Friday, June 30, 2017

are the leaders blind?

Are the leaders blind?
The many wrong arise
Don't they see it at all?
Too much money color spook?

The money buying for support
The greed of power blinds the soul
In it there will be fire in the sin
There it will burn the host

Now these leaders deny
Even if they pray many times
The souls will be lost
They will fall in Hades

It is better they wake up
They may have a chance to revive
Steer away from the flames
They may have a chance to live in paradise

the wheel of justice

You can buy a new identity
You can buy a new citizenship
Using your money to roll it
Leaving in the luxuries

You move around in jet planes
You can sail unrecognized in yachts
You can drink expensive wines and brandy
Every time you wake up you will realize

You will feel empty in your life
Every minute you have to look behind your back
You are worried what shadows will lurk behind
Catching you unaware of your crimes

The sin of cheating and lies
It will be a short duration of smile
When the wheel of justice reels in
No crooks can hide

a desperate leader can't think straight

Operation Opposition in Cage
It may happen before the GE14
Dr M said it without missing a beat
The opposition leaders better watch

A desperate leader will see evil
Everything he sees brings him bad luck
He has followed the script of his master
He may launch it to satisfy his grip on power

The scandals hit his face
He dares not sue though he talks big
It has been many months nothing boiling
The electric cable stays unplugged

The keyboard warriors blast the trails
Into the net world they write like hell
They get the cash to do the evil bidding
The critics see them as wasted souls

Operation Opposition in Cage
The opposition leaders can go to jail
The new leaders will emerge to lead the charge
A desperate leader will see his fall

the sex education

Teach the young
The sex education
It has come a time
Nobody should play ignorant

Though they can get it
In the World Wide Web
It is the two way communication
The young need to understand

There are laws related to minors
Engaging in sex to satisfy a curiosity
Without knowing the bad beats
Hitting them on their faces

There is report yesterday
A girl of 13 engaging in sex with a boy of 17
The girl's mother found out and made a police report
The 17 years old boy has gone missing

Sex isn't putting the ball in the hole
On the greens thinking it will flow smoothly
There are consequences even adults need assistance
What's more with the young engage in sex?

Time to face the truth
The sex education a must in school
Tell them the hits and misses
Tell them sex is a responsible game

Thursday, June 29, 2017

the weak wood

No man likes to walk that road
On a hot date he finds his wood is down
He will hide his disappointment
He will hide his depression

He may feel the hot date will disappear
She may not call him or text her needs
He will be considered history
The man with a falling wood

It can happen to any man
The charge of electricity suddenly trips
He will find to his disappointment
The sleeping wood takes a nap!

No woman will want a weak wood
She will not feel the satisfaction
She may just leave get a better man
She wants satisfaction on a high

Every time on the roll
The ripples will form on the sea
The waves will hit hard on the shore
Sending the splashes high and fall

where are our values?

If you have values
You will get notice
You don't have to advertise
The head-hunters will find

If you have the experience
You have to tell what you do
In the corridor of employment
Net working makes it fly

Look at the footballers
The sharp shooters will get recognize
The football clubs will try to get them
Willing to pay a few hundred millions

Do they advertise?
They let the balls do the talking
The footballers of well known clubs
The prize will hit the high

But as a nation
We get the low life
With the scandals hitting us
Our values seem low profile

It is time we make the change
We mustn't be living in fear of bondage
Afraid to get out of our shells
It is time we help the nation change

the fragrance of truth

The fragrance of truth
It will never fade away
It will stand up to time
Even in history it will ring

Truth will beat any blockage
On concrete walls or high fences
It can't be denied its strength
It will break through all barriers

Though sometimes it seems far away
The truth keep running into blocks
It lets others do the digging
Until such times truth will reveal

By then the liars will cry
The crooks too can't hide
The truth finally opens the gate
The shining light beams out justice

it's the bare truth ringing in

Why can't our leaders tell the truth?
Is it so difficult to say out loud?
Unless their organs of speaking are gagged
Until they can't speak cohesively

They are good at issuing threats
Using lawyers to find ways to attract
To find a case to penalize the critics
But they are afraid to tell the truth

Now it is said of the rotten fish head
Once it happens the whole fish has to throw away
No matter how much perform is sprayed
It will stink in the air!

