Tuesday, February 28, 2017

the apple polishers

The apple polishers
They only think for themselves
The wealth creation and position
They will seek to get it quick

With a string of qualifications
They think they are learned professionals
Spewing up to curry favours
Even of crumbs they will pick it up

The whole picture they don't see
The apple polishers issuing statements
They think they are clever
They are just standing waving placards

The public will not agree
When the truth hasn't been released
The apple polishers they only seek
The wealth creation and position

the potholes on the road

The potholes on the road
It has been there for weeks
One party digs it up laying cables
The contractor never covers it properly

With heavy rainfall hitting the road
The potholes return once again
It barely a month since it was tarred
The potholes bid its welcome sign

The danger on the road
The motorists will face
The danger of an accident
Touch wood it hasn't happened

Two days ago the contractor came
With workers clearing the debris
Sweeping off the unused particles
Putting on a new coat of tar

Today there is a pothole
Slowly showing its glee
In time it will grow bigger
The checking hasn't done

The JKR officers
Don't they check the public roads?
When a job is done
Will they come and check?

nobody likes to pay taxes

Nobody likes to pay taxes
In whatever forms it is said
As long as it never benefits the tax-payers
It will be a bad taxation

The Amno baru ministers can agree
Telling the public accepted GST
Nobody will agree to tax imposition
When it is used for other purposes

The real truth hasn't been published
Most likely it will never see the light of day
As long as Bee Anne stays on its chair
We will be milk dry in our pockets

We can't give anymore
The costs of living taking its toll
Our pockets have become light
That Bee Anne has to go!

let us be free

The attacks on the opposition
The Bee Anne leaders begin
The newspapers and television news
It will be reported tilting its views

One party leaders has protested
In many forms he could think
Letting the public know
He thinks he has done a good job

Instead he brings bad news
The Bee Anne leaders dare not say
The childish pranks will not bring good cheers
It will bring a downhill to the ground

The opposition must dig in
Differences must stay in the background
It is understandable to have different ideals
But don't go overboard but fight for a change

The Bee Anne leaders begin
The attacks on the opposition
Every opportunity its leaders will paint
How good they are how bad the opponents

Don't let Bee Anne stay
Enough of its high costs and corruption
It's time to cut off the yolk
Let us be free and choose our preference

seek the truth and fly

The Malays
Where are your charms these days?
Don't let bad leaders go away
Telling lies as they enrich their banks

The shortcut to wealth
It is illegal all the way
It never brings happiness
It sows the seeds of bad faith

The Malays
Wake up and seek the change
Use the grey matters
Poke at the leaders

Disunity a curse of a fall
It has been in ages gone
The Malays
Don't let opportunities slip away

Seek the truth
And it will make you fly with glee
The Malays
Where are your charms these days?

no sir the country is secular

Bee Anne has to go
Don't let the party stay
It brings no good news
The bad songs in our ears

The country is Secular
It has been in our Constitution
Bee Anne wants the syariah law
It's only hope to survive

One minister goes around
Telling the Islamic faithfuls
It is good for their souls
He doesn't tell it is a sadistic move

Losing body parts
It isn't a laughing bargain
The handicapped persons
Who will be charitable?

Telling the non-muslims to butt off
The Islamic law isn't applicable to them
But look at the recent cases involved
The little napoleons branding their way

No Sir the country is Secular
It has to stay this way
It is our foundation of our nation
So Bee Anne must go away

Monday, February 27, 2017

on a river boat

On a river boat
Sailing down the way
The man sings his song
Strumming his guitar
Let the melody entertain

The leaves wave along
Falling into the water
Floating along with the river boat
The lost love forever gone
He sees his reflection
A face of lost love

On a river boat
The man sits quietly
Let his guitar sing
To the natural inhabitants
Watching him in many moves

The women on the river bank
They look at him and smile
Some wave to him
They don't say a word
As his river boat sails by

On a river boat
Sailing down the way
The man sings his song
Looking at the women

On the river bank

a fame went down in flame

The night of party
The celebrations in full swing
The friends she gathered
A night of dream

The internet sensation
A short clip of fame
In her mind she forgot to exchange
It might go wrong in flame

As the night went on
She went on her celebrating mood
By tomorrow she could be famous
A spy who could not escape

For a few silver dollars
She could see her star
The brightness in her eyes
She forgot to think of the flame

When the deed was done
She saw the blue gang came
She was bewildered and scared
What fame she had?!

