Sunday, September 08, 2019

there is a weakness in PKR

Delay to take action
It shows there is a weakness
On the leader who is supposed to crack the whip
He can’t allow a few to cause internal confusion

The leaders should walk the talk
They are the ones who drafted the rules and regulations
Any member who fails to obey should face the music
The immediate action must be taken quickly

Maybe PKR should follow UK prime minister
He sacked his MPs for not toeing the line
This is the action of a leader who wanted discipline
In a way good for the party but he may lose support

It is better to face the truth
Then living in a vacuum of lies
The voters will understand
If there is a severe action taken

PKR is viewed as the weakest link in PH
The leaders don’t realize they have been used
The reluctant leaders have fallen to the cesspool
It is time to take a shower and behave

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