Sunday, January 31, 2021

moo loses his plot on the pandemic


Moo has no idea

How to handle Rocking Rona

He doesn't want to listen to advice

From those outside his circle

Now Rocking Rona keeps running the chart

There is no reducing numbers of infection

It has breached the 5,000 figure for a few days now

So it may reach 8,000 infections soon?

Moo can't handle the situation

He doesn't have the mental capacity to do it

He always thinks how to stay on his power chair

Though he should recognize he has lost his majority

Why doesn't he resign?

Be like Dr Mahathir when he lost his majority

But Moo can't do it

He wants the power in his hand!

A minority leader can't rule the nation

Since he has no majority right now

His Majesty should call him

Make the change for the good of the country

promises must be kept



You hit below the belt

Running down on Anwar Ibrahim

It has nothing to do with you

The Gombak voters sue you

They felt they have been cheated

You talked about clean government

You hit hard on the Amno baru leaders

Now you claimed you left PKR

Because of Anwar's sex life

As far as we knew it was a fixed up cases

Which you should know too

You had been there with him

During those years in Reformasi

You didn't say anything about his sexual taste

You were joyfully handled your duties

You have your own Sandakan case

Haziq pointed his finger on you

Though you said you would sue him

But nothing happens till today


Be a man and tell the truth

It will not drag you down into the dark pit

You have forgotten honesty and trust

Maybe greed and power corrupt your mind

Once you taste it you will feel its power play

You will get drunk and your character changes

You have a duty to answer honestly

To the Gombak voters who voted you in GE14

For the promises you made in your speeches

It is a contract binding when the voters voted

it is a cold feeling


The tears flow

Thinking of the lost souls

Going before their times

All because of the pandemic

It is a cold feeling

Seeing the pandemic makes its way

Leaving its footprints of deaths and pain

So the tears flow

Every day the chart goes up

Where is the plan to shoot it down?

In the emergency law the virus goes up

Grinning its ugly face smiling wickedly

The tears flow

The back door doesn't know

Only think of their own benefits

The greed of power and wealth

The people feel

The cold in their hearts

The ordinary folks easily fine

While the ministers giving time to explain

On breaking the MCO rules

The class of divisions hit the streets

It's the cold feeling

Rocking Rona still sings its bad melody

The tears flow

Chanting of prayers

Let Rocking Rona disappear

Let the living move on

the crocodiles


The crocodiles tales

They can't make sail

So they make bad decisions

Using religion to justify it

They haven't ruled the nation

In a coalition they brew their tales

Hitting hard on the different faith

They think it is their right of way

It has shown its true colour

Branding its way to national politics

They haven't ruled by itself

They have shown their bad behaviour

The crocodiles open mouths

They will be tightened by the voters

Ros should put a stop on party using religion

Religions shouldn't be used in politics

The crocodiles tales

Play the games now

The next round they will see

Where they will be landed

police must act without fear or favour


MCO law

There mustn't be discrimination

There must be fair treatment for every one

There shouldn't have class divisions

Ministers in the back door

When they run foul of MCO law

They will give all kind of excuses

Even the police take a long time to investigate

When the ordinary folks run foul of the rules

The police quickly haul them in and issue summons

Even on borderline cases the police dig their heels in

They don't show compassion or give some leeway

But ministers and VVIPs or titled persons

The police will give them leeway

Until the public make a huge protest

Then the police will start to investigate

Even that they take a long time

Like the recent minister case

The police took months to investigate

Only the AG said there was no case!

This is the sad situation

The police should have followed the law

But by playing politics the police can't get respect

Till today the trust deficit is still there

Police should stay neutral

Arrest any one flouting the laws

Do not show fear of favours

Let the courts decide the cases

go by the wrong way


The darkness descends

Capturing the bad souls

Demands they do its way

Else they will lose it all

Play by the bad rules

Nothing will be won but pain

Running through life

It's the sinking feeling

The fear of darkness

The mind will stop functioning

The worrying sound increasing

See nothing but hearing whispers

Go by the wrong way

Life will not run true

History will tell the stories

In prison cells the tales are known

the back door should go


Rocking Rona

Come to stay

Knowing the back door

It will be easily infected

The front soldiers

Of doctors, pharmacists and nurses

They are tired and losing sleep

Worrying when will be their turn?