It wasn't a movie or prank
It was the real thing in the real world
A crime of murder done in daylight
A fame went down in flame

the nights of ah mo1

The nights of Ah Mo1
The pot of gold in the mind
Everyone is talking about it
The open sesame never arrives

The land of oil
The trade engages
The fete for a cause
The hidden whisper in song

The big drums of oil
The sealed of confidentiality
Nobody can open it
It stays a big sore in our heads

The nights of Ah Mo1
The dark angels fly around
They smell the hit of sinful souls
They will not disappear

The exchanges in the night
Ah Mo1 sings his pleas of help
The dark angels will not be bought
A bad soul must be caged and probed

The nights of sinners
The open sesame can't be opened
The sword of angels swinging here and there
The bad souls must be banished

The nights of Ah Mo1
The screaming in his head
Feeling the heat of fire
Crawling in circles licking out the skins

the ghost dogs

The ghost dogs
In the days and nights
Wearing all blacks
In covert moves and disappears

They will choose targets
Carefully planned its executions
Once it is done there is no contact
There is no ransom demanded

The ghost dogs
They work behind the scenes
They will carry out orders
Like robbers and thieves

The targets stay alive or dead?
The ghost dogs will not care
They go to extract a target
Once it is done they will stay quiet

The police will carry out investigations
The shadow plays in all probability
Establishing a task force to investigate
The ghost dogs will have disappeared

This is a confusing land
Blindly following orders
The ghost dogs behave
An organization for itself

Sunday, February 26, 2017

religion is free for salvation

Religion is opium
Once you are hooked
You can't get out
You are swallowed up
Into its might of colourful lights
The beautiful sound you will hear
It says it will enrich your soul
It fights for you on your sins
You will be liberated
You don't have to do a thing

Religion is opium
It never wants you to go
It never allows you to escape
Even you want to change
You will see hear the calling
Every walk every nook and corner
You will listen to the subtle messages
You can't get away!”

Some try to forget
Walking in and out like zombies
They don't give a damned of their souls
They are the lost sheep running on the hill
They don't see the wolves shaping into it
The easy picking the easy preys
Once the sins get hold of you
You will be at its mercy
You will cry in all eternity

Religion is opium
It never abandons its causes
There is always a help
If only you stay true to its teaching
Discarded the bad teachers
Discarded the fear and oppression
Religion is free for salvation

erection deficiency

Men watch your diet
Don't eat just to stay alive
Know the food intake
It will help you when you need it most

The fast food and cafe joints
It has caused the poor diet
Men when you can't experience it up
It's time to check your food menu

Even the young adults
They get the erection deficiency
It has caused countless misery
When it matters the most

The intimacy should rock
But it has turned wimp and flat
The erection defiency cracks the manhood
The performance weakness erodes confidence

When there is insufficient blood flow
The sexual performance will be low
The sexual confidence declines
The worrying trends affecting work and relationships

When erection deficiency declines
Most men will cry and worry
Now think before you consume
On the food on your plate

Don't think of viagra
It has its toxics in the body systems
A life can be lost; don't waste money and time
Score the hit on the first consumption

the dawn of history will make its way

Don't fall asleep
When the dawn of history is arriving
Stay up and push the change
We will be better off than before

Don't let the crooks stay
Don't let them pass the laws
They want to create fear
The waving placards never realize

They are blinded
Falling on the false promise
Once they are charged in it
Will they cry for mercy?

The edge of change
We must stand up for it
Let Bee Anne bite the dust
We don't need it anymore

So many things gone wrong
Every institution has no balls
We are facing a financial falls
The debts are piling weighing us down

Wake up stay for the change
The dawn of history will make its way
Everything looks impossible
But nobody can predict of tomorrow!

the old trees

The old trees by the road
The old shade trees near the pond
The bulldozers came knocked it down
The shade is gone

The housing development knocked the door
The detour the trees had to sacrifice
Though the town council didn't think hard
The trees had stood the test of time

The smell of developments
The natural trees will be chopped down
Leaving the birds no place to hide
Searching of food; shade from the sun

Now the empty space
Maybe a new road will be built
The new bus station near the market
The value of properties will hike

Saturday, February 25, 2017

the compromising positions

The shit falls
On everyone's head
Now we realise
We got hit!

