Monday, February 29, 2016

the peacock

The peacock spreads its wings
The showing of many colours reign
There is no doubt he is the Bird
Sitting on the higher stool to say

Every bird stays quiet
Nodding heads to agree
I have the bags of worms
Over the shack by the farmers”

I am the leader
I have the bags of worms
Everyone should say stay right
With me you will not go hungry”

Every bird flaps its wings
The long line gather to hear
The peacock is the Bird
And his bags of worms in the shack

The farmers will not see
They are busy on the fields
The peacock takes the opportunity
Seize the day to be the Bird

the hawk ready to fly?

What the hawk will do?
Now without a post and power
Will he fight for the people and nation
Will he show his aggressiveness for rights?

He was part of the current situation
He didn't do much while he was in the Cabinet
Now he is free to sharpen his claws
Will he make an impact the nation cry for it?

He knows the many hound dogs barking
With the leader keeping his mouth shut up
With his skin so thick like the old rubber
He should use a fire lighter to light it up

Maybe the thick skin will feel the pain
Turn around and realize what he has done
Put the right approaches and honour his parents
The name of his father...

Maybe he will never learn
The hawk has to spread his news
Let the transformation begin in the nation
Let the game begin to change it

it is the money

3D job
It is the money
Don't expect to pay peanuts
To get these jobs done

Bringing migrant workers
The short term solution
It will have social impact
On the people and nation

It isn't the way
It is perhaps for political reason
The dirty tricks we hear so much
Let ship out the solution

It's time to increase payment
For the 3D job in the market
The costs of living isn't staying stagnant
The employers should recognize it

power is just a while

Power is just a while
It can never stay long in time
When the time come for the change
What will it be for a dictator?

You can make life miserable
For everyone to know the fear
But if you read history
Nothing will stop the human spirit

Marcos learned the hard way
He was toppled and ran away
Cases piled up on him
Until he died in overseas

Emperors and kings
When people got angry
They weren't afraid to die
For a just cause to live free!

Power to use with dignity
Power to use with honesty
Power to use with compassion
Power to use knowing the scriptures well

On the dark side
Power will corrupt your mind
You will be the slave
The Devil will laugh at you

Which way you want to go
You have a choice to make
Once you open the page
The writing will begin

the hawk is free

The hawk is free
The cage is open
Now he has no excuse
Not to tell all

Now he knows
Who are his friends?
Who are his enemies?
The decades knowing

He stays quiet
He doesn't want to meddle in
Now when he knew about the lies
He has to keep telling his story

The hawk is free
There is no holding him back
He pays for his story
He has no worms to feed

That's alright
If he keeps telling his story
Even he has to lose his wings
The nation and people come first

It isn't about personal vendetta
It isn't about party survival
It is the body of lies spreading high
It has to stop right now

The criminal offences can't hide
The hound dogs can bark all day long
The time will come it has to be called
Until then prepare for the day will come

the dust in the air

The dust in the air
It floats in different directions
The wind props it up
Blowing in every corner

The people in the park
Late in the evening walk
Breathing the green air
So they think they have

It is dust in the air
The wind takes it along
It deposits as the dusty wind
Talking to the leaves

In the early morning glow
The soft breezes capturing the ears
The cool air breathing through the head
It is dust in the air

Nature cry in silence
The trees have all gone
Leaving the empty spots
The dust in the air

Sunday, February 28, 2016

the country must change

The country must change
The people must wake up now
We can't be living under an umbrella of fear
We wonder where are our rights now

The rural people should see
They shouldn't get the crumbs
Wake up now before it is too late
The addiction make them poor

The constant harping on race and religion
Sometimes throwing royalty into the equation
The ruling elites have a different agenda
They want to stay on forever on the wealth train

We let them run too long
Without the checks and accountability
They have grown too big in their heads
They think they are above the law

Now we smell of dictatorship in democracy
The ruling elites know they will be punished
So they will try and keep doing it for ages
Digging holes never say it right

We have to change our direction
We can't be living under an umbrella of fear
Our rights have been curtailed
Under the draconian laws passed

the truth has hit home now

The cat knows
Where the rats hide
It isn't easy to escape
When the cat comes

Give the rats cheese
It will come out from hiding
The cat knows
How to take them out

Feed them well
The cat has a siesta
It doesn't have to worry
The running around in circle

But some rats know
They make a lot of noises
The cat gets angry
Eyes red claws out

Singing of patience
It is just a show
Now the cat claws shine
The truth has hit home now

don't learn the lessons

Let it begin
The final nail to the coffin
Let it rest in total silence
Never rise up again