Even the drivers and cleaners

They have seen the scores of infections and deaths

They too will be worrying about their fate

The back door has failed miserably

Rocking Rona

It doesn't pick rich or poor

Once it hits the score

It will attack in full force

The back door all should go

His Majesty should call in the government

The spike in Rocking Rona in emergency law

It doesn't help the nation at all

Saturday, January 30, 2021

the chakras in our lives


Tell the truth

The path will be free

There will be no blockage

It is a smooth sailing

Money is the root of evil

If we view it in a negative way

Once we take value of money

It will help us to grow financially

Don't associate with negative people

They will bring bad vibrations

It is best to keep them an arm distance

So your positive flow will not be corrupted

The chakras in our lives

Learn it and it will help us to live joyfully

With the colours and fruits to consume

With meditation to keep a cool level heads

Show gratitude of what we have

Telling the truth in our tales in life

The abundance will knock in our doors

Financial freedom will enrich ourselves

pkr's bad ninjas


Anwar and PKR

There are still remnants of Azzmin

Anwar must put his foot down

Seriously to get rid of the worms

He has to show his leadership skills

In his party to let the members toe the line

Every one must be on the same page

Else he will see himself as a failure

Look into the behaviour of MB of Selangor

He wants to degazette a forest reserve land

Though the State Assembly has vetoed it

Yet he still comes out with his arrogant statement

Anwar has to discipline MB of Selangor

If he can't stay on the line he has to be removed

He will cause damage to PKR with his arrogance

He doesn't listen to State Assembly and people

Bearing in mind he was part of Azzmin entourage

There is still the trust deficit associated with Azzmin

The MB of Selangor should follow orders

The ball rolls back to Anwar to fix the problem

death comes without notice


Death comes without notice

Even it gives us a time to remember

We will suffer in bad health

We will prolong our agony

Like the pandemic we witness

Death is a slow process once infection spreads

A person will face the dilemma

Live or die in the infection

Even we escape it to recover

Covid 19 will still on attack mode

It will erode the mental capacity

It will cause ED owing to poor blood flow

The anguish will still be in the mind

Escape from Covid virus but the side effects

The prolong illnesses may knock down the walls

Leaving us still looking for treatments

Like the case in Penang

A lonely man of 60 suddenly died

In his house while still surfing the net

The Bomba has to break down the door

Death comes without a ring

So we better enjoy our lives to the fullest

Even in the pandemic of Rocking Rona

Let life flow with sweetness and joy

Friday, January 29, 2021

Rocking Rona high


Rocking Rona high*

It's sad indeed!

