Saturday, February 29, 2020

bersatu president doesn't have the number

*Hawkdin doesn't have the number
He should be a gentleman to inform the King
He shouldn't take the post as he doesn't have it
He may have given the wrong statistics

The forces of evil will never say sorry
They want  the post by all means and methods
They may have marked up the numbers
The King may get the wrong advice

The good saints are marching
They will not keep quiet without their singing
They need to sing to wake up the light
There is still hope to right the wrong

The interim PM Dr M will gather his numbers
With all the SDs declaring their support for him
He will drive to the palace to seek the King
The King should reverse his decision

Tomorrow installation must be delayed
The people's mandate mustn't be hijacked by the crooks
It has to return to the rightful mandate of the people
We seek the King humbleness to correct his decision

The crooks may have their laugh
It will be for a short life time
The dawn hasn't risen in the sky
God hasn't finished with them

The glimmer of hope is rising
With the numbers increasing
At this time it is said stood at 114
Baru Bain supported Dr M!

*Perikatan Nasional BN 42 Pas 18 GPS 17 Bersatu 31 Total 108

the bad seems at the door

The bad seems in the door
With their smile and grin as well
Thinking they have plotted soundly
Now the King gives his decision

Though GPS Sarawak supported Hawk
The numbers in total isn't sufficient to go
Hawk may have given the wrong number
As the event slowly unfolds

The deputy president disputed Bersatu numbers
He says he doesn't support Hawk as PM
Together with 5 others supported Dr M
At best Hawk may have 107-108 supported him

Has the King received wrong advice?
The numbers will change every hour
As the horse trading keep in feverish pitch
At the last count PH has 111-112 number!

Dr M has said he has the number
The King should have waited for the interim PM
To seek his advice before he makes his decision
There will be the final push to get the wrong corrected

As long as the appointment letter hasn't delivered
As long as the fat lady hasn't sang her song
There is still a glimmer of hope to advice the King
He has been wrongly advice to pick the wrong candidate!

The people's mandate mustn't be hijacked by the crooks
This isn't how democracy work for the people
This is for the political interests of the selfish politicians
They are only interested for their own welfare and wealth

people's prayers work

Judas Iscariot
Heard in the grapevine
He didn't get his dream post
The King didn't grant him any

He walked out empty handed
The last minute horse trading
PH with the Old Man
It may have turned the tide

The East Malaysian MP
They may have switched sides
Giving PH with Dr M the boost
The marching saints walk and sing

Some MP from Dr M party
They supported the Old Man
They kicked their own president
Impatience befall many leaders

Anwar has to concede his dream
Let the Old man finish his term
Let him carry on his tasks
If Dr M returns as the PM again

The one week of political mess
Finally there will be a light shining
Cause by 11 traitors and Judas Iscariot
Now they will wait for God sweet justice!

the light must shine

Sometimes we see results
Coming out in the beginning to dismay us
On the collapse of Pakatan Harapan
Until the dust settled we see some light

Sometimes we see God working
While we sleep He tunes up his magic
Gathering His saints to finish off the demons
Those who believe in the 7 sins in their lives

Though the good AG Tommy Thomas resigned
He has his principles; he has his values
He isn't going to sacrifice it for the crooks
He left with his unfinished work for the nation

Now this morning there is a good sign
The Old Man agrees to stand for Pakatan Harapan
As the PM candidate again to challenge the Hawk
Judas Iscariot has declared war on his own master

Bersatu will see its own implosion
A few come out to say against the Hawk
See God work out His mysterious way
Now the saints should march and sing!

This augurs well for the nation
Anwar can wait until GE15
He has to sacrifice for the sake of the country
Let Dr M be the PM and finish his term

It is for change
People voted for it
So let the mandate continue
Don't let it stay in a store room

Will the light shine brightly?
There is a hope there is a way
The saints are marching their way
The demons will run, collapse or hide

the power wheel

Darth Vader will return
In another form in another party
Branding himself to sit on the throne
The roar of the bad may come

Through the work of Judas Iscariot
The golds on his palm shining bright
Capturing his eyes and mind
The hawk finally succumbs

The greedy of power
The way of lies and deceit
Working quietly hardly making noise
Finally he takes flight

The spread of his wings
Flapping with the wind
Judas Iscariot hardly smile
Though he feels the power in his soul

Ahead he sees the stars
He is also afraid of his sins
Increasing his loads over his head
The cortisol may finish his soul