The carrying boys will talk
They will divert attention to irrelevant issues
One talked of PO1 whom we knew
He dares not say about MO1

What the carrying boys say
It is all lies without clues
They just say to curry favors
The rotten fish has set in

It's the way out
The jittery whisper around
The power will be slipping away
It is the bare truth ringing in

the wrong way

AG talks politics
It's a sad thing
He isn't a politician
He is to prosecute

The rule he forgets
He talks politics
Now we know why
He can't do it

The crooks he knows
He sees them every day
He dares not take action
He dares not tell us why

But he talks politics
It isn't in his job description
He forgets to prosecute
He forgets about the crooks

When a new government arrives
He has no way to hide but facing time
This is the sweet karma the like of him will face
When the law of wheels turn and roll in

AG talks politics
It's a sad thing
He forgets to prosecute
He forgets about the crooks

politics in religions 2

Politics in religions
It has become a sad episode
When leaders in politics
They can't differentiate

Though religions are a powerful tool
It can unite people for a common goal
It is also a temptation of deceit for the crooks
They will propagate it for their selfish needs

Leave religions alone
Let the people pray in harmony
Seeking their God for guidance
Let no politicians cut a sword in

When politics enter religions
The stability will be questionable
The divide of the caste cages
It will spell the bad karma for all

Even Jesus destroyed stalls erected
Around the temple ground for making money
When it would be praying and learning religion
There is no two way about it

Now we see
How politics use religions
Who will suffer finally?
It's the nation of her people

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

mr money

Day in the sun
Day in the night
All I can say
I don't feel the right

I hear the news
The absolute lies
Something is wrong
In my mind I know why

The power corrupts
On the wrong hands
I hear of religious sermon
But the back door of lies!

Mr Money laughs
The easy souls to pick
Give them the money
They will crawl like beggars

Day in the sun
Day in the night
All I can say
I don't feel the right

I get the feeling
I am running in the dark
Roping for a way out
I hear Mr Money laughs

Day in the sun
Day in the night
I hear Mr Money
There is no way to hide”

the falling star

The honest people
They will know a lie or two
When they hear it
Who say it so

It's the dishonest liars
They will pretend without ears
They will pretend they are spiritually blind
Of what they read or hear

The pink diamond
Where it is hiding now?
The shining of a bad star
Falling on its way

The honest people will pray
Let the crooks face the music
Hitting them hard in Bamboo River
The inmates will make the crooks pay

The gong has sound its echo
The dishonest people will tremble
The angels are coming to cage them
There is no way to hide but surrender

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

the ground has broken

The ground has broken
The cracks have appeared
The spaces become wider
It's time for the crooks to fall in

So far the crooks haven't seen
They still count their loot in their minds
They will dream of faraway paradise
No hound dog will sniff them out

They can laugh around the campfire
Smiling at the good luck they shared
The sea waves rolling into the beach
They toast to each other good fortunes

But they forget to remember
The back door swings both ways
Once the domino effects rolling in
The sins will catch them to chains

Thus far they drink and toast
Hold their glasses celebrate each other boasts
But the ground is breaking deeper
The cuts will be painful when they fall

tinnitus rocks in the brain

Tinnitus rocks in the brain
It rings up the call in rain
The dripping sound lingering on
The whole stage will vibrate

Tinnitus takes the mike
It will milk it out alive
The faulty mike with its sound
Dragging out to cause a cry

Don't waste money
Visiting ENT doctors
They will milk your money
They can't find a cure

Tinnitus sings in the brain
It will not stop singing
There is no cure in medical science
Though specialists are testing it

It is through alternative medicines
The natural remedy finds in the kitchen
Though it will take sometimes
It is better than nothing at all

Tinnitus rocks on stage
A one song hit climbing the brain
It makes the sufferers crying in rain
The noises never go away