The people still playing truant

MCO isn't enforced strictly

Just stop it

Every one stays indoor

Every mall and factory close

For a week to test the effectiveness

The emergency law declared weeks ago

Yet the spike still climbing up the chart

The back door has no clues what to do

Don't be arrogant consult experts

Now it must be a total MCO

There mustn't be any leeway for a week

It will bring down the rating on Rocking Rona

The economy can wait

*infection total a day 5,725

PJ alone over 1,500

the crocodiles in darkness


The darkness creeps in

The crocodiles hide behind religion

Brewing their own version to fish votes to stay

Leaving the state as poor as today

The folks there don't see

They should wake up to realize

The crocodiles aren't working for them

It is for their own benefits and survival

The crocodiles can't understand economics

They will know how to receive with open mouths

They will not think too far ahead

Because they feel afraid to get exposed in public

The folks in the East

Don't embrace it blindly

They are supporting a sinful party

The sin of self interests and intention

But the crocodiles aren't stupid

They mastered religion to live like gods

The ordinary folks will stay quiet

They will not bother what they do

our sanctuary ourselves


Our sanctuary

We can't find it

In the churches

mosques or temples

Rocking Rona

The impact on crowded places

There are too many people

Gathering too close to worship

Our sanctuary

It is within ourselves

Know the perimeter

Know the rules

God only help those

Who help themselves

So it is within ourselves

To stop the flight of the virus

moo has lost


Moo has lost his principle

He has sold his soul to the darkness

Though he knows the consequences

He still refuses to quit his post

He has his terminal illness

Though doctors say he is in good health

It could be a political talk to the public

His terminal illness will hit the score

The virus of Covid still singing

Loudly in the whispering of our minds

Those we are weak in the physical selves

The virus will do the most make over

We are sick in bodies, minds and souls

Every day we are facing nothing by Covid virus

Though we put up our faces to look normal

We know our tasks can only reduce its impact

Covid virus will attack

As long as we don't have ways to combat it

MCO must strictly enforced to stop the infection

But back door keeps changing its directions

But Moo has failed us and the nation

He has no direction but exploring ways to keep his chair

He has already lost his simple majority

He mustn't stay; he has to let go and walk away

the wolves hunt on their own


The wolves will sink

If ever they join with the present coalition

They know the risks involved

They shouldn't sink into partnership

One wolf leader

Who is aligned to Moo

He is trying to wedge his ideas

He wants his share of power too

But the wolves hunt on their own

In the political jungle they want to be known

They aren't afraid to take their strikes

Even their members spoke of breakaway

The wolves can't share the loot

They want the main course menu

They will strike on their own

This is the culture of decades

Though currently they are facing

The leadership crisis within its ranks

The under current with subtle moves

Some wolf leaders want to stay with Moo

As the top leader stays quiet

The direction hasn't been told

What will happen now?

The arrows to gain power has started

Thursday, January 28, 2021

the crocodiles


The sign of our times

The crocodiles edging closer to bite

When they sense the internal bickering

Between the wolves and the moos

In Kedah the crocodiles bare their teeth

Biting into the cake of power and wealth

Their eyes show the satisfaction

The taste they can't forget

The crocodiles wag their tails

Splashing on the water showing off its power

Because they know Moo will not touch them

He is busy finding ways to stay afloat

The crocodiles want to enjoy their lives

They dream of it now it turns to reality

They will cherish every bit of their fantasy

Biting into the Non-Malays belief and cultures

But the crocodiles forget

The hunters are interested in their skins

So they better watch every step they take

For every 5 years they will return to beg

The hunters will wait

They know they can't be forgotten

The votes they have to decide a party or leader

Every 5 year a chance to get the upper hand

every time Anwar's name in a police report


Every time Anwar's name appear

Every time in a police report

He will be summoned by the police

As if he has committed a serious crime

Anwar is still casting a long shadow

On the police who may not want him to go

Even on the political arena his name is still vibrant

The cyber-troopers and paymasters want him neutered

Now even the previous King pardoned him

One dissatisfied lawyer wants to challenge it

The High Court will agree to hear the case

While nobody makes a police report on the lawyer

Why the police never want to question the lawyer?

Isn't the lawyer going against the wishes of a King?

Because it is on Anwar so it is justified to stay quiet?

The case should have thrown out but it never happens

Because it is on Anwar Ibrahim

He shouldn't be allowed to go free

He should be in prison

But the previous King didn't think so

MOH can't work alone


MOH has lost its fight

The Covid 19 still spreads

By MCO but giving leeway

The loopholes the virus exploited

In my area a religious activities formed

As a result a new cluster gathered in storm

Within days over 40 people got infected

We were living in green zone then

Strictly following MCO

The virus can be contained

Now with leeways and inter-state traveling

The virus has choices to attack

The vaccines aren't a cure

It is used to stop the virus from spreading

Those we have Covid 19 shouldn't take the shot

It will be meaningless to get the injection

Even those have gotten the vaccines

They will still be infected by Covid 19

So every one should take care

Don't think vaccines can solve the problem

Now MOH should consult other professionals

Do not ignore these learned doctors and specialists

Every one wants to get rid of Covid 19

So MOH listen and don't be stubborn or arrogant!

