Tuesday, June 30, 2020

threats and nagging do not bite

PH leaders

Don't go round the maze

Stay on focus see the light

Unless you are all blind!

Choosing a candidate

To lead the coalition

It takes ages to materialize

Threats and nagging do not bite

In July the nagging thought

PH leaders still walking in the maze

These leaders better come to their senses

It is a break or stay; living in darkness or light?

PH leaders

You guys must be angry and hungry to return

Look at the bigger picture to win

Now walk out from the maze

the bullies in our lives

The bullies in our lives

They are not going to stop

We are living in the good and the bad

We have to stand firm and don't fall prey

The bullies like weak people

They are weak too but they hide it well

Showing the faces of poisonous snakes

They think they can escape

The victims shouldn't hide and cry

They should stand it up and fight

Once they surrender their rights

They will turn their own darkness

The bullies mustn't allow to walk free

They are always good in group

Once they are isolated they will feel scared

Alone, a bully will find it hard to escape

The bullies in our lives

They mustn't allow to play their games

The victims must stand up for their rights

Else they will turn their own darkness

the child abuses

The child abuses

Behind close doors

Nobody seems to know

Until an incident happens

The child marriages

Every effort must use to stop it

It is a cover for the child abuses

By a certificate of marriage

The authority doesn't put on weight

If it involves a religion, the long process in the work

The abusers will go unpunished

The law stays quiet until a major incident happens

During my kampong years

We looked up to this religious guy

He would involve with all the religious activities

We thought he was a good man

Until one day his wife blew his cover

He raped his own 3 months child

We couldn't believe what he did

The police came and he was sent to jail

The monsters in human skins

We will never know until incidents happen

We can keep an open eye to watch it

The tell tale signs of a child abuses

Lately the coup leaders aren't talking

These leaders are quiet thinking of different thing

The monsters in human skins will go over-drive

The field is wide open to hide their bad dreams

Monday, June 29, 2020

the chair blues

The chair blues

It isn't getting better

The experience leaders

They aren't in agreement

PH partners what now?

Learn to accept different view

It isn't hard to do is it?

Stay on the course

Anwar can forget his dream

He hasn't offered anything new

There is nothing for him to show

But his dream to take the chair

The chair blues

Anwar should clean up the mess

In his own party to make it good

It is the weakest link in PH

Be a good sport, Anwar

Forgo your dream now

Fight it out in GE15

This is best for you

Get together to face

The common enemy dragging us down

PH leaders shouldn't drag it on

The old way has come to haunt us again

The chair blues

Guess who will be?

Let Dr M hit the score

He needs it to salvage his pride

just a moment

Just a moment

Hold the horses

Think it through

Don't rush into it

Putting up a candidate

To hold the top post

PH leaders mustn't forget

Anwar still can't let go

Once he said he has patience

Now he seems to forget

He wants the post

Even if he has no support

Just a moment

Pick the right one now

Anwar shouldn't play hard ball

He better gets his party in the loop

Anwar should play it out in GE15

This is the best possible foot-hold

He should forget his dream now

Let the Old Man get his revenge

Though the Old Man plays

The divide and rule game again

This is the game he's playing the best

We can't change his spot can we?

