Sunday, June 30, 2013

sebastien's birthday

A year old
The small dragon
Blowing his candle
Clapping his hands

He brings joy
The parents smile
Crawling now
In time he will walk

Ah Loong Cai
He enjoys the attention
He wants company
The smile brings the glow

The months just gone
It's worth the efforts and time
The parents Martin and Belinda
The eyes of joy the glow in the minds

what will it be macc?

So what will it be?
Macc studying over 400 files
While the man walks in and out
Like the wind

Teoh Beng Hock wasn't
For an alleged $2,000 charged
He was interrogated until the wee morning
Then he was found dead outside the building

Among the 400 files
There must something to question the man
He shouldn't be allowed to walk freely
Pull him in start asking questions

What will it be macc?
He is the Bee Anne man
So the preference scale of treatment?
It was a long time files are open

It had been years
The report of his wrong doing
Splashed it out in the internet
With documents and companies

So what will it be macc?
A show case then the slow death?
This is an important case

Don't lose it while you play

indelible ink

Indelible ink
The hot talk
The chilli taste
That's all it takes

Revealed in parliament
It is food colouring
The long list of excuses
Throwing security for a full measure

The supplier's name
Covered it up under security
The public fund paid $7.1 million
What is Bee Anne trying to hide?

Now macc opening file
The investigation will be a mile
By the time it is done
The lame excuse will print out

hit the road jack

Too long engagement
It is a sign of trouble brewing
In a loving relationship
It shouldn't stay too long

In the end the distance
The absence makes images gone
The physical presence binds the relationship
When doubts rear in the mind the love will be gone

I knew a man long time ago
He had a 7 years relationship
Every day without fail
He would send his girlfriend to work and home

For years he was doing it
A loving couple everyone knew
Then out of the blue he married another woman
Leaving his long time girlfriend to cry over her loss

Too long engagement
It never finds its way to permanency
In the end the sorrow of parting way

Of a love goes into a different direction

the dark shadows rule

The angels cry
The country of many colours
The dark shadows rule
The majority lost the game

The fake degrees
The thug minister in the Cabinet
The elegant silence on the corridor
The silence isn't going away

The sick hides it
Slowly it will take its toll
One by-election on its way
The dark angel walks the road

The crying of voices
The angels cry
The road of freedom
The lives and laws

It seems so far
The closed windows
The dark shadows smile
The angels cry

Saturday, June 29, 2013

the cat released to her group

The cat brought into the car
The place I thought she came
I saw a cat of like features
Among the houses up North

I thought it was time
She had to go home
The hind legs are healed
A good day to send her there

I might be wrong
I saw many cats
sitting around the nearby homes
She could be among the group

So there she was
Released to her group
If she walked back to the house
Maybe she had no place to go

After many hours
There was no sign of the cat
Maybe she had found her home
And the company of her feline friends

justice served

The rapist and murderer
A young girl was his victim
He took her life for his lust
He couldn't be bothered of his crime

His lust of satisfaction
He burned the girl to cover his tracks
Police managed to catch him
With his DNA and a piece of cloth

The young girl was raped and sodomized
Then she was killed to keep her silence
The body was then burned but remnants remained
The rapist and murderer didn't escape

Today he got his justice
He cried but what is the point?
He had killed a young girl
He will be hung until he died

Justice for the young girl
The parents will mourn their loss
In time wounds will be healed
The memory will stay for life

Friday, June 28, 2013

the net of fishes

The fish head rots
The body and tail feel the blue
The moral on the downline
What to do right now?

The High Court judge
He didn't mince his judgement
The fish head is rotten
The awarding of damages

The net isn't a trap
It is to catch and release
The smaller ones back to the sea
The cycle then begins

The fish head rots
The step down should be the case
We will know the truth
The silence on the waves

macalister songs on the road

The roar on Macalister Road
The vehicles moving along everyday
The memory of deaths may be forgotten
For some the haunting images of the time

The man buried underneath the road
The body couldn't be found.....
The road becomes his burial home
The Macalister roaring vehicles becomes his songs

He may not find peace in his life
Leaving unexpectedly not even his time
His spirit will float around
The unlucky few will see him crying

The family will pray for his soul
Leave the world he knew once in his life
Yet he will stay behind watching the day goes by
The unlucky few will watch him cry

somebody's cat

The cat sleeps under the shady palm trees
On the soft ground eyes closing in the day
The clear blue white sky the cat ignores
Under the bright day it is good for snoozing

The owner never claims back his cat
Maybe he has thrown the cat away
The cat isn't trained to look for own food
She is afraid of other stray cats around

When the noises of vehicles passing by
She wakes up and walks away
Under the car the cat closes eyes
The winks of the day the sunlight beam

