Saturday, January 31, 2009

the ping pong

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By mexer on Flickr

The ping pong battles
On the table green
They don’t want to lose face
Telling others how they fare

The white ball hitting back and forth
There is no direction at all
Eyes concentrate hand gestures rule
Hitting the ball sweat on their hands

The on-lookers stop
Staring at the game play
The 4 players coordinating
Every move

Sometimes a yell; sometimes a shout
Working on their dreams
Far beyond the green table
It has to start the ping pong game

no hopping

The oil in the hot wok
The cook gets ready to fry
Stirring it with his ladle
He sings his songs

Across his windows
He sees the cats and dogs
Squatting near the drains
Eagerly waiting for him

The line is drawn
The howling and meowing getting hot
The oil in the hot wok
Bubbling up eager to fry

The cook looks at them
The animals staring at him
‘No my friends
There is no hopping yet’

He stirs his hot wok
Dreaming of his dishes he will cook
When the time comes he knows
Now he keeps stirring his bubbling oil

police lockup

In police lockup
You are left there
On the cold cement floor
The police don’t care

Amongst the other detainees
Sweat out under the warm humidity
The police don’t give you a kind gesture
You are treated as a law breaker
There is no mercy for you

Under interrogation
A few officers come to intervene
Playing the bad and good cops
Belittling you telling you stories
Calling you names you just can’t believe it

The mental tortures
The physical abuses
Sitting on block of ice
Stripping naked cold burning flow
With the fan switching on
You are at the mercy
Of the uniformed police

The police want information
The faster it is the better equipped
In the end you give up
Telling what they want to know
Repeating it like a robot
Though you don’t believe a word of it
It is just to get back to life normalcy

In police lockup
You aren’t giving a good night sleep
The police want you to break up
So you can give in

When you are a police informer
You are treated with some respect
Going in going out easily
Do your job life will be easy

For the first timer
It will be a hellish experience
You never want to stay in police lockup
Cold cement floor dreams will disappear
For a time

Friday, January 30, 2009

clipped the wings

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By feroze kaliya... on Flickr
Clipped the wings
UMNO dares not do
Into one party
Everybody goes into

The disciplinary board chairman suggested
In view of the current political runs
Money politics enter its way
Parent body to the wings

Now the young will learn
The trade mark of the old
By the time the wings reach maturity
The wrong method has been cherished

The corruption and money politics
UMNO can’t get rid of it
It is there no matter how it stands
Time to revamp else dies with it

Clean up the corrupted list of members
Let a clean slate runs the show
The disease has crept into it
This is the way to go

Else the defeat will be
Biting the dust it will
Afraid to change
Rooted to its evil ways
It is time to make the change

we blog they scream

Bloggers hidden agendas
Playing into the hands of wealth
The plots lose its sting
As the well known bloggers tease
In the web blogs they scream

The visitors feeling
Reading it all with eyes screening
Minds have questions yet they keep it
Browsing the tales
Be blogger or politician

The template tweaks
The signs be it
Bloggers sink
On the wrong foot of the doors
Politicians clapping hands
Finally bloggers keep their eggs busy

The witches’ magic
Ruling the blog’s world
Feeding facts and fiction
Bloggers fall into the cauldron

The spinning world
It never ends in their tricks
Putting up signals
We think it is real

When the lights disappear
We know we are in trouble
Of our own Trojan horse
Galloping day and night away

Walk the mile
Shake hands and get back on track
For the right of freedom
Belong to every one

police and demons

Police and demons
The coin of the same stature
One reads it
It is there for all to see

They spin fairy tales
Of crimes in the state
The country is safe
On unwanted criminals

Yet we read crime statistics
Increasing day by day
Even walking in broad day light
Eyes and minds alert

Even in police custody
Lives lost in jail
That’s telling a true story
Crimes aren’t down the slope

the drum beats who will fall?

Perak UMNO
Never wants to loose face
So now its leaders talk
About the same option

Cross over they claim
Trying its best to put a straight face
Lost one into the sea
No offering of life jacket
He floats to the rescuers

Now Perak UMNO
Dancing on its chair
Pulling old records to spin
Telling its members
The good times past

For whom it is
For the warlords and cronies
The grass roots left empty
The records told the whole story

The games politicians played
The voters look and pray
Let the country runs smoothly
A rise the good leaders for the people
Let us chart a new game

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i learned it the hard way

Admit a lie
Say sorry and do a write
It doesn’t take much foresight
When events proved otherwise

I used to tell my staff
Tell the truth don’t lie
You dig more holes to cover a lie
Then the light will never shine

When it is wrong
Be a gentleman say sorry
Indirect information
It always has its pitfalls
No matter how much it is sworn on it

A journalist always goes both sides
A scoop of news is all about
Then by perception others think
Life has many pitfalls
In the journey of views and perceptions
There is a yes; there is a no
And hitting walls isn’t solving anything

See even in court of law
Judges too can be wrong
On evidence produced subsequently deduced
It is life; I learned it the hard way

a police watch dog must be established

A car thief turned into a hero
All because of police mishandling it
He was in police custody
A place of safe protection
As the Botak HM said so

Behold it wasn’t to be
Death had taken place
In police custody
Now it becomes an issue
The BN government must quickly diffused

AG classified as a crime of murder
A thorough investigation will be done
By the police against its own officers
Sadly justice will be hard to come
Remember Anwar case decade ago?
Only through Royal Commission the guilty party found

The cover may not happen
Police had learned its lesson then
But the investigation may put others on hold
There could be factors unknown

A car thief should deserve his sentence
By the court of law……………….
When his crime wasn’t established
He couldn’t be said he done it

