Monday, December 31, 2012

sebby's toy

The naughty monkey
The little one smiling cheerfully
Wrapping up