When the cat is hungry
The meowing never stops
Until she is fed would she kept quiet
In the morning and late evening

The cat hangs around since 5 June
She doesn't want to go back home
She may disappear in the day
By evening she will walk back in

Thursday, June 27, 2013

you find no sanctuary

Wash away; wash away
You make your evil gains
Now you sit here to cry?
On the stones by the beach

Once you were king
The evil ways you made your fortunes
The rolling wagons in dark shadows
You could do as you please

Now the tides have changed
The glittering gold just vanished
One day you woke up to find
You lost everything in sight

You couldn't understand
The way of life you led
You forgot you died of heart attack
While counting your evil wealth

Wash away; wash away
The evil ways once you lived
On the rocks you try to cry
You find no sanctuary

the painted face of EC

It is a silly joke
And the joke fallen on the people
The EC thinks we were the children
We couldn't understand what was all about

The excuses we heard
The staff forgot to shake
It was to last for a week
The indelible ink wasn't in

Then it was the religious issue
It is a silly joke on us
The ink wasn't what it was
The taxpayers money gone to waste

Now it was the edible ink
EC dare not name the supplier
The Treasury paid $7 million
And it didn't work in GE13

An honest and upright person
The letter of resignation will be sent
A man who have the balls
Long time ago he will save his dignity

The painted face of EC
The cloth of black the dignity lost
The colour of the nation's face
How to bring the shine back?

in the night she was bad

She was a devil woman
She woke up in the night
She would not compromise
In the night she was bad

She hunted for souls
The blood of money she crazed
She was the devil woman
Money she never ignored

She drove her sports car
In the night of flaming hearts
She was a devil woman
She laughed out to the guys

Got money got the rides
She tempted the hot body guys
In the night she was bad

She came alive in the dimmed light

the white blue in the sky

Look out from the balcony
The morning sun colouring the sky
The white blue in the clouds
The haze seems gone in the early light

The morning birds tweeting
They come back to wish a good day
The sun smiling rising up in the sky
The day looks clear and shiny

The cat smells it too
The day will be good for walking
The morning sun drying up her furs
Lazing around at the gate

The music playing
In the morning rise”
The bright sunshine in the sky
The refreshing air to breathe and smile

the rain help a while

The air quality improve
The drizzling rain fall
The breezy wind blowing around
The cool air soothe the night

The mountain slopes
The patterns returned
In the sunset evening
The undulating slopes seen

The crowd at the food stalls
The haze just let it passing through
They want to have their meals
The setback just a moment of life

Tomorrow the haze will return
This is just a moment to feel it
Of our yearly gift parliament refuses to debate
Giving excuse it doesn't happen here!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the shadows hide

Covered in black
The political shadows hide
Blending in with the walls
They wait for the call

In the night of shadows
People hardly see the difference
The political game of cheats and lies
The people get fooled by the money flow

Now certain words can't be used
On the wall the written words spoke
Allah and Rakyat” out of bound
Freedom of speech seems caged in the mind

The fools who voted the shadows
The drum beats knocking in the night
The black bats flying in free sky
The black shadows smile...

closing down jonker walk?

jonker walk in malacca

Jonker Walk
The pull of the tourist dollar
Malacca the historical city
Now CM wants to close it down

He better have a good plan
Otherwise Malacca will suffer
He may have to start crawling
Putrajaya he seeks for the funds

He isn't savvy in business
He shouldn't ape the pm
Punishing the Chinese
This is democracy to exercise rights

Penang and Selangor
Pakatan government doesn't discriminate
The political divisions in the states
All are treated as citizens of the Nation

Malacca CM
Don't forget your golden goose
Jonker Walk a street for tourists
Don't forget we are Malaysians!

no end to the talking

The reservoir dams low
The haze and the heat
The Klang Valley folks squeeze
The man made hazards knock the doors

The corporations involved
The Bee Anne government will talk
It has been years since 1997
When haze set foot on the soil

The yearly knock
It hasn't gone away
Many tea breaks and consultations
The haze still makes a return

Will action follow?
The corporations in the country?
The companies take the profits
The board of the companies should be liable

Now we hear the draught on the dams
The dry spells looming in the country
The agricultural sectors suffering woes
The haze makes it worst....

the farmers wish for rain

The farmers woes
The crops slowly withered
No rain to sustain the crops
The ponds going on strike

The long dry spell
The hottest days ahead
The haze makes it worst
The farmers pray for rain

The sky is brushing white
The heat and dust causing health issues
The farmers only shake their heads
They prepare for the worst

Today the thunder roars
In the sky darkened clouds
There is no rain on the lowlands
Maybe it is painting on the mountain

In the evening fall
The feel of the cooling breezes
The farmers wish for rain
Maybe tomorrow they pray