It is sad he died in custody
Under police brutality
He wasn’t the first person
There were others died before him
Yet nothing was done to catch the culprits

We hope Kugan’s death will bring hope of change
In police management and interrogation techniques
I had learned about police ways of interrogations
Some I had seen it personally in public
Decades ago in Black Maria

There must quickly established the police watch dog
To bring the police officers going overboard
Let it be no favoritism in metering out judgement
For not following regulations and laws

Pakatan will rise

Perak UMNO
The frown on its façade
The hot sun blinks on it
A few raindrops of yesterday

One time so arrogant
Bullying members shoving the voters
Lessons learned in March 8
Perak UMNO ignored it

One member jumped ship
He felt he couldn’t help the people
Too many in fighting
Forgetting about the voters

Now Perak UMNO dance
Saying PKR assemblymen will cross over
Delusion of its own dilemma
Its leaders still refuse to accept reality
Power is gone; it is time they know

Now the 4star general comes to town
To take over control of the low morale soldiers
He hopes to bring life to its members
But he forgets he has his own problems

Pakatan will rise
Into the sun and shine
Perak UMNO will slowly bite the dust
For reality will sink into its skull

This is the ripple effort
Surely the PKR assemblymen will know
They aren’t blinded to join a sinking ship
When they can share the good deed
For the people and country

police hiccup

Police brutality
It has been many decades
Even the past few years
Death in police custody
All wrapped up quickly

Kugan case tipped the scale
Finally the people feel the police never learn
Betraying our trust entrusted to them
How safe one can be when police do the opposite?

Flexing muscles immune to its laws
Are they above the regulations?
Beginning Selangor CPO said something else
Now AG classified it as a crime………..
Suddenly we find the IGP wants a transparent investigation
Are they trying to soothe the nerves of the angry people?

In my old kampong of decades ago
I witnessed the police whacked up suspects
When they put them in Black Maria
My kampong friends who ran foul of the law
Of involvement with gangs

Even my own brother-in-law admitted
The police do some torturing
Like hitting with rubber pipes
Sitting on block of cold ice
Slapping on faces and hitting on heads
So as to extract information
Desperately needed to solve a case

The police need a clean up quickly
Of decades of abusing the system
Those police officers committing murder
In the police station have no excuse to plead
Under their watch and custody
A person died defenseless………
The public has a right to be angry
A right to know the whole truth

Yet our PM and DPM keeping silence
The Botak HM brewing wrong signals
The time to change is inching closer
The people will hit the gong
Change the whole system!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a heavy duty for the Ox to pull

Hang Seng Index  Down by hkdigit.

The Friday 13th
The Axe falls on the victims
Many jammed the streets
Bewildered hungry souls

The companies always say
Humans are the asset of the companies
When the crunch falls
Humans are sacrificed
Years of services
Disappeared unrecognized

Microsoft made US$4 billion
Yet it cut off 4,000 employees
The outlook is dim
For those companies living on credits

The banks are trying to help
But NPLs will take a front seat
Engaging lawyers to file charges
Calling back loans or restructured financing

In this time of financial turmoil
It will be hard for the economy
The Ox has a heavy load to pull
On the road to the final lap

And people who can spend
They should help in the economy
Spend a certain percentages
It will revive the unconscious

play safe with sex

woman with AIDS

Play safe with sex
It doesn’t worth it
When you are down
Living in misery
Why put blame?

You are young
You are old
When you go out to find partners
Into many relationships
Think of it
Why put blame?

Use condoms
Any brand you find
Male and female
Play safe with sex

You never know
Diseases hide
The partners’ relationship
Until it is too late

Why put blame?
When you find living in misery
You see life going away
The crumbling dream

Use condoms
Play it safe with sex
With multiple partners
With people you just meet
In party and social gathering

talk innocents die

Gaza bombed
Gaza ruins
People protests
Around the world

Tamil Tigers
Decades of fighting
It never ends
Why nobody protest?
The Indian army pushes in
Tamil Tigers run
Losses suffered heavily

In Southern Thailand
Insurgents fight for freedom
Thai army controlled
The heat gets no where
People still die
Bomb up and beheaded
Lying dead on the streets

Looking into the African continents
The countries still fight for rights
Amongst the blacks different dialects
Butchering and killing innocents
For wars not their fight

Yet the world leaders talk
Convene meeting trying to help
Action is needed but it never arrives
The peoples’ problems continue
Draining our world resources
For we forget
We should help each other
To stay alive
But we don’t
I guess we all die!

ah yer fish spa!

Fish spa
The fools are coming
Dead cells for fishes
A new fad a waste of money

Educated people think fashion
Dipping in the fish tanks
Sitting down for hours
Looking silly fishes nibbling away
The dead cells…………
What happen to the human fingers?

Yeah it doesn’t rub well
They want live fishes to do
Wasted time and money
And they think it is cool

Promotions in cool complexes
Displaying tanks of fishes
The water of germs
The fools go soaking in

Fish spa
Do it in the shower
Let the fingers do the saving
Why waste money and get disease?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

it is time

One frog jumped out from the pond
The water is hot for his liking
He heard enough of the peoples’ wishes
Forget about principle
This is for the country and people

The ripples will spread
Entangling the ruling elites
For them it is still in denial
About the sinking ship

Look we have enough life jackets
When the ship sinks we will escape
So much arrogance and power sing
Wait when the life jackets don’t work

One frog knows the sinking
He better jumps ship before it is too crowded
By then many will be drowned…………….
Like the sinking Titanic cold water sucks the lives away

Politicians must remember
You are elected to represent the people
For them you owe the allegiance
For them the country you should protect
It isn’t for the party and its leaders

One frog out from the pond
Many will jump when the Ox pokes its horns
This is the time to effect change
For the people and country

the debit card

Plastic money
On the public eye
People use
Like going to paradise

The debit card
The popularity to the banks
Direct deductions from saving accounts
The members know the limit
Know when to spend

You don’t owe the banks
When you use debit card
It is linked direct to your saving account
You can budget your life savings
To buy goods to suit your needs

Unlike credit cards
It makes you sink into debts
Increasing spill over costs
When time is bad
You will deep in ruin

The debit card
You have prestige
You decide you spend
No owing to banks

the pot holes

The pot holes on the ground
Many people staring at it
Who will be buried?

