Saturday, January 12, 2019

once there was an open field

In the new town
Of shops and houses
Along the roads
There is an empty field
Where the residents
Can exercise or play

It is good for the university students
They can unwind or organize games
Even the fanfare circuits come along
The promotion of food fares on the field
One day it was changed
How it happened the field was gone
There is a school for the Islamic studies
Now there is a mosque coming up on the field

It doesn’t make sense to the public
During the Bee Anne rule it came
The field disappeared for good
Maybe one of the reasons Amno baru fall
To its dark pit licking its wounds
The many tiny pieces piercing its body
For all the sins it went through

PH leaders should learn from Bee Anne lessons
Do not walk on the crooked steps to deliver
The people will recognize it easily
Watch your steps everyday
You can’t afford to forget
The people will punish you for it

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