Just a moment

Sink into the possible numbers

This isn't about who has the numbers

This is about who has the best chance to do it

credit to unsplash.com

walking the back lanes

Walking the back lanes

The smell of kitchen and rubbish

The cats stay cool licking furs

They aren't running away

The drains are unkempt

The owners don't bother to clean

It isn't their job to do

Waiting for the town council workers

The cleanliness need to improve

Walking the back lanes

The dogs will bark on strangers

Walking by wanting nothing

The rubbish on the road

The dried rice and fruit skins

The back lanes like a small dumping ground

The owners don't care about it

Walking by the back lanes

Some will do the cooking

Lazy to wash the kitchen

Learn something about characters

Walking by the back lanes

Don't worry about cars passing by

Nobody will pay much attention

Beware of dogs while walking alone

PKR stock

PKR stock

Slowly the bad are pushed away

Let them find a new place

PKR will survive

PKR can't live with traitors

They will bring chaos to the party

Let those who want to go

No need to feel sad

PKR stock

Throw out the bad elements

If Anwar wants to survive

This is the only way to go

Learn the lessons well

The type of leaders like Azzmin

Don't let them come in

They will go for their own needs

PKR stock

Slowly the bad will be kicked out

There is no sense of loss

It will be good for the party

don't live in dreams

Dreams need to be broken

The line needs to become reality

Once a person finds it

He will live in peace

credit to unsplash.com

Dreams are illusions

As long as it never transforms into reality

A person will not face the truth

Living up in the castle in the air

Once a person finds his base

He needs to get dirty and begin

Without action dreams will stay

The floating lights in the head

Dreams can be a temporary release

Of life problems living in the rat race

But it shouldn't stay in the mind

For reality will be a different bite

Sunday, June 28, 2020

in July will it happen?

In July we will hear

Something good or something bad

The way forward for the nation

With the political chameleons

Now the talk for the East

The Old Man plays his game

He has switched back to his old

Trying to wake up a race

PKR still lingering

Putting up obstacles indeed!

These leaders don't learn

The political lives are to test and shape it

Even a failure shouldn't lose face

PKR has to shoulder on for the nation

It isn't for a man's dream at all

Its leaders should be game for it

In July will it happen?

Will the grapevine come true?

Will PKR jump over the fence?

Playing the cat and mouse game?

The urban voters will watch the game

Boxes of popcorn to sit and see the news

The rural folks can't see beyond a race

They think they deserve the wealth of the nation

PH undecided Moo feels easy

Moo in a hurry

He wants to get his days

Though he knows the obstacles

With the current hiccup he feels he can

Now he wants to remove the Parliament Speaker

He feels he needs someone to be on his side

The way he can control his needs

As detected by the wolves and crocodiles

Even the land of the horn-bill

He has to satisfy them of their needs

He is feeling the ring in his head

Though he puts up a brave face

While PH is still in hustling mode

The leaders can't even decide who is to lead

The battling to win back control of Putrajaya

Moo is enjoying his short respite of it

PH leaders have to decide now

Do not wait for the moon to shine

By then events may have taken its course

They will be left with nothing

We will flow back to the old

Because PH leaders can't decide

Winning back is to stay united

Leave personal grievances aside

will there be a bad call?

The personal greed
It will not help the cause
If leaders can't compromise
If leader can't support each other
There is no chance of a change
It will wait for GE15

The giant and his side-kick
They signed a political pack to win
The single race to manage the nation
So they believe they can make it
But they forget time has changed
The throw back will be in memory

Moo is worried
He will not make the cut
Though he will buy allegiance
Awarding contracts and positions
It only helps him for a moment
Until GE15 is called

PH trying to find a leader
A simple solution but hard to find
Because of personal feud in the past
Dr M and Anwar should strike a compromise
Else both will become history for the voters
Now it throws in a leader from the East

Let Dr M get the going
Anwar should sit out until GE15
He shouldn't be in a hurry
Else he will fail miserably
Anwar has a better chance
In the next general election

Now he should throw in his support
He should weed out the traitors in his party
There are too many bad hats he needs to kick out
He shouldn't put himself to be a candidate
He has a better chance in GE15
So let Dr M get his vengeance on his back-stabbers

the rats running free

The rats running along

The field is open to roam

Even those who live in cold fear

Once they felt it that way

Now the rats can run

They smell the cats in cage

They can eat all the cheeses

Squeezing out in the huge oven

The eyes flow with hunger

The minds willing them to steal

The whiskers feeling the heat

The hungry stomachs can't wait

The holy cats can watch

Caged up in the cage

They can't do a thing

As the rats roam free

It's the time of the cheese

Flowing with melting juice

The rats can't forget it

Running up live like a king

the old ways

The old ways

It comes flushing in

It didn't say much

2 years ago

Now it came

Awakened from the back door

It strikes back

The old sleeping dogs

The barking loud

The suing on the cards

The OSA comes knocking

The intimidation begins

The division and fear

Slowly it creeps in our lives

The 2 law systems seem on the roll

It's the old ways

But Anwar and Dr M

The personal feud seems no end

The nation will suffer

The people will cry in silence

When will the two leaders forget?