The fight for freedom
The way we want our say
Within the rights under FC
Why play the double game?

The police and judiciary
Be neutral protect the people
Under siege by the government
Of its policies and infringing peoples’ rights
Guaranteed under the Constitution

The running dogs bark
Political parties and civil right movements
Linking to the BN government
They want to the people to be on their side
And they don’t tell you why

The pot of hidden gold
The running dogs want a share
This is what they don’t tell
They say they have 51 years of experience
Milking the peoples’ money that’s why!

Projects for families
Projects for cronies
Leaving the crumbs
The pot holes on the ground
Who will be buried underground?

they went underground

The landslides happened
No warning quietly came
Erosion was sighted yet BN didn’t care
Slowly the ground crumbled
Buried the party under-ground

The buy elections
BN thought it could win
Promising projects
Giving out aids
People didn’t buy it
They smelled a rat
Stealing the cheese away

Two by elections within 5 months
PP and KT gone to Pakatan
Yet BN never learns
The leaders still walk with pride
Taking the people for rides

They are going to bury themselves
They dig their graves only the signs waiting
When it finally nails them in
Beaten to the ground bury them of their arrogance
Only then changes will come
For the country and her people

Monday, January 26, 2009

the Ox finally arrives

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Keong Hee Huat Chai
Kong Hee Fatt Choy
Happy New Year
The Ox takes the flag
On the rice fields it runs
Digging up dirt putting its marks
It is the reign for the 12 months

The Ox stares ahead
Eyes wide nostrils flare
Heavy burden on the way
The economy is severely tested

The working ethics
Honestly brings smile
The leaders must work on it
The government must be candidly opened
No more sweeping under the carpets

Let the dust float
Let it be seen to all
Catch the corrupted ones
No small fries to please some

The Ox stands on the cross roads
Watching every movement in its eyes
The speed of economic recovery will be slow
The people must bite the bullet to stay afloat

It is a testing life
Work hard play smart
Spend what you need
It will help the engine of growth
Albeit slowly yet moving

The Ox crosses the road
A long day ahead to arrive
The aroma of the green soft grass
And the flow of stream water
A long walk yet don’t give up
Stay focus the light will shine

the thorn in our minds

Gitmo Bay will be closed
US president ordered it be so
Civic and human right activists welcome the move
Let human dignity has a place in history

Will Kah Moon Ting be closed too?
The BN government never wants it
The BN leaders have mixed views
Only UMNO read government wants
Kah Moon Ting will remain open

The innocents arrested
A tool under ISA
The BN government wants it stay
No way will it be closed

The way out for the people
The majority doesn’t agree
For ISA to be used as a tool
It is political chain than any thing else

Change the process
It is our willed in our hands
Change the top
The tail will follow

Kah Moon Ting and ISA
Let it be a history
As we march forward
To take charge of our destiny
For the people and country

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the dark of life

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By Luis Manuel G... on Flickr

The dark of life
It is your hands
You switch it on
There will be light

Sometimes we forget
When emotion steals our brains
Forgetting the pursuit
Ranting excuses to getting away

Thinking of the idiotic people
The morons who come to pass
Telling nothing interesting
Egoistic self is what they said

Pick up the key words
The underlying currents flow
There will be something positive
When you put ears into it

The dark of life
When you fail to act
Being lazy; being stupid
Let the light going away

obstacles in life

Life and Death by gayatri vaidya.
Obstacles in life
It is there all the time
You can’t run away
Challenge it save your day

The going will be tough
Life isn’t bed of roses
Living in paradise sipping champagne
You have to live through
The light and dark of it

Every step you take
You know the chains to unlock
Find the key
It is there for you to see

Obstacles in life
It isn’t there to make you cry
It is there to toughen you up
At the end of your pursuit
You have made to enter paradise

life and death

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By JERRY on Flickr

Life and death
Nothing new into this world
The renewal of human resources
Populating Mother Earth

The ancient find ways to live longer
Beating the clock living into hundreds years
Yet life is made through natural process
It is fixed for a certain years…………
Unless one finds way to trick the growing old processes
Then one finds the way to sustain life

Life and death
The experience for a reason
To know living; to know death
In the end there will be a rebirth
To do the right things in life

Now eat and drink a balance diet
Exercise to keep fit for life
The healthy mind healthy body
It will sustain life a bit longer
Life and death
The time will tell

MACC gets the sharks

MACC catching the small fishes
In the pond of stagnant water
When the weather is hot
These small fishes can’t escape
In the drying up pond

MACC trying to sink its teeth
Only for the small fishes
They are willing to fish

Hear you! Hear you!
MACC doing a good job!
Catching the money politics
Amongst the greedy politicians

Now who are the sharks?
Giving out easy money to delegates
MACC never wants to find out
It has no teeth; it gets stuck in the mud

Many reports had been lodged
They haven’t found out to investigate
The big fishes in the political heavy weights
MACC turns away

The small fishes
The publicity game
If only they go after the sharks
So many in the political names

Saturday, January 24, 2009

dengue on the rise

Lion City Roulette by Teutoburg.