The hawk will not let the 11 fishes swim away
They are in his wings and claws to stay
Wait for the day he will decide to dish them
They have served their meals and so be it

Darth Vader holds the reign
He will wait for his turn to take
The bad leaders have locked in
In the hole of the power wheel

Judas Iscariot?
He may find himself swinging in the air
He can't find his bearing right or wrong
He has been cooked all along

Friday, February 28, 2020

the bad is coming

So the bad is coming
God bless Malaysia
AG tendered his resignation
He has served his nation well

The on-going court cases
What will it become?
The new AG can be from the bad block
Thus he can decide to discontinue the cases

Bersih will go to the street
The bad can't be returning
With a bang from the traitors and plotters
The bad unites the crooks together

The Hawk seems to win
The many cars driving to his home
They smell the honey flowing
PM8 on his way?

The East Malaysian members
They have to think doubly twice
Do not throw themselves into the bad company
They will spoil their reputation and integrity

Now what will the Old Man do?
He has to decide if he wants to stay as PM
Join back with PH he may get his grace
Else he will be said of unkept promise

Maybe with his son pulling some MP away
Together with East Malaysian MP
There is a possibility he could be PM
Finish the PH agenda and take his bow

PH will live for another election
The future will be bright on the score
It has a calling needed to be finished
It will get there in GE15

what will it be?

What will it be?
The hope of the nation
Grounded to the ground
Of one man illusion

The vampire bats
Sensing for the kill
They fly out to hunt
In the misty dark night

The traitors and plotters
The zombies and hangers-on
Dancing in delight under the stars
Believing of the pot of gold in sight!

When they look up the sky
They can't believe their eyes
The darkness of flying vampire bats
They scream and run and hide

The bad will realize
The vampire bats will fly
Chasing them for their sins
They nourishes their appetite

What will it be?
The good saints or the bad knights?
It is to keep promises in sight
Learn to live in good light

the last chance to decide

The last chance
The Old Man has to decide
Don't dream of a unity government
He can't be leading the nation

He lost his credibility
He was leading a unity government
Under PH with aim to improve the lots
But he destroyed it for his own agenda

He should show his humility
Admit his mistakes and returns to PH
With his Bersatu to carry on the tasks
PH may allow him to complete his term

Then he has to follow the manifesto
He will not do as he like as before
He has to live with the sharing of roles
He isn't a one man show

He has lost his plot
He opened up all his cards
He has nothing to offer
But a sad story of his life

you did the wrong

Don't fall for the crocodile tears
It will make us weak and forget
We are willing to sacrifice for a cause
But it backfires on our faces

We learned our lessons
We saw the Old Man cried
Asking us to forgive him
He would correct his mistakes

When he got the power
He forgot his promises
He wants the power for himself
Enriching his own way

This is the mess
He brought it down to us
The collapse of a government
All could be his schooling

Now the good knights gathering
Racing against time to light up the lights
There is a possible change of heart
If the bad see the lake of fire

We don't need a snap election
We don't want the Covid19 to spread
We don't want the Covid08 to run us down
Though 3 days ago we lost $43 billion!

The Old Man doesn't keep his promises
He takes us for a ride with his tears
We can't be fooled again Mr Old Man
You did the wrong the nation fell

the army of light

The darkness wants to create havoc
It takes on its strikes when the humans are weak
It will this is the time to hit the gong
Let the little devils crawl out to play

The greedy leaders causing it
The darkness fall on the nation
The majority will seek shelter
Finding ways to stay ahead

The flickering light still holds
There is hope yet to fulfill
The lost direction by greedy leaders
They will get their own justice

Though the crooks have shown their faces
They were smiling when the darkness rolled in
By the day their plot didn't get the result
The public will know them as traitors

The darkness still run in circle
The light still flicker refuses to die
There is still hope to carry through
The army of light will come to the rescue

Thursday, February 27, 2020

it is bad faith,Old Man

The truth finally sees
The Old Man doesn't keep his promise
It is his lip service to sound good
Taking PH for his rides

Now he proposes the Hawk
As the 8th PM working with Amno baru!
This is to bring back the bad crooks
How's that for a clean government?

The Old Man has lost his marbles
He can't think straight anymore
At 95 years old he shouldn't play
The dirty game of politics

In his history we will know
A man who doesn't keep his promise
A leader who talk but can't share and consult
Every one must follow his way!