moo has no majority


Moo has lost his battle

Even the rain will not help it

His battling of Rocking Rona

The hanging rope around his neck

He pushed for his emergency law

Though he might knew it was wrong

But he wanted to stay on his chair

He didn't want to lose it all

The spike shoots high

Laughing loud to his face

It doesn't help the people

There is no new door to escape

The back door has lost its plot

On the wrong move to establish its hold

Standing on the porous ground

Rocking Rona will pull it down

Moo has no idea

He is thinking how to survive

Now he has no simple majority

He still pretends he doesn't see

Moreover he is afraid

Rocking Rona will catch him

But he will get his karma

As his ministers get infected

Moo has lost his majority

He doesn't have the right to rule

Even with the emergency proclamation

He has no right to advice His Majesty

don't go out as you like


Don't go out as you like

This isn't the time for it

Plan your day plan your time

The less crowd the better instead

We are living

A time of difference

Of Rocking Rona

Floating to get catch hosts

Don't play with “live or die” dare

Rocking Rona will make it true

This virus isn't stupid in its formation

It can mutate with the environment

Don't go out as you like

That time has long gone now

It's living in a different world

Rocking Rona holds the court

Once you are infected

The body will fight it or breaks down

Once you have recovered

There are health issues within the body systems

The mental capacity will be affected

The libido will decline in stages

The sexual life will be seriously impacted

So don't smile when you have recovered

So play safe all the times

Don't go out as you like

Stay at home stop the hike

Know the rules stay within

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

we have the blues


We have the blues

We can sing out in our heads

We can sing at loud as we like

Nothing will change for Rocking Rona

We live now in emergency law

We will feel the blues when we can't say much

The blues gang will knock the doors

Telling us to stay low and be quiet

The emergency law ordinance

It must be table it in Parliament

Because the Constitution is the Supreme law

It needs members to vote on it

Now there are 4 cases file in court

On the emergency law proclamation

The current emergency law isn't mandated

It is used to prop up a person losing support

Can a minority government hold the reign?

The back door has lost its simple majority

There is no reason to stay or seek the emergency law

By right the leader has to resign from his post

what has emergency done?


What has the emergency done to reduce Rocking Rona?

We still read the increase infection in the country

Though MCO is still enforced for the people

The outcome isn't in the comfort zone

There is nothing new from the back door

The leaders have no clues what to do

They just want to have their power

Let the people and economy suffer

The emergency law shouldn't declare

This is a public health problem

The wrong proclamation to cause us worry

Now members of Parliament file a case on it

It isn't to question His Majesty

It is arguing on the point of law and Constitution

Which is the Supreme law of the nation

Any other laws not in line is considered bad

The back door has no clues

Covid19 shows its ugly grin

We are waiting for the vaccines

This isn't the way to go

Now we still stay at home

Wear masks out in the open

Do shopping only for survival needs

Wash hands with soap and stay a distance

Anwar files emergency law appeal in court


Anwar files appeal in court

Challenging Moo decision to declare emergency

By advising His Majesty to grant his royal decree

Thus establishing him to govern as he likes

The Constitution has mandated certain conditions

Before any emergency is declared by His Majesty

It shouldn't be declared by any other reasons

His Majesty mustn't be misled by his government

It is a grave matter to declare emergency

As Parliament will be suspended

Without its checks and balances

Now it looks like to prop up the back door

Anwar files his appeal in court

The area the court has to decide

Any government must follow the Supreme law

It mustn't be used to hiding a different agenda

Most people will not agree

The emergency law imposed on the nation

The 115 members have played their roles

Now let us hope our King will take notice

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

moo shouldn't wait


Moo should resign

He shouldn't wait

He can't handle the situation

He has no simple majority now

He shouldn't hide behind His Majesty's decree

He should be a gentleman to tender his resignation

Be like Dr Mahathir who resigned immediately

When he found he had lost the support

But Moo can't let it go

He plotted it for years to get it

Power will corrupt absolutely

He should break free to save his soul

The emergency law

It isn't to fight Rocking Rona

It is only for him to stay

Knowing he has lost his simple majority

Moo shouldn't wait

Let another leader helm the nation

Anwar may find ways to handle it

Rocking Rona and the economy