Dengue on the rise
In the country
People must take measures
Kill aedes mosquitoes
In the homes and surrounding areas

It takes a week to breed
You take 10 minutes to walk your compound
Searching of clogged waters in tins, pipes and drains
Safety precautions extend life span

Use abate in water fountains
When there are no fishes around
It costs a little but when life is at stake
It doesn’t mean much any way

So walk around
Search for aedes mosquitoes
In your homes it means a lot to you and family
So spend the 10 minutes a week
Else do it every day
Good for your health
You body needs it
And one of the safety nets
The people staying in the homes
Not forgetting the neighborhood

our backyards

Our backyards
It needs clean up and help
Where are our people?
Running to other countries

Back home we have our internal conflicts
Jobs disappeared helping is no where
Priority should be at our country
It is seeking recognition
Home country can’t possibly get

No doubt we admire their charity
Helping others in time of need
Don’t they get their priority right?
Back home the poor need help

Then again it is my view
These people may have their own
I believe we should do charity work back home
It is here we pay our gratitude

the mother of her child

The mother of her child
Life lost on the wrong way of the law
Earning his keep through car stealing
Finally the police caught up with him

In police custody for 5 days
Then he died in police station
The mother of her child
Crying all the way home

Interested people want to know
How could a young 22 years old die?
Bruises on his body, cuts and burned marks maybe
The state police chief denies a second post mortem
It means he is hiding up the facts of the case

The police should protect the people
In police lock up cases of deaths happened
Yet there is no affirmative investigation
Everything is wrapped up quickly

The mother of her child
Life lost on the wrong side of the law
Every one is innocent unless proven guilty
He didn’t get it though he confessed of his crimes

He reportedly died of liquid in his lungs
In police lock up forced drinking liquid
He could have die of torture
He wasn’t drowned…….

Now the AG wants a probe
About the death in lock up
The deceased family can do a post mortem
Within the confine of the law

The BN government hasn’t said anything
Silence waiting for what to come?
The people can’t forget
Too many deaths in police lock up

you think you know

Friends are many
Taking all the times
The secrets and desires
Gossiping downgrading lies

You think you know
Suddenly you find you are alone
Thinking what has gone wrong
Friends disappear

No smiling faces
Put up facades
The mind blocks
It makes the day so alone

Only one friend
The true one you find
Amongst the many
You can forget

You don’t need thousand
You just need a few
To make the days flow
When you have something to let go

cut the source

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It is mild
The cartoon depicting copulation
Though of course
It is the mind
Reaching to the stars

When I was in secondary school
We had screening of cartoon sex
It was more graphic to teach the secondary students
About sex and diseases

Finally we each got condoms
Telling us what should be done
Practice safe sex……………
Well….you could see the red faces
Walking out from the school hall

The young and old should learn
About sex and what needs to be done
Sex diseases aren’t going away
It is time every one practices safe sex

Cut the source
Protect it with condoms
Live a happy sex life
Don’t ruin it

Friday, January 23, 2009

dogs and cats

RK Catberry Tails Cats and Dogs Royal 2.5yds $13.75 by pdboulay.

Dogs and cats
Animal lovers want as pets
In the homes cuddling warm
Dressing them up
The beauty parade

The blinds with dogs
Training them to show the way
By now nobody wants to complain
A good companion a trusty pet

It is the other things
Waste matter on the streets
In the home gardens
Leaving them for others to scoop it up

This is one unhealthy trend
The pet owners should own up
Do the talk neutered the pets
At least they will not go out
Leaving their calling cards

Every morning I see
The cats waste ruining my garden
Open fields they don’t want to go
In my garden they tempt my anger

My pearl grass die
Turning brownish quickly and gone
And it never grows back
Wasted time and money
Tending my garden

And the dog shit
On the streets and alleys
In home front gates
Leaving there for all to see

I don’t hate animals
It is the owners should take measures
Scoop the shit train the pets
Be responsible be neighborly

spend the money with plans

Spend the money
The billions our money
Paying in taxes
Where will it go?

No plan to execute
The billions to spend
Open tenders for projects
You don’t read in the press

In silence it creeps
Like rats afraid of the cats
It doesn’t want to be seen
Secretly siphoning off the cheese
Into its tiny holes……….
Nobody knows

Draw up a list
Let the people know
What need to spend?
So to stimulate the economy

Even this BN works silently
Afraid we know……………
The billions in packages
And we read about this cocky minister
Warning about federal agencies directors
Don’t attend PR government meetings
Stern action will be meted out to them
And the BN government talks
Our tax money floating into corruption

our facade growing haggard

The road blocks
It never ends in the days
The Judiciary on trial
The Judges know about it

Atlantuya cries
Justice seems so far behind
Statements can’t be released
When we talk nobody is above the law

Apparently in reality
There is such thing as the law
Of shadow players calling the hits
On the chart benefitting them

One must be given a fair and view trial
There shouldn’t be a smell of coercion
By hidden forces behind a veil
Let the law be transparent
The judges know they can’t hit the gong

The road blocks
The law takes its journey long
Slow steps to dispense justice
And our façade growing haggard
The judges know
Atlantuya cries
Justice she seeks must be done

deaths in police lock up

Deaths in police lock up
Nobody cares to tell the truth
Evidence on physical body abuses
The police say a different tune

Many deaths reported
Till today no report comes
It is all under wrapped
As if nothing ever happens

Will the Home Affairs Minister order a probe?
The way prisoners die in lock up
There must be something seriously wrong
With the police officers handling the cases

Now take the new act
Find the faults and fixed it for good
The police officers who committed these crimes
They should be charged under capital punishment