Every institution head
Nothing is clear anymore
Every action seems compromise
We can't hold our heads high

The smell of the bad
We can cover the holes
The air we breathe however
We have to hold our noses

The last python
Growing too heavy to run
It can only squeeze tight
But the sword is falling down

A short breathing space
It can't run out for long
The tiring mind and face
The fall into disgrace

the poisons in our lives

The poisons we make
We stockpile it for a reason
To strike fear of death
In the everyday living

The leaders of a rogue nation
They don't care of the living
When it suits their purposes
The poisons will be initiated

The assassins and murderers
They will use it withour fear
Death is a face they know it well
It is only the timing in their lives

The ancient leaders and emperors
They knew of poisons in their time
So poisons we know today
It isn't something new to hit our minds

It is the easy way to give death a name
Easy to carry easy to hide easy to operate
Once it is released death will surely smile
Taking souls crying back to hell

Poisons we breathe in everyday
It is around us all the times
Though Nature has sheltered it
We hardly think over in our heads

God is merciful don't forget!

The sadistic green moon
It smiles branding its way
Using religion to cap an agenda
Calling others infidels!

This is the Talibanism
It has grown into the green moon
It has swallowed part of the civil servants
They act as if they are the bosses

The placards waving supporters
Don't they stop a while and think?
What will they say when they are caught?
Losing a limp isn't a laughing matter

Read the religious texts properly
God is merciful and compassionate
God doesn't need to mete out harsh law
It is only the sadists who don't care

It is like the blind leading the fools
Telling them to jump into the river
When he can't see the crocodiles
Keeping a low; silent vigil in the water

Don't get blinded by false religious leaders
They may have the credibility to teach
But be wary of the false reasoning
Don't get trapped in the men's make laws

the cupid's arrow

I fall in love with you
On the day you came for the interview
I just didn't know why I talked so long
Leaving the other candidates waiting

I fall in love with you
When I smell you walked in
The long black brownie hair woman
I know I get hooked instantly

Maybe cupid is playing
Jamming my mind as you came
Pulled a arrow shoot it through
I have no chance to escape

I fall in love with you
I keep on looking at your face
I don't want to lose the remembrance
I am afraid I may not see you again

I have made up my mind
You will get your job
For the simple reason
I want to see you again

I fall in love with you
On the day you came for the interview
I just didn't know why I talked so long
Leaving the other candidates waiting

the fire trap

The metals cages
We live in the house
We think we have the freedom
We haven't known we caged ourselves

We think of intruders
In the days or nights they will hit
Putting up grilled doors and windows
We think we are safe

Close the nights out
We can sleep soundly
We don't have the phobia
Of the masked intruders breaking in

The fake hope of security
We make ourselves believe
Locking ourselves in the homes
We think we are safe

When fire breaks through
The grilled doors and windows
We are trapped inside
Death will laugh at our stupidity!

Now remove it or change
Buy fire mat and extinguishers
Put it up in visible positions
Don't let fire trap us in!

Friday, February 24, 2017

the dogs are howling

The dogs are howling
At any time of the day
I hear the sound
Sometimes I feel the hair rising

It reflects on the story
Where older people will say
A yarn of a tale
A ghost walks in the day

The black angel flying by
He has nothing to do in his time
The gate of hell is close
He has all the times to roam

The dogs are howling
The eerie sound in the air
The older people will say
A ghost walks in the day

the day will come when the time is called

Bee Anne
It's time to pack it in
The decades of its administration
It has divided the nation

The centre seems weak
The warlords seem to run free
Even a certain ruler can say
Knowing he can get away

No doubt Dr M had his day
He did his way with his no nonsense attitude
No ruler would dare to say to his face
Dr M would not tolerate ingratitude

Though Dr M had his mistakes
He created a bad precedent of cronies
Until the current leaders follow his footsteps
The worst we have seen in our nation