You can still live a normal life
But some say they want to die
Listening to the sound from the brain
It is just a yellow in a traffic light

a crook shouldn't give advice

A crook shouldn't give advice
Who will listen when the bad hide?
It is better for the crooks
Stay alone tell the truth

The sins in our bad lives
It can't be hidden even if we try
The records will be kept
The entries will tell why

Maybe the biggest crook
He thinks he can escape the dragnet
As long as he never say the truth
Hiding it will not help in a cause

The fans of the crooks
They will rock it up to the high
In this material road of wealth
They too want a share

A crook shouldn't give advice
It will fall flat to the ground
It is better for him to look in the mirror
Where is truth and why keep a hide?

the weak wood

The weak wood
A man feels his world is down
He can't feel he is the man
He will feel his needs is cut

Along come the blue pill
Once it was thought to cure ED
Now it is known to have its dangerous crawl
Causing heart attack and death roll

The weak wood
Causing lack of blood flow
To keep organ to its erection tall
Once it falls the man will cry in shame

The marketing products will exploit
The weaknesses of the men of weak wood
They will produce the medicines or products
Telling them these are the miracles

The weak wood
It's caused by the food intake
Lack of physical exercise
Lack of blood in the organ

Take the natural food
Watermelon is the best
It makes the weak wood turns alive
It nourishes the body giving it a boost

Eat banana, consume celery
Take green vegetables cauliflower and broccoli
Cucumber dark chocolate lots of water
When the body is healthy so will be the penis

The blue pill
Better forget it
It will cause a death call
You will not want it to happen

Monday, June 26, 2017

the jittery whisper

The Bamboo River sends its signal
In the day in the night sun or moon
The sound of its calling in silent whisper
It's only the group of crooks feel it

Now they think they can go free
They become the untouchables
In our eyes they walk with their riches
With bodyguards flanking both sides

We know too of the agencies
They are tasked to keep the rule of law
But in the backyard they play poker
When wealth is gone they laugh in their pockets

Somehow the upright people will fight
The bad has to go to prison for their crimes
Even it can take years to get them
They have to sing in Bamboo River

The sins of life
It has to pay in full
Nobody can escape it
Nobody can hide

kaya puff at pau lo

Gone to Langkap a second time
The easy drive on last Saturday
I expected a heavy traffic on the trunk road
It was the eve of the Raya holidays

Surprisingly it was a free flow
As I head on to Langkap
There are 2 steep curves
At night it can pose a danger

On both sides of the road
The Malay homes were packed with cars
The reunion families had returned
The well to do have many

As I reached Langkap
I missed the turn to Chui Chak
I was busy looking at the Ramadan stalls
After the traffic light I would have to turn left

I went to purchase kaya puff and pau
At Pau Lo don't buy the economic rice
The hawker will charge you high
When she sees new faces

At Pau Lo I like the kaya puff
The kaya is rich the skin is crunchy
It reminded me I used to get it in Kampar
But the shop has changed its ingredients

I didn't play tourist
I got what I wanted and headed back
The traffic was free flow
I got home with my snacks

When you find a food is good
You will drive there to taste it
This is what I do
The kaya puff makes my day

the retirement isn't the end of life

The retirement isn't the end of life
There are many unfinished episodes to write
Those events will make your mind to explore
Those are the things you will want to get it done

Even though money is a headache
When you have no job in your name
You will feel hopeless financially
When you face the bleak future

Who is to blame?
When you forget to nurture your nest egg?
You can't put blame to anyone
It is yourself who forgot

No doubt you can say
You have a family to support and pay
By the time retirement hits you
You have nothing left but empty nest

The children grow up and leave
Leaving you to fend for yourself
Is this a living regret?
It is better to wake up and face it strong

You make your own way
When you want to sacrifice
You must have your backup plan
You can't go in blindly

The retirement mustn't go blind
There are still many things to do and write
Wake up from all the excuses
Hold the life gathered it for the drive

throw away your addiction

The addicted villagers
They better wake up and see
The life can be better
When they step up to change

Don't think of BRIM
It will not solve your financial woes
It will not help you to be financially free
When you are grounded in dim light

Don't get pampered with a few hundreds
You think it can last you in a year?
Even a week you will find it impossible
Why the need to be pulled by the ears?