The people have no confidence with the police
Too many deaths in lock up can’t be kept quiet
The authority must set up panel to find out why
Maybe we have sadistic police officers
Enjoying inflicting pain to prisoners
It is time the government wakes up

there is a hole now

Affairs of the hearts
It never brings happiness
It brings misery of love lost
Of a relationship turning sour

There is a hole now
It will be hard to patch it up
Saying apology in many forms
Diamond rings stalk of red roses
The shine has gone in lover’s eyes

How can a person live knowing the truth?
The partner has strayed gone overboard
There will be explanation or it is lie
It will happen when the urge arrive

There is a hole now
It will be hard to patch it up
When trust and love gone
The suspicious mind sleepless nights

It will be hard to forgive and forget
When couples facing marital problems
The affairs of the hearts
When young and old collide

There is a hole now
It will be hard to patch it up
Even through repentance
The shadow lurks in the background

Thursday, January 22, 2009

TNB losses

Monopolistic companies
No competition to fight for it
The market isn’t competition driven
It is there for the taking

The consumers have no choice
About rates charged to them
It is like “take it or leave it”
The consumers have no alternative choice
They are at the mercy
Of the monopolistic companies

When TNB posted a loss of $944 million
What excuses the CEO give?
This is a monopolistic enterprise
He can’t make money
What else can he say?

It is better revamp the organization
Be it too with Khanazah
Let the best Malaysians handle the job
Race shouldn’t be the criteria

The government through UMNO
Imposing racial positions to satisfy its mantra
Now look what the country has
Losing her wealth her prestige and her honor

It is a shame to all Malaysians
When a monopolistic company can’t make money
It tells how wrong certain policies are
Pushing for supremacy of a race
It falls flat on our faces
Sad but it is true now

when jobs are lost

Why go for retraining?
When jobs are lost
People want living
No time to attend vocational classes
The minds aren’t there
Worrying about living
When will the next money flow?

The HRDF fund should be used
As a employment security net
For those who lose jobs during times of bad economy
At least it helps those we need it badly

Tell me
Will jobless people go for training?
They have to go money needs to spend
Yet the mind is in turmoil
Families’ needs must be found

The BN government should get its priorities right
The wrong moves people will suffer economically
It is time to use HRDF funding for the jobless
When the economy returns in full force
It is better to initiate the unemployment funding
Using the same concept of HRDF procedures
In this way the workers worry can be harnessed it
And let them work hard for the country

it is peoples' money

It is peoples’ money
The minister shouldn’t be cocky
Telling the agency directors to boycott
PR government meetings

How stupid one can feel?
It is for the people
It isn’t for his fortress
It is the peoples’ money
It must be shared by all

This is the stupidity
We don’t need in our government
Of leaders who behave like little kings
Their days are numbered
The people have crossed them out
When the opportunity arises
They will be history
Forgotten on the side streets

The country’s progresses
We don’t see many on the way
The way these ministers behave
The country bleeds

It is time to change
The longer we wait the bad vibes linger
The arrogant behavior and statements
They don’t learn
They still think they rule
When the behavior patterns have changed

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it never ends yet

Protests and shouting
In the name of aggression
The innocents die in the cross fire
Now who will take the blame?

Telling others to be civilized
Here we have our police think otherwise
Hitting and baton bashing episodes
Water lazed with chemicals to injure the protestors
So is the government civilized?

Other countries hit back
The terrorists’ incessant attacks
Knowing not about peaceful coexistence
They want to destabilize peace

The makers of war
Eagerly wanting it to go on
Profits can be made
On the miserable lives of the innocents
And warlords rampage through
‘In the name of protecting my turf’

Here we have protestors
Mending other countries affairs
They should pull their energy
Concentrate on the corruption
Emerging rampant in the country

The history of Palestinians and Israelis
The centuries of animosity never ends
Maybe it is God way of telling us
Know how to forgive and forget
And life must move on……

Eye for eye we all die
Living in miserable conditions
Freedom has no way to glow
So think about it
It is better to live peacefully
Enjoying God natural gifts

the peaceful vigils

ipoh night vigil

The peaceful vigils
The police get red eyes
Seeing the harmonious congregation
Sharing on a common bond
Amongst the races

Singing National Anthem
Loud voices echoing in the nights
The police can’t take it
They want to arrest them

Charging blindly as rabid bulls
Tearing the innocents barking mad dogs
The police forget to uphold the Constitution
The right to free assembly by citizens

The plump bald headed minister
Sitting in his office issuing orders
Betraying the trust given by the voters
When crimes in the country
He doesn’t take seriously
Only the innocents he goes
On the peaceful night vigils

The crime lords run freely
The crimes spree increasing
The peaceful people hold up to court
For a peaceful assembly

BN ministers know
They have lost their direction
The double standard procedures
The downfall will come
Even though they want to rebrand
The people have enough of it
It is time they pack go somewhere else

the Ox year

The Ox year
Knock down the walls
Pretending isn’t worth the day
Let there be holes
And the fun begins

The Stock Exchanges
Rules dismaying
The runners yell
The hardship falls for everybody

The doors bell
The toll of sorrows and tears
The hardship of plenty
Across continents all hear

Old people meet
The young go partying
Oblivious to the economic turning
The Ox year
The thundering hooves

It must be something
Brewing up from the ground
The slow growth the passionate look
Time to learn the past mistakes

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change ways or loose

Don’t wait
Tell the truth
Let the person know
Change ways or loose

Facts true or false
Only by asking
Only by knowing
Communicating face to face
Find the reasons for it

Behavior patterns
Sometimes in the brain
Outside perfectly normal
Knowing the blocks
Yet finishing product
It never reaches the desk