Now he has no authority
A retired old Man still active in politics
He tries to make amends of his past mistakes
Leaving Amno baru he founded to strike with a new

A certain ruler still gets his potshots at Dr M
Don't forget Dr M holds many secrets in his head
He hasn't used to attack his critics or opponents
He allows them to say he is active senile old man

Bee Anne
The floods are rising to your head
The day will come when time is called
There is nothing to plead or say

the war of words 2

The war of words
North Korea and Malaysia
A rogue nation or not
Diplomacy must rule

A North Korean died
In KLIA airport in public area
He was assassinated
The eldest brother of the ruling dictator

The police giving ad-hoc reasons
It is better they stop giving out statements
Until they have unearthed the solid evidence
Why let the other party has a potshots at us?

Now Amno baru youth demonstrated
Don't they forget about a rogue nation?
Don't give that country an excuse
We know what it can do to the country

Don't try to show your aggression
North Korea agents have all the skills
Don't give them a reason
It is better to show diplomacy

Give a little leeway
It doesn't mean we are losing face
It means we value friendship
Any small misunderstanding can be solved

Don't give North Korea a reason
Its army likes to test its missiles
In history we learned about Hitler
He got a small reason he made WW2

the pastor missing

A bullet for a pastor
Six years ago he received
Though he made police report
The case turned cold

Last week he was abducted
In broad daylight on the road
The covered up gang came
Bundled him up took him away

Until today there is no ransom
His family managed to raise $100,000
A reward for information to get his release
There is nothing in the case

The police is investigating
It has been over 10 days
The case will turn cold soon
When the trail can't be found

The pastor could have died
The family must prepare for the worst
This isn't about ransom money
It could be about differences in religions

May the good Lord guide his soul
Maybe there is a light after the crying
Too much rain isn't good on the ground
The good Lord may grant him freedom

Thursday, February 23, 2017

listen to the ground

Don't read the economic statistics
Sometimes it will not tell the feeling
It is used to prop up for political reasons
Let the people feel the good factors blooming

It is better to hear from the ground
The affected groups can give a better feel
The jobs retrenchments and lack of jobs
It will tell when there is the real complaining

Sometimes in the newspapers
There are many distress civil cases
It tells why banks take actions
The borrowers fail to settle loans

The market leaders will highlight it
Banks, IT, drugs, or insurance companies
They will say what is happening on the ground
The burden of taxes and high cost of living

Don't read too much on economic statistics
It may not tell the ground feeling story
Listen to the grouses of the affected people
The wind will bring the noises in high pitches

the hired guns

The hired guns on the high
It is only the desperate will ride
Hiring them to do a dirty target
It isn't an easy way out

The causes will be investigated
A target will not just disappear or die
It isn't a random killing job
It has a motive or agenda

The victim will never know
There is no threat or message
Once the target is identified
The money wired into accounts

Death is the only way
Silence the way to forget
A clean sweep leaving nothing behind
Even the bullets can't tell a story

This is the problem
How could guns and bullets smuggled in?
There will be the usual melody
They sing the same song

The hired guns on the high
The targets identified monies changed hands
The victims will not see the light of day
Death is certain but the hired guns stay

the umbrella of crooks

The umbrella of crooks
They get the shade in colours
They can live in open live styles
They aren't afraid to show the way

They are in many forms, colours and creed
They will try to hook the greedy people
Thinking to make wealth quickly
So they will fall into the dark pit

The nation of wealth
It attracts the wrong kind to stay
In managing the affairs of the country
Doing it in the long winding route to fame

Corruption coined into donation
The compromise agencies fall in easily
Nothing is carried out to the fullest
While other countries jailed the crooks

The umbrella of crooks
They protect each other interests
They say money talks in business
Honesty is way too ancient!

the life of gangs

The life of gangs
It isn't a long term reign
It has its limit
It has its days

Once the leaders are gone
Dead or in prison
A new group will emerge
Taking control of the gangs

The cycle will return
The exhortation rackets
The drugs and prostitution
The loan sharks business

It is all boiled down to money
The easy way to extract wealth
The easy life on others misery
In gangs it is wealth creation

Though illegal and against the law
The gangs will step up in many forms
Its leaders will know their times
Dead or in prison