The personal differences should be put away

Fight for the nation and her people

That's the way not their personal dislikes

Saturday, June 27, 2020

the blame could be Covid 19

The economy will go slow

The downtrend is happening

It isn't going to stop

It has to come to our doors

The temporary hold on stimulus packages

It doesn't hit the ground to take a firm stand

Even with it many companies still can't survive

Hotels and restaurants closed shops

The small hawkers gave it up

Without customers under MCO

These small hawkers couldn't cut it

Many felt it was best to take a break

The unemployment rate will be high

As companies can't stomach the long inactivity

Without sales and profits the companies folded up

Leaving the workers out in the cold

The blame could be Covid 19

The real darkness will come

When the government runs out of ideas

Of how to generate economy

Covid 19 in Malaysia

Covid 19 in Malaysia

It has slowed down to a single digit

It shows we are going the right way

Learning the curve to stop its spread

We need to have a zero infection

We need to control the infection from foreigners

Nothing must be left on its own

Those we flout the rules fine them

Like in Singapore

Foreigners who disobey rules

They are fine and ban from working

This will teach them to behave well

Malaysia too must follow

It is a good practice to do

We can't let it for them to obey rules

The adults have a tendency to by pass it

The last 12 days Malaysia recorded a single digit

There was no death from the Covid 19 too

We have to strive to get to zero infection

Then we can breathe it easy in our daily living

the homeless in our land

The homeless in our land

There are many in the cities

We can see them loitering around

Begging for alms with their sorrowful faces

The generous public will give

The homeless will survive for a day

Some have to fast for no food

Water they can find it from petrol stations

Yet our social government officials aren't walking

They expect people to walk in and ask

Can you help me with my problem?”

Most of the times the public will highlight it

Our NGOs?

They want publicity

Without it nothing will come willingly

Only a few committed to serve and help

Our politicians?

They want what they can get

Fighting for the poor and marginalized?

Only when elections are called

Ordinary people like us

We can shout and complain

We hope to make an impact

End of the day the red tape rules

Friday, June 26, 2020

the going will be hard

The going will be hard

The crown will be heavy to bear

The sleeping big C staying cool

The man can't fool

The PR exercise will not help

In the scheme of things to happen

The wolves and crocodiles salivating

Dreaming of snap election

Though these groups may feel afraid

Once a giant fell from grace

He will not see the confidence back

He will get kick in the head again

Moo is losing hope

The grip will fall

Buying and shopping for frogs

It doesn't buy support in confidence

When the snap election is called

Moo will disappear so are his traitors

The voters will not stomach the like of them

They will be voted into the dark pit for food

On this score Moo will wait

Hold the crown the best he can

He wants it badly so he will hold

Until the big C crawling deep in his soul

The going will be hard

Moo doesn't want to give way

So PH too will face the uphill battle

When PKR is sleeping on its head

the ring of memories will sing

Alone staring the walls

The pieces where eyes can see

The mind can't shut it out

It still lingers in the mind

The ears will hear the echo

As if the words still refreshing to hear

The wind of the fan will sing its tune

They aren't gone but stay fresh in memories

Everything share and pictures unforgotten

It comes walking from page to page

The memories the good way to remember

The loved ones gone but the history stay

Yet life has to move on

There are still many to record and share

The footprints will be remembered

The ring of memories will sing

the politicians are chameleons

The Old Man makes his mistakes

He knows it when his enemies used on him

He falls to their tricks and becomes the victim

So he can't take it he wants to seek his revenge

The experiences of the past decades

It can't help you when you don't remember

The politicians are chameleons

They will change to suit their needs

The Old Man should have known

He forgets so he is dumped out of the stage

Now without his party since he was booted out

A hungry and hurt man will seek his way

The back stabbers are worried initially

They are afraid the Old Man will come

But with PKR singing one man's dream

The coup leaders can sleep easy now

PKR should wake up from slumber

Nobody is asking you to fall into the same hole

We are asking you to stay united for a common goal

Kick out the traitors and bring back the people's mandate

Thursday, June 25, 2020

the lights gone

The lights gone

The show of life ended

The final bow of memories

A new chapter begins

When the heaven's gate opens

The saints and angels will sing

Welcome home

A new book of life

It will begin”