I had my experiences
With my own employees years ago
Everything was normal
Work couldn’t be done at all

When I talked to them
Personally I found out why
They were slow in their brains
Afraid to make mistakes

It sounds familiar to me
One tries to avoid it
Delaying tactics hiding the facts
Don’t wait
Talk to find solution
Change ways or loose

the lost balls

The Eunuch lost his balls
Down the steps long ago
Drilling into his head
Of over decades

Simple public relations
The police no way to know
It is only the might
Shooting fear into the innocents

On the wall of police stations
The charter telling the public
Come to the reality
It never happens

It is only those they know
You can see the public relations work
I knew I had been there before
No red tape no border line

Why police afraid of the night vigils?
We aren’t robbers, kidnappers, thieves and murderers
We are just a peaceful people airing our concerned
About the affairs of the country
This the police can’t differentiate
They only know how to bark
Yet the criminals they don’t go after them

the sad tears of millions

The sad tears of millions
Eyes downcast souls betrayed
When hungry mouths need to feed
The government leaders talk politics

The economic runs to the ground
Million will be out of job soon
The numbers are climbing on the chart
The contraction will be hard to swallow

The DJs spin the top chart
Telling the people get on with life
There is nothing to feel sorry
Do something don’t waste the time

Even in economic uncertainty
There is still hope for many
Don’t think of what you earned before
Now it is to feed your hungry bowl

The sad tears of millions
The numbers will hit the chart
When hungry mouths need to feed
The government leaders talk politics

BN government wakes up

Now BN government just wakes up
People in the know have prepared for the worst
You have read the statements of BN leaders
Painting a fool they think we are

Now the figures loom
I doubt the people feeling that worst
When the developed nations reeling on it
Here we have our government ministers painting rainbow

Now the crunching numbers
The economic situation will be bad
The stimulus packages aren’t sufficient
For $7 billion BN thinks it can work wonder

Perak PR government instructed town councils
Approved permits within a day for those hawking for a living
No red tape just let people earn honest living
For the time will be bad financially

Imagine a million out of work
The prospect isn’t financially good
The BN government better think ahead
By election had gone
Party politics better leave behind
For the people rice bowls affected
Roll out the goods
For the Ox will attack

the strong wind

The strong wind blowing
Bending the weak plants and trees
Kissing it as it travels through
Giving no respect as it takes

The poor holding it on the ground
Firmly established never wants to give way
The wind seeing it blowing harder still
Yet it can’t uproot it has to blow its pride

The whirring songs
Telling them to let go
Joining the wind traveling in high speed
Along the continents tasting the seas

The locals never want to go
The wind force them yet it can’t
Huffing hard challenging the stubbornness
Finally the wind gives up
Enough of its nonsense

the wayward souls

Looking for wayward souls... by frustrated.artist.
notre dame facade in paris

In the night
When silence rules
Of fantasy by the alleys
Of the wayward souls

I hear the soft whisper
The wind carrying it through
By the time I reach the end
I have seen it all

Along Stone Road
The wayward souls roam
Displaying what they have
I think they make a fool of themselves

Interested crowd gathered
Looking interest on what on display
The wayward souls obliging smile
The transactions done in quiet sound

When the police car cruises along
The wayward souls quickly disappear
Into the dark alleys out of sight
I know it is a sad story
Of the night life of Kuala Lumpur city

God creations out of rhythm
The body and soul gel it differently
Out of the productions the wayward souls cry
The religious authority sings out of tune

In the night
When silence rules
The wayward souls light
I have seen it all

Monday, January 19, 2009

still hiding in her skirt

Image Preview
It is just a small setback
When millions were spent
Why can’t Bla Sheep say it outright?
He lost in his campaigns

He went all out for his party
On the party candidate by election
When the result came he knew he lost
His choice of candidate rejected

The people made their choices
The BN coalition still talked arrogantly
These leaders currently in the front
They will be gone when the next round arrives

His leadership people don’t want
He can’t tell it straight as it is
Spinning structured statements
He thinks he can fool the people

This is 21st century
The last century is gone and buried
New management shift required
For the people and country

in the box he wants to forget

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On the ground he doesn’t want to walk
With solid party once he led went to jail for
He believed he got his marbles back in the box
So he squats burying it deep with his new umbrella

When there is political engagement
The people will see him in action
Speaking a different script than before
He thought he is smarter now
He has become a liability
To UMNO and his integrity

He has no patience
He never learned his lessons
The final lap he got screwed up
Now he started all over again

Patience wins the race
Only greed and power crazy fall
Into the depths of deep ocean
Forever getting stuck seeing no way to escape

Back of my mind
He could be the Trojan Horse
Orchestrated in advance
So that the opposition leader can advance
Into the political stage with full glory

Else look what he dished out
From the hot wok into the public
He brought the Bee Anne down
The members keep him a distance

In a box he squats
He knows his time but out
On the firm ground he doesn’t want
Now a has been no position to tell

Sunday, January 18, 2009

bee anne should go

The whole of Bee Anne should go
Enough of their nonsense
Saying there are united
Working like families

It is only one party line
Every partner must toe the light
No saying other things
The partner will be out of the loop

The arrogance and the deceit
Thinking they can recycle it
Offering power, projects and prosperity
The people become wiser a little bit more

Creating fear telling it should be on continuity
A lie Bee Anne keep telling it through out its history
When superpower countries keep changing government
The people there don’t feel inferior in their lives
In fact they tell us we should decide the destiny of a country
We mustn’t be afraid of change

Bee Anne living in the past
The leaders don’t learn even till today
They still go saying about racial needs
When are they going to wake up we are Malaysians?