Let us bury
The greed, corruption and lies
Let us bury
The leaders who play the game

Let us open the eyes
The people who fall from disgrace
Embracing the total ignorance
Leaving in crumbs all the times

Let it begin
The crumbling walls falling down
There is something to achieve
It will be history in process

A second chance
They don't learn the lessons
It is time to bury the party
Let it be a footnote in history

Are we ready for history?
It will be in time
The change will come our way
It's the final walk to fame

the dark side

On the dark side
You will not get out alive
You will get imprisoned
You will get your punishment

You may think you can escape
Running deep into the dark side
Brewing up all lies to make your way
Bottling up the critics and opponents

On the dark side
You can't sleep in peace
There will be knocking fear
The gate of hell

The raining of diseases
Falling into the body system
Slowly it makes its way
On the dark side

By then you try to change
The lights will forsake you
You can't climb up to see
You are on the dark side

what we say

What we say
The authorities will investigate
We can't say the bad
We have to say the good

The hound dogs will bark
The day right through the night
The dark shadows will watch
They can't stand the light

We want the best for the nation
We can't be swallowing the lies
We can't let the nation have a bad name
She will punish us for our inaction

What we say must be right
We can't be cowed to toe the line
It is hard in economic terms
We shouldn't be pushed far behind

The fall of an empire
Even shadows it can't take
The crumbling walls will fall
The thundering noises ring

What we say
The authorities wield the big stick
Thinking it can control the masses
We aren't living in the coconut shells

the scriptures walk of life

Everyone dreams
The good life ahead
Wishing and hoping
The life can be sweet

It isn't about money
Many fail to see
The poor will think of wealth
They think they will find joy

The rich will think opposite
They yearn to live ordinarily
Walk on the street without fear
Without bodyguards on payroll

Everyone dreams
Many fail to see
Money will not solve problems
Sometimes it brings misery

Everyone forgets
Health is wealth
The scriptures walk of life
In it the happiness ring

Saturday, February 27, 2016

one fox is smiling

One fox is smiling
He plays his card in hiding
Now he has the position
The throne he never hide

The time will come
He knows it too
With the critics running hot
It is just a matter of time

He doesn't want to show his hands
He walks with a smile on his face
The dreaming ahead of his plan
Once he finds the weakness

He will strike
One fox is planning
The day he will be
Calling the shots at will!

He knows the time
He hasn't left much to decide
By the next election everything will change
The party will be gone into the pit

one bad apple

One bad apple
It stinks the whole
The way it is said
The shame we face

Where is the honesty?
Where is the accountability?
What happen to the rule of law?
Out of the windows we see

One bad apple
The rotten we feel
How to put up our heads?
A small nation with a red mark

The hound dogs growling
They don't let others see
One bad apple
They think it is the bone

We try to put up a brave face
In our hearts we know we are screwed
If we don't change our direction
The nation will fall into shame

don't let romance die

Too long in a relationship
Too long in the married life
There will come a time
Everything seems boring

There is nothing much to say
Everyday there is the smile and hello
Sometimes names are forgotten
Listening to the call of 'honey or dear'

The modern technology knocks the chart
The life of sex going at the bottom of the list
It is the mundane things happening
The relationship turns into a hide and seek

No sex for days or months
The classic symptoms of headaches or tired
It will crop up into the relationship
Sometimes money matters kill the sex life

In the active years
A job and position
The sex life moves in high gear
There is the foreplay and putting hole

In the non-active years
The retirement plays into the game
There is the constant worrying
Of money and payments

The absence of sex
Some will gladly take it
There is no connection
There is no obligation

Maybe romance die
When the hurdles have conquered
Leaving all in history
Sitting and watching TV

But is life only sex and work?
Some like the power it involves
Some will run away after feeling insecured
Some will not feel a thing

But life has to move on
The ups and downs it brings
Life without romance
The day it brings the curtains down

So it has to return
The beginning of the relationship
How it sparkle the eyes and mind
Leaving the breathless mind to smile

So relationship has to turn around
Too many years down the road
The boring things may happen
But it shouldn't be that way

The couple has to make the call
Bring the romance back to life
Be like children curious all over again
Be like teenagers ready to explore and conquer

Living without sex
It is a boring life indeed
It is the connection of a bridge
It brings to life why we live

Don't let romance die
No matter how boring life can be
Bring romance back into the equation
It will ignite a spark out of life

Friday, February 26, 2016

the slow coach

The slow coach he was
He knew the reasons yet he stayed cool
Now Mohawkdin got kicked out
For a reason to help the nation