The life of memories

It will walk through every day

Stay strong to face the time

The bonding will be remembered

Along the clock in the mind

The lights gone

On this place

The next door

A new one will open

The saints and angels will show

The place of lights and sound

the political traitors

The political traitors

We will keep a track record

We can't afford you guys

On your self interests

Don't try to tell lies

When the next GE comes along

You will not get the votes

We have known what you are

The political traitors

It's time you exit the stage

You have no credibility to tell us

You have lost our trust

We will need clean and upright leaders

These will be the ones the nation needed

The political traitors should go fishing

Talk to the fishes and the seas

PKR will be the loser

PKR will be the loser
In the scheme to take Putrajaya
Leave a man's ambition aside
Look into the bigger value

Will PKR want to return to power?
Or its leaders thinking of their own?
United PKR can win the race
Harping on a man's dream it will go nowhere

Going by the majority decision
PKR has to accept the coalition decision
PKR shouldn't try to flex its muscle
Its leaders better clean up the party

The more PKR can't decide
The coup leaders will laugh all the times
A simple solution PKR can't think straight
Falling on a man's dream

Put away personal grievances
It is for the sake of the nation
PKR better face reality
Alone it can't go anywhere

If PKR leaders can't see it through
GE15 they will face their own fall
We know the Old Man tricks and mistakes
Let him wrestle back PH to save his dignity

Will PKR see it?
The way its leaders say
The back door leaders clap their hands
They can sit and smile on the wagon train

the effects on Covid 19

Hell on Earth

Like the Covid 19

It came out suddenly

Out from Wuhan chemistry

The Western World blames it

Though it could happen anywhere

Covid 19 is designed to kill

It can mutate quickly too

It has infected nearly 4.4 million people

Taking lives nearly 450,000 and counting

Some leaders don't see the danger

They will say it is just flu

Covid 19 isn't playing games

It can stay quiet suddenly it will hit the streets

The infection will spread like fire

The firemen have no time to tame the flame

*Covid 19 has its effects

Those who recovered from it

They should stay aware

Heart attacks, strokes and ED

Because it causes thick blood in the vein

The recovered patients must consult doctors

Maybe on a monthly basis for 3 months

To reduce the fear of its deadly grip on our lives

Covid 19 isn't going away yet

It is still raining deadly sparks in the sky

We shouldn't forget its impact on us

Prevention is better than get an infection

  • base on report from USA

the vignes

The Vignes

The wrong parting word

Where was he?

When the Constitution amended?

Maybe he was sleeping

Dreaming of his days

Eating tosai and capati

Dipped in full of chicken curry

The Vignes

The wrong way to call

It was a good amendment

Dr M will be remembered

The sultans wings are clipped

It is a good legislation for the country

We can't allow the 4th Estate to control

We will have no democracy

The Vignes

Where was he?

Pruning up the wrong tree

Maybe he needs a job now

For all the faults of Dr M

Clipping the sultans wings

The best we will remember him

He's still the only one daring to say

The Vignes

Time to retire

Don't think his party will win

Even if he should contest in GE15

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

what's wrong with PKR?

What's wrong with PKR?

Supporting your president is fine

But within the coalition?

The leaders don't accept

Work with unity

Ignoring the majority

PKR will fall in the poll

The past result isn't full proof

You are the weakest link

Yet you don't think of it

You still talk arrogantly

When traitors rock your boat

What's wrong with PKR?

Nothing else but Anwar?

We are fighting for the nation

Anwar should wait his turn!

Let Dr M get the crack on it

He lost it and let him get it back

Why so difficult to compromise?

It's for the nation not for personal stake

What's wrong with PKR?

Nothing else but one man's dream

We are fighting for the nation

On the traitors who stole our mandate!

PKR and Anwar

Learn your lessons well

On your own you can't get it

We may knock you out!

get together

Get together

Don't let the bad move

Don't let the black dog roam

It will never bring us good

On the streets we hear

The talking of the bad fear

Of the virus floating in the air

Of the billions never tell us where

Get together

Don't think of race and religions

We are the people fighting to be free

Caged the bad and let them rot in jail

Don't want to be a cry baby

So better get together and stay free

Catch the bad let them rot in jail

Catch the black dog put him in the cage

Get together

Don't let the bad move

We are the people fighting to be free

Caged the bad and let them rot in jail