The gate has opened
It will be a matter of time
Bee Anne will be irrelevant
The leaders just struggling to get by
Come next GE history will be made

the people decide

The tears flow
In the quiet room
As the result keeps coming in
The UMNO leaders can’t believe it

Millions spent to win
Enticements ran plenty
Promises of goods
For all people

Even to create fear
Intimidation doesn’t work
The voters tell them
Enough of your deception

Police unnecessary stationed
Allowing no free way to imagine
Yet the people queue up properly
Nothing to incite violence

In the ballot boxes
The message is clear
Get out of your palatial homes
It is time people run the show
For the country and her destiny

we mustnt be afraid

flight of peace in the darkness

When there is no by election
Nothing will be had you could cry and beg
The BN government never hears you plead
Even in empty stomach, BN doesn’t hear

The layers of trap doors
Pushing you far behind
The progress will be slow
Before you know it
You are left so far behind

When there is a by election
You don’t have to wait for it
The BN leaders come in droves
Bringing the bag of good cheers

On the podium singing the praises
Telling you promises of many forms
You don’t have to worry they say
We will get it done for you

When it is over
When BN loses
BN leaders forget
About promises
They said publicly

It is no use listening
You know BN trade
It is best the voters changed
Let a new kid runs the show

We mustn’t be afraid
Of the unknown and fear
Other countries do it
We should take a leaf
And get the ball rolling

live it simple

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By linda yvonne on Flickr
Live in simple
Know what you can do
You are the better judge
In the every day of your existence

Nobody can smile so often
With strangers they think you are crazy
It is amongst friends and acquaintances
Polishing them it may worth the effort

Tell me how many people can do exercise?
When they are busy pursuing wealth
Finding food to lay on the table
For tomorrow they don’t know

Reading books
The past time is hardly the in thing
When people are worried about economy
When jobs are going nobody knows

So my view do the needful things
The ones you enjoy the most
The ones which you give the best satisfaction
And believe in God where He must be somewhere
To know your limits and your desires
In earning a respectful deliverance

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the flag of green white moon

The flag of green white moon
Let it waves proudly in the eyes
Let the hard work pays through
It is enough of buying antics
Of UMNO and National Front

Let the voters teach
UMNO leaders a bitter lesson
This is the way out for them
When the next GE comes a calling

The people should take charge
The destiny of the country affairs
We can’t let these goons telling us
They don’t work for the people and country

It is always their pockets and cronies
Leaving the rest lining up for the crumbs
UMNO says it works for the 14 partners
These leaders have no voice; they sold their souls

Just look at the voices on Labu airport
The cronies want it to happen………..
KLIA will become a white elephant?
When it has sufficient land to enlarge or build airports
What are these cronies talking about?

It isn’t about hudud laws
The people vote for change of government
It is enough of the wastages and telling dreams
For the people and country it is always far behind
Let UMNO goes away
Let BN crumbles disappear into history
The people can make the choice
Let it happens now

die or resign

merlin magic
Die or resign
Good for the voters
The constituency will get full media attention
Then promises come in many forms

Let the Bomohs do their magic
On the corrupted MPs to die or resign
Instead of what we read
Raping the innocent women
By the rogues of black magic

The play of power
See it blossoms in election
The quick solutions
Nobody needs appointments
The leaders come to town
In a blaze of smoke
In expensive cars

Die or resign
The ‘Merlin’ should cast his magic
Let the greedy MPs bloated out
Surrender to another round
Of goods and angpows
In the constituency

the cheating game

Working late into the night
Citing work many of it
The man and the woman
Laboring through

The wife waits patiently
The husband never returns
Only through the early morning
The click of the door key
He walks in silently

The months then the rumors
The man denies quickly
Nothing to bond in his work
So he said with a straight face

When lies become the truth
It comes into full circle
In the press it was all over
The split has to come
There is no two ways about it

The tears flowing
Of lies and cheating play
The trust has broken
It will be hard to reclaim

The marriage certificate throwing away
The party goes separately
Into their lives picking up the pieces
Of trust gone to the wind

the Mayan prophecy

The Mayan prophecy
In the year 2012
The changing of a star
Will Earth turn turtle?

On Dec 23
It is suppose to change
A new star begins its show
The light of bad and good

Right now we have Israel
Bending on invasion
The Palestinians never change
They don’t learn lessons well

When you are weak
Don’t show you are big
You aren’t have the power
You can’t move the mountain
So be peaceful find ways to stabilize
Into the future you may find

The Middle East countries
It is always the hot bed
On religions and invasions
They don’t learn the lessons well

Here we have the people
Protesting about others problem
When in our own backyard
These people forget

Will Earth turn turtle?
We have about 3 years
To realize our folly
Before we all disappear

Else we wait for 2030
Of the magnetic pull of planets
And Earth is in the middle
In the war of the magnetic field

Friday, January 16, 2009

the old record spinning

The old records keep spinning
About old tales of yesterday
Listening to it makes no bearing
Into this 21st century

Cheating and coercion
Rice bowl punching holes
The underlings know the effects
Unless they are brave to say

The power that be
Wealth seems the way
Greed of power
Misusing authority

The old records spinning
Singing the old songs
On the streets into the ears
Don’t change government
String for continuity

The BN forgets
Superpowers change leaders
Look at US, Russia and Britain
The voters change government
And life still busy as the bee

the $50 million funding for Chinese schools

The KT by election
BN government wants to win Chinese votes
Announcing $50 million funding
Take it and vote differently

This is our tax money
BN has to fund it anyway
Only BN holds to give as it pleases
Like this by election

This is the small token
Look what UMNO done with JKKK
Using tax money to do double work
Feeding its cronies for doing less work
Running into billions