The game of chess
The president's men got the hands
They will think they have the pie
Wait until they bite it

The worms they will see
It is written in their eyes
They will shout and run
By then karma has returned

Mohawkdin is now free
The chain has broken so he could run
There is nothing to stop him now
He can speak as much truth as he can

The slow coach has woke up
He got a slap on his face
He's seeing red all around him
Now he knows who are his friends

The implosion game has begun
The self destruction has kicked in
The scandals will not disappear
It will appear hot in GE14!

the dog's life

The bitch dog running
Wagging her tail on the road
When the Malay woman gives food
She barks her appreciation

Underneath the abandoned cars
There are 3 puppies calling for food
The bitch dog raises her ears
Bark a few times the puppies stay quiet

In case of predator comes along
The bitch dog will run to the food outlet
Barking her calls for the Malay woman
Telling her of her fear of her puppies

Of course the predator disappears
The quietness underneath the abandoned cars
The puppies stay huddled together
As the bitch dog keeps watch

In time the bitch dog and her puppies
They have to go for the Malays will not want them
Around the area where they stay or do business
There is nothing much the Malay woman can do

they are blocked by their own sins

The falling empire
The fear of its doom
It has all the hallmarks
Of an empire going down hill

The draconian laws
The tightening screws
Into the everyday life
The laws of a cage

No doubt the birds can fly
Within the cage and sing
The curses flowing to the air
In time the fallen arrows

There is always a cost and effect
Nobody can run away or hide
When the bell tolls in the air
It is time to prepare

But the falling empire
The leaders can't see it through
They are blocked by their own sins
The heavy loads dragging them down

Thursday, February 25, 2016

the birds in the cage

The cage to hold
The birds stay content
Jumping around sometimes singing
They are well fed no worry of predators

The birds have the owners
They will feed their pets on time
Keeping them safe and guarded
The birds in the cage

They will speak the same language
They will feel proud sitting in the cage
Like clockwork the feeding arrives
No worry about predators

They sing the familiar melody
When they hear another tune
They ask the other bird to keep quiet
Don't rock the boat,baby!”

the sins will not run away

The crooks on the round table
They smile to each other with their loots
Hiding it so well on the familiar road
They don't have to say

Now they sit and plan
The next trip to take ahead
As an old saying goes
Hit while the iron is hot!”

The good still saying
Shouting at the blocked gates
They shout and use placards
The crooks just smile away

The sun gathers its rays
Hitting through the window panes
The reflection of a sign
The crooks cover their eyes

They know what they see
The sins will have to be paid
The crooks know there is no escape
The wrath of The Lord there is no running away

speak the truth

Speak the truth
Though it will hurt
It is better for the nation to heal
There are many lies
The hound dogs are dancing
Every time they get a chance
But it is for the country?
Or is it for themselves?

Engage your critics
Both internally and externally
Why want to hide behind curtains?
The truth has to come out
It can't be hidden forever
For the truth will make us free

In algebra we have to solve part A
Before we can solve part B or C
But here we find they ignore part A
They give us lessons on part B or C!
We aren't fools taking everything for granted
The equation hasn't made its mark

We listen to the hound dogs
The master stays silence
He knows where he has gone wrong
He can't open his can of worms
He will know where he will go
In our public opinion he has done bad
Only the hound dogs make him look tall
But he has his baggage to carry
Dragging him down eventually

the twist in every way

The twist in every way
Hands hold high in the air
You don't care what you do
You want your honey to flow

You can beg with every stroke
The burning fingers running lose
The twist in every way
You don't care what you do

You can shout to the wind
The howling wind will send it back
The wind doesn't care what you say
It never listen to your words

The twist with every stroke
The shout out of the windows
The car drivers passing by
They don't hear what it is said

The twist in every way
The body heating up with the burning fingers
The smell of money soothing the mind
The power dips deeper into the eyes 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

stop mat rempits

To stop Mat Rempits
Go back to the source
We know where to find
Stop the sales of cheap bikes

Outlaw the small bikes
Increase the production of superbikes
Don't think of the small income earners
Don't even think about this type of business

Which is more important life or bike?
When we are facing the lost of lives
It is better to stop production of small bikes
Let the superbikes run the road

With it improve the public transport systems
The government agencies should run the routes
Funded by the taxes on licences and road tax
And contributions by the companies by employees

Once the small bikes are out in production
Once the small bikes are taken off on the road
There will be less Mat Rempits and save lives
But don't come with the idea to legalize illegal racing!