Throw away the addiction
Throw away the chains
The day you do it
You will find your riches

doj hits the gong

DoJ hits the gong
It vibrates loud and clear
Only the guilty stay quiet
They are afraid of the fall

Bamboo River is calling
The loud banging in the cells
The wardens in two minds
What to do when it is true

But the dogs keep barking
Chasing away the intruders
The owner feels safe
With the canine bodyguards

But DOJ giving a leeway
For the crooks to step forward and claim
The named persons keeping quiet
The sealed lips can't say it right

DOJ hits the gong
The vibration hit our shore
The dogs keep barking
No straight answer at all

Sunday, June 25, 2017

the demon taking flight

The demon taking flight
The tenure seems unbearable in sight
He has to get away before it is too late
He sees the rising tides in his eyes
Though the demon will try his last gamble
The cash flowing into deep pockets
Let the others take the bait
They may get their hands dirty
They can't sing the good songs
They will play dumb and mute
In the land of cash in the till
But how many have fallen into it?
The power of cash hitting through the mind
It ropes in their souls in the net
There the demon can play his last game
There is no escape for the addicts of power
They will sink together with him
In the songs of the night

The campers will sing the rise and fall
Beware of cash it will take your soul
Leaving you in a helpless state of mind
You will see the falling of the mighty
When God ask them to throw it away
From there they realize their true worth
The demon has cheated them of their souls
They have nothing to offer
But walking the planks to the lake of fire

sin sings his song

Sin sings his song
Everyone will fall
There is no escape
Death is always there

There is no where to hide
Don't bring your wealth
It can't sing for your rights
You will be buried or cremated

Don't eat and dream of money
It will make you worst in the end
Even if you have the wealth
You are afraid to walk on the street

There will be a prize on the head
The crooks will know how to extract
The blackmail or kidnapping
There will be money to be paid

You can pray many times
From dawn and at night
When your mind isn't clear
You will fall in the end

Sin sings his song
Everyone will fall
There is no escape
Death is always there

time to bow out

Bee Anne leaders time to bow out
The party has been around too long
Until its leaders can't see the right and wrong
They only see the VIP treatments and many scores
They don't see the needs to listen to complaints
They will say we have to follow what they say
Even the laws they passed we know
They want to lord over us
Besides they keep dishing out the race and religion
Dividing the multi-racial and multi-religious population
They talk about the caste system
When there is nothing in our Constitution
But its leaders will keep on harping on the issue
Until it has become an overplayed record
The sound has become stale in our ears

Bee Anne leaders feeling the losing grip of power
They have seen how it will affect them specifically
They will try all means to galvanize its power base
Even through buying favors and support in every corner
They can't live without the power in their hands
Although they have forgotten in democracy
It's the people who will make or break a government
But the power over their heads they can't see
The right and wrong in their work ethics
They think they can rule forever

Bee Anne leaders forget
The parties in other countries fall and disappear
Some will stay forever as an opposition party
They can't get back into the power play
They have to pay for their sins in politics
Bee Anne leaders it is time to learn your lesson
Once you fall you will find the hardship
History will give your a fair hearing
But you will not have a chance to return to power
It will forever stay in the opposition
The cycle is overdue for a change
The next election will be the one

Saturday, June 24, 2017

think what you can do

You must think what you can do
The resources you have the ability to get it done
Don't go do the impossible way
When you know you can't smell it!

The motivational gurus will say
Think BIG” “Go and get it!”
Learn from the successful people
They may have different approaches

Don't get scared with the big words
Break it down to the simplest terms
Every professional will coin it
Let say they want to feel important

I always encourage
Do you what you are able to do
Get your confidence don't get setbacks
Don't try to aim so high!

You know you can't achieve it
You may sound so grand writing it down
In your mind you know you can't achieve
Just say not everyone can climb Mount Everest

Bring it down to size
Make it manageable within your skill
Let you feel you are good at it
Too many failures will make you cry