And about the 7,000 strong police officers
Why are there in KT?
Spending money letting cronies make the bulk of it
It runs into millions for their stay
And the Chinese shouldn’t feel obligated
BN wants to close your eyes
The bait of greed
Cemented for power
Don’t go blindly into it

Wake up I say
Don’t get fooled with it
See what UMNO is doing
When failure looms
Its leaders go for the desperate measures
Money as if it belongs to them

the goal keepers

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By feijeriemersm... on Flickr

Atlantuya hasn’t gone in peace
Living in hell blowing up into pieces
Nobody in the right frame of mind
Will say she deserved to go this way

Maybe she was greedy
Maybe she had her motives
Maybe of promises undertaken
It was her due to pay for her efforts
Killing her wasn’t the way to go

Razak Baginda acquitted
Out of 3 persons charged initially
Now two has to defend themselves
The gallows waiting the scene we thought

Desperate men will say the truth
Hanging by the rope isn’t a good picture
Saving own skin though in prison
It is better than dead and gone

In years King pardon
If the present regime rules the country
Otherwise it will be for a long time
If they don’t go to the gallows

Now the truth to tell
No more spinning tops
It is the way to go
The persons named should be questioned
Nobody should be left the hook

Atlantuya moves
The spirit into their dreams
She has to work her skills
In death the horrible dreams

it is in your hands

Image Preview

Everything you want
It is in your hands
Nobody can help you
When you don’t give yourself
A chance to walk the steps

Living in dreams
It will be great
Too much of it
Without concrete plans
It will never work

For reality starts in a dream
A ripple to energize the weak soul
As humans we tend to be lazy
When we find challenges hard to fight

Planning is the gateway
Resolutions dream of many
Do it one by one or month by month
In this way you will realize your aim

Don’t lose hope
When in a year you get blanks
It isn’t the end of a journey
It is just you have too many to do
Losing focus which is natural

Life is always a testing field
Filling in the blanks in one journey
Always stay positive though you get the rough rides
You just need one to make you smile

Thursday, January 15, 2009

why afraid of hudud law?

Why afraid of Hudud law?
When you don’t commit crimes
Nothing to run and hide
In civil and hudud law

If you think you get a raw deal
Living in a multi-racial regions
Look around see the law implications
There will be fewer crimes
The country will save billions
Employing fewer police to guard the country

Crimes and orders
It will eventually stabilize
People will walk freely
No more living in fear

In fact civil laws
It has the elements of hudud laws
So why so afraid living in God’s laws?
After all we have to 2 set of laws here
Civil and syariah laws

In fact hudud laws only for Muslims
The non-Muslims shouldn’t worry
Plug in the laws to safe guard it
I can say hudud laws is less severe
When it comes to capital punishment

In God we trust
In His laws we must too
Otherwise the walk to heavens
It will be a lost cause

the yellow mee

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indian fried mee penang
By Joits on Flickr

The yellow mee
The color doesn’t entice
It is only in the hands
Of an Indian man
Know his skill he makes his magic

On the wok of fire
Fried it with his special ingredients
It is always a secret combination
He will not tell you
The sauces he mixes

When I was staying in Penang
Along the Tanjung Bunga and Ferringhi Road
I knew of an Indian guy who dished out his best fried noodles
On the side road going into Boon Siew flat…….
I had my second order just to satisfy

At that time I didn’t find any one beating him
He always sold out in quick time…………….
The only problem with him then
He used to get drunk

When I left Penang years ago
I knew he was still selling there
In Tanjung Bunga area
Still got drunk a wasted talent
For the food business

know when to strike

The weak must know peace
Going on the aggressive makes it worst
In the life of many innocents

On the border with neighbors
Understand the rules of engagement
Seek out ways to live harmoniously
Pride and ego shouldn’t take precedence

Is life so expendable for the people?
Going all out to stake a claim
When we know we aren’t in the seat of power
So go working out within the lines

Let the giant sleeps
Make it easy for him
When he feels he is in control
Complacency will erode his base
Then it is easy to negotiate
For peace for human decency

the whirring sound

The strong wind blowing
Rustling the window curtains
Pushing its caresses
Swaying waving the wind
Imagine it in my mind

The whirring sound
Circles it around
The wind crying
Carrying it into my ears

I fly around
Waving in and out
Into the horizon of beautiful colors
It is only the mind could find

The soft whispering
The web of dew drops
Waving hungrily to the ground
As the wind whirring it away

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

don't go telling lies

Don’t go telling lies
In this world we live in
Too many to record it
Say the right thing
Let it be said

Ages of the past
Deception causing conflict
Amongst people of many colors
Abandoning them to the wolves

So don’t go telling lies
It never makes it right
The time of sorrow and tears
Into our lives

Look at the sky
It doesn’t telling you lie
The colors paint
You can see
It has nothing to hide

Don’t go telling lies
Be honest give a smile
The world we live in
Make it bountiful and alive

desperate measures to cling to power

Contracts by balloting
Has UMNO got no ideas any more?
Have BN leaders too forgotten about accountability?
Giving it to the class F contractors

Remember the TV show “F troop”?
It makes you laugh on the comedy of errors
On the sofa set one can let it go
Yet in reality will you go for it?

Najis made it happened
He thought he was good with it
Giving contracts in this way
Not knowing the track records
Will the projects last the distance?

Desperate ways need desperate ideas
In this way he hopes to win votes
It looks corrupt practices to me
Giving contracts by balloting
Without studying the eligibility and track records

BN will bankrupt the country
This isn’t the way to spend money
We will expend more on double works
Rechecking and reworking on it

Desperate leaders want to stay on in power
They can’t live without it in their lives
Out come the desperate measures
Buying votes coined it in different forms