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the night of the day

The night of the day
The shadows blend in camouflage
The naked eyes can't see
The movements quietly pass

The dancing branches
The waving leaves fly
The light wind blowing
The silhouette of the night

The soft voices
The whispering wind
The dry leaves falling
Life has its places

The shadows on the bench
Slowly the misty flow disappear
On the golf field it makes contact
The night of the silent creepers

In the far distance
Telephone ringing
The shadows move
The night of the day

in politics hit quickly

Slow and steady
Always win the race
We were told in school
Even in the movies old

Anwar had his chance
When he was in New Amno
But the old saying of the ancient wise men
He took his took too long

He missed the opportunity
When he could have it
He didn't have the confidence
Though Dr Mahathir wanted to let go

In politics not in life
Slow and steady will lose the game
Anwar found out too late
He is ejected out into the wilderness

The years spent shoring up confidence
He has learned his mistake of missing opportunity
The life he lives pursuing his dream
We have to dream to make it happens

No doubt he is wiser now
Age has taken the toil on his dream
Yet the fighter in him will pursue

Never give up for the dream will come

like the zombies

The masks on faces
Walking in the hazy sky
The air pollution never cry
The motorists still speed up dry

In the Klang Valley
The hazardous air to breathe
The daily routines have to go on
The construction and transport personnel

The wind blowing North
The effects have taken hold
By the days it will be thick smog
The white in the sky

The sickness will prevail
The losses will hit the pockets
The talk of change of habits

It will be just tea and handshakes

the black witch in the air

The black witch in the air
The spell she casts in the sky
She lets the world know
The white smog of her charm

The people wake up
Eyes peeping to the sky
They can't answer
Somebody's negligence

The cast of players
They forget to remember lines
The Nature havocs
The likes of greedy guys

So the black witch smiles
Come one take my bribes
You want profit and good life
Step up gears get the high!”

The API registers high
The bad air quality in the sky
The birds and animals hiding in shades
They know the bad air come to play

The humans what else they do?
They complain and whine no end
When the sight is forgotten
They will back to the familiar ground

the white smog mountain gone

By evening the mountain gone
There is the white smog painting the slopes
The air turning unhealthy before night falls
The age of haze hitting us since 1997

Talking makes no change
Every year it seems the players will engage
The proper punishment should have taken
On the company board of directors

The air quality is choking
Causing sickness and economic woes
Bee Anne government should call up the corporations
Let our laws take the course of action

The corporation responsibility
The corporation social accountability
These big companies shouldn't keep quiet
Letting the people suffer every year

Time to put a stop to the haze
Bee Anne government better start cracking
The 5 years rule is ticking away
It shall be the last term to make the day

Monday, June 24, 2013

the cat stays in the shade

Usually the cat will disappear
When she takes her meal....
Now she hides in the shade
Of the haze floating in the air

She hasn't moved away
In the morning sleeping her day
The cloudy haze makes her sleepy
She takes her nap quietly

Once she was chased away
Killing the 2 birdie on flight
The wasted energy and efforts
The mother bird sacrificed

She wasn't fed for 4 days
She was on her own hunting her food
Though she came every day without fail
She had to learn her lessons

Now the cat is back
Sleeping quietly in the garden shade
She hasn't gone out to play
Maybe the haze locked her in

the smog on the mountain

The smog on the mountain
The white smog of haze
It finally lands on the slopes
The dark faint shapes

The air quality
It's bearable today
Tomorrow it will be worst
Who will be held accountable?

The '8 masters' in Indonesia
The open burning they don't care
The dry wind blowing to our shores
Bee Anne government pushing for a way

The country's big corporations
The government should take action
The big boys should be charged

Causing hardship to the nation

the night by the sea

The night by the sea
The waves of the water
The ripples flow easily
The wind softly whispering

The woman walks alone
Every confident in her strikes
On the soft sandy beach
The night by the sea

The moonlit night
The stars burning bright
The men watch sipping beers
Under the canopy of shades

Nobody wants to go
The woman knows it well
She is a shadow coming out in the night
The ghost of a time lost in memory

The woman turns around
She waves and smiles at the drinking men
Every eye watching the white shadow
Floating away into the sea

how the running dogs ruled

The shadows smile
The joke on the people
Now the people knew
How the running dogs ruled

Every no entry would disappear
Suddenly there were two ways traffic flow
Many were caught unaware
How the running dogs ruled

The people got annoyed
Public rallies and complaints
Telling the shadows to get out
Before the lights shining down

There were silent laughter
The shadows didn't care
They got what they wanted
How the running dogs ruled

The people never gave up hope
In their minds there would another day
How the running dogs would be caught
Then the fall of the shadows..