grow up
One passes away
When her mother can’t afford medical treatment

She is young aged 3 years old
The adorable girl her mother loves her a lot
She never gets her chance to see her world
She dies living in a one room shack

Now the children all grown up
They live their separate lives
Brothers and sisters only meet
Only on occasions coming in

Will they remember?
The hard living in a one room shack?
Living on white porridge
Dreaming of a better life ahead

They don’t talk about it
Leaving back in their memories
The poor lives in a one room shack
When poverty strikes hard but they survive

the sad street

The sad street
We will hear it somewhere
The end of a rainbow
Where the darkness always rules

The sharp bend
No driver will understand
Why the road engineer never sees it?
The statistics keep piling high

The end of a rainbow
The crash of metals
The spinning turtles
It is the sad street

The tears fall too late
The voices in a whimper
There is nothing to save
But the lost lives in the mangled metals

The sad street
We will hear it somewhere
The end of a rainbow
The praying for the souls

the extremist groups

The extremist groups
Riding in our midst
The leaders will make bad speeches
They only believe their own

In their religion
They forget to see
The compassion in its core value
They don’t want to admit

They should study
Why Taliban fail
Why Isis fail
The extremism will fall

They don’t want to admit
The wrong way in their approach
If they don’t understand their religion
They are told to seek the people of the Book

But they don’t
Pride pulls them down
They brand them in different name
The inner conflicts besiege their souls

The wrong way of life
The extremists will face in consequences
Once they fall into the lake of fire
They will painfully regret in their way

don't forget the ordinary folks

The street fighters
Now on the high
They shouldn’t forget
The roots where it all started

The mingling of the crowd
The people who make or break a government
These are the ordinary folks making end meets
The street fighters mustn’t forget

The ordinary folks hope for a better beginning
They don’t like to hear the old stories
They want to hear the new hope
A better future for a tomorrow

Now the street fighters
They are in the position of power
They must remember of where they came
PH leaders don’t ever forget the ordinary folks

Najib will pay big time

Najib wants to play in Facebook
PH let him run for his last time
Let him write what he wants to say
The lies will entangle him high

He thinks he is popular in Facebook
With many likes and tagging along
Many want to egg him on his role
He is going down for good

The charges will hang him high
There is no where he could escape
He can say all he wants in his days
The truth will catch up with him

Once he said he had no money
Yet he has advisors and aides hanging around him
The tooling of tales will not help him in the end
The sins will collect its due in quick time

Najib should stop his antics
He has to see himself in the mirror
Honestly asking himself a few questions
Will he get free with his 42 charges now?

The Bamboo River is singing his name
It isn’t good to play out in the air
Najib brings the bad tales to himself
The sins of his life he has to pay big time

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

when life falls apart

When life falls apart
You don’t have to hide and feel sorrow
Thinking tomorrow never comes
It’s a journey never ends
One chapter closes another will open
Though we may cry for the one leaving behind

Run to God
He will make you smile
He will calm your fear
It isn’t in the valley of darkness

When life falls apart
Don’t cry the whole day
Don’t live in misery and pain
Don’t worry about this world
You have lived in it
You have tasted the good and bad
Now open the other gate
Feel the new one taking shape

Run to God
He will make you free
He will give you a shelter
He will make sure you are fed

When life falls apart
You aren’t alone living with it
It will fall to all living
One day the time will be called
The birth, the death, the renewal
In God’s way nothing is impossible

no fun living in bad dreams

Wee, wee, wee
It is better to be debt free
It’s no fun living in bad dreams
Living with debts paying for decades

Losing jobs ok
The affected ones seek elsewhere
Though the complaints will rise
The country’s debts will not be locked in

ECRL will bleed the nation
Everything isn’t on the country’s advantage
China will still do trade with the nation
People like Wee Wee should stay quiet

Paying a whopping interest of $500 million
This isn’t a good way to do business
Wee, wee, wee, don’t take us for the fools
You better close shop save us the blushes

Though ECRL hasn’t officially terminated
It is still under negotiation to settle terms of it
If there is no economic value for the nation
It is good to bundle it out and move on

China will still do trade with the nation
The decades of friendship will be strong
One trade goes wrong nothing to shout about
There are other ways to conduct projects

get rid of corruption plan

Get rid of corruption plan
On papers seem to flow
The publicity to the masses
The bad crooks better beware

The enforcement is important
Everyone needs to cooperate
From the top to the bottom
Do businesses in the honest way

The underground bad cables
It has to be pulled out one by one
Though it will take a few years
It will be worth the efforts

The major crooks must be caught
Let them face the courts and get the sweet justice
Let the crooks rot in jail for a very long time
The bad supporters will slowly get in the net

Corruption is a disease of short-cut to wealth
It happens in every strata of society to live an easy life
Time the red light shines brightly
Let the Cats catch the rats quickly

the cigarettes smoke

No more cigarettes for sale
No more trying to please a group
Let the smokers feel the cold turkey
They will appreciate it later

No doubt they will shout
Like small kids wanting to play with toys
Displaying on the windows
Crying for mommies to buy

Cigarettes smoking is bad
The smokers are lucky
It isn’t place under the Drugs Act
So, they can smoke freely

Now it has endangered lives
The active smokers causing pain to passive smokers
They will get life threatening ailments
It is better to stop smoking for good