Anwar needs to get his number game
He may need to sacrifice to save the nation
We can't let the bad crooks to walk in
It will be a nightmare all over again!

Plead with the East Malaysian representatives
There is no other choice but to stay afloat
These parties may help to stop the bad crooks
They seem to be upright and clean in characters

If everything fails
What else to do?
Go for the snap election
Though it will be costly

Let the voters decide
A clean or bad government
They decide the outcome
For the future of the nation

bring Bersatu back to PH

PH will be kind
Old Man should swallow his pride
Bring his Bersatu back to PH
The leaders will let you stay as PM

As you like until GE15
PH leaders aren't crazy for power
Anwar has waited many years
He can wait for GE15

Old Man can talk of unity government
He will not get the mandate he desires
The model isn't workable in practice
Too much inner heating and stabbing

No Mr Old Man
This time you got it wrong
The magic in your hand has gone
You can't have your way anymore

PH will be kind
Bring your Bersatu back in time
It will stop the impasse
It will bring back the shine

Though the Old Man has to swallow his pride
He says he loves the nation so he has to sacrifice
PH leaders will let him stay until GE15
They aren't crazy for power but they love the nation and people

who is the mastermind?

The dust disappear
The wind blowing it away
The scenes can be seen
The question will be asked

Who is the mastermind?

We don't have far to see
It is right in our plain sight
Only we are blinded by the dust
We saw the traitors and Judas Iscariot

Where was the mastermind?

Some say hidden in his castle
Hatching his answers to reply
All the time his plan B was in sight
He heard the cry of support

Then Judas Iscariot
Took the bait and withdrew his troop
Left a gaping hole for all to see
The flying bats gathering in hot pursuit

Who plan the plot?

A leopard can't change its spots
He got his second wind but he blew it
He wanted his way causing the impasse
The tears can't fool the people

Our King should move the right way
Let the MP who command the most support
Let him take the post of PM
Let his fate decide in Parliament

The master puppet should retire
He had shown his cards now
He wants to be a dictator
This isn't democracy

the traitors and Judas Iscariot

The day hasn't settled yet
The sun rays blazing hot in the sky
Telling the evil ones to hide
This isn't the time to play

The traitors and Judas Iscariot
They hatched up evil plan of backdoor
Until the Last Supper stomachs full
The hole sunk them in with a bang

Now they want to sing a different tune
Telling their audience of the reform agenda
It is too late for the traitors
They will be in history for good

The old wizard should retire
His potion isn't working anymore
God has made him realizing his mortality
He can't hang there no more

The backdoor or unity way
It isn't a democracy
It shouldn't be allowed to form
It will bring disaster to the nation

Let PH form the government
It has the largest support base of representatives
Let its leaders carry on the tasks ahead
Let the old wizard retire to his garden of singing wind

it is a dictator directing his own script

Don't cry tears for us
Don't cry tears for nation
You knew of the game
You want “your way”

Mr Old Man
You can't fool us again
Once you did in GE14
It gave you a second wind

Alas! You didn't change
The power got into your head
You wanted it all in your way
You weren't interested to share

You disliked consultations
You wanted your way to make
You say you aren't crazy of power
It doesn't link to your action

You want a unity government
It is impossible to make it happen
With various stake-holders in it
It is another flop in the making

Because you can be one leader
Nobody can challenge you what you do
This isn't a democracy in working
It is a dictator directing his own script

No Mr Old Man
It is better you step down from the stage
You had your day and time
Save your tears let us work on our democracy

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

the dust leave its mark

The dust leave its mark
The footprints of once so hungry of power
Facing a chance to grab a government
Eating and celebrating the Last Supper

When the night falls while they yam seng
The hole becomes wider and the plot swallows them
When they are tipsy with power dreams
They walk out feeling the pumping blood high

When the dawn settles in
They find they aren't going anywhere
They are lost in their plot
What has gone wrong?”

Now the dust has gone
The picture of the plot becomes clearer
The master tactician may have a hand in it
He wants his way or you go the high way

He declined to attend PH meeting
He snubbed them as he knew
He wants his way or no way
I am the man no other candidate”

So the Old Man back to his old way
He wants to do it his style
The dictator way of his administration
He doesn't need to consult anybody

This isn't the way
The Old Man should retire graciously
He doesn't even need to hold the interim pm
He has played his card to the last

Now Anwar has to find the number
He may get it from East Malaysia
The light can be seen in a distance
There is hope yet for Pakatan Harapan