Currently, the Act enforces
The smokers will complain or argue
They forget it is for their own good
To live a better life

One day it should ban totally
The manufactured and imported cigarettes and tobacco
Let the air we breathe less of one pollutant
Causing us health issues in later lives

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

1MDB scandal

1MDB scandal
Amno baru leaders want to forget
Let bygone be bygone
Until they all pay for it

It isn’t easy to close it
It brings us shame in the world
It brings us the corruption to the hilt
It brings us the abuses of power

Until the culprits are found and jailed
Until the loots are recovered and paid
Until then we aren’t going to forget
The 1MDB brings us the bad name

The big names will face the courts
The day will come bad will not hide
They have to wear the orange suits
Spend their entire lives in Bamboo River

But we will not forget
1MDB will be in history
A lesson we shouldn’t ignored
In the years of this nation

the truth will close in

The rats are running
Sneaking out from the holes
They feel at a loss
The rising tide flooding their homes

They breathe too much dirty air
They feel so at home in the darkness
Once they weren’t afraid of the Cats
They could tout them as they sneaked in and out

Now the flash lights cast everywhere
The rats have no choice but to run
Some hide in boxes; some hide in flower pots
Some hide in the garden of bushes and plants

The Cats are searching
They will not let every rat hide away
A few had been caught
They will not hide anymore

But the addicted rats
They can’t live without the daily doses of food
Flowing down from the drainage chains
They can have an easy life for ages

Now they run
They hope the Cats will not find them
The truth will catch up with the rats
When the nets are closed in

time najib faces the court

Time Najib faces the court
There too many charges in his name
He hasn’t attended his full trial
He mustn’t allow to walk free

Let him wear the orange suit
Why can’t Macc do it?
There mustn’t be any exception
He has to face his truth

Because he hasn’t worn it
He can fool the villagers
He hasn’t committed any wrong
Put him in the orange suit

The day will dawn on him
He isn’t free anymore
There will be his stigma
The picture will tell a thousand tales

Now he faces additional 3 charges
Yet he hasn’t worn the orange suit
He mustn’t be given special consideration
It has to stop to make him realize he isn’t out of the loop

Time to get Najib to face the court
Let his trial begin for him to realize
There is no way he could hide
He can’t seek postponement

Let the wheel of justice begin
Let Najib face his long trial
On his many charges in his name
Bamboo River is waiting for him

Monday, January 28, 2019

the burden of sin

Let MO1 taste his short victory
The heavy load of his burden he will carry
By then he will not smile so freely
He will face the hard truth

Let Amno baru feel it has gained ground
Playing on the old tactics of race and religion
The folks in Cameron Highlands feel obligated
Of the long reign of Bee Anne

If only they wake up from their addiction
They will realize they have been short-changed
MO1 has been charged with corruption and abuses of power
The 38 charges will hang him to the law

Let him taste his short victory
He will make no difference in the game
He will face his real hard truth
When his cases start to roll in

For Amno baru?
It is when to get the boot
It is living on a hope
ROS will not strike it out

Pas will sing on religion
Thinking it can rule the nation
One day it will fall like Mat Jenin
God will punish its leaders’ sins

Now let MO1 feel the victory
He can talk as much as he wants
Bearing in the mind the hard truth
The hill will not save him

the lonely lover

The lonely lover
Look out through the window
Counting the traffic flow
In the hotel room

The hotel of one- night stands
The lonely lover waits for the call
He stands by the window
Anxiously counting his breathing

The foreplay in his mind
He heard what his friends talked about
The hotel of one -night stands
He can play his game nobody will notice

The lonely lover
Every new year he will face his dilemma
What will he tell his parents?
He has no partner in his life

He wants to stay single
He can pick his own tastes and desires
Though he is labelled the lonely lover
He likes the ring in his ears

When he hears a knock on the door
He stops his dreaming and walks to open it
What he sees he hardly can take off his eyes
“Please come in…”

The spirits of the underworld
Nothing impossible they can’t do
Once they find the weaknesses
They will make it happening

the political crooks

The political crooks
They must face the jail
Let them wear the orange suits
It will tell the story

Currently, they walk free
They can lie all the way
Look at the addicted supporters
They dream of the cash is king

These bad politicians
They must be quickly tried in courts
They must be sent to prison
On the cases staked high on them

Even the running dogs too
They have caused damages to our lives
They brought bad image for all of us
They must face the rule of law

PH leaders mustn’t wait
The crooks must be sent to jail
When they wear the orange suits
A picture tells a thousand tales

the old has gone and in history

Amno baru and Pas combo
Back to the old road
Pas was carved out in Amno old
Now the parties are back in the fold

The leaders speak of race and religion
Through the decades of its existence
They think they are the only ones living
In the nation of many colours

Amno baru and Pas cooperation
The fences of division will be built
Now Amno baru isn’t the ruling government
The crying of shame in many ways

The Malays have to wake up
Learn from the past lessons
What have they got in return?
Still crying for their leg up!

The Malays have to kick the habit
It brings them to nowhere at par
The world is the play ground
The best and fittest will get the just rewards

But Amno baru and Pas will try the opposite
The leaders will try to suppress the evolving minds
Everyday choking them with race and religion
These leaders want to stay at the top

Amno baru and Pas combo
The nation doesn’t need to go to the old
It is the future the country needed to progress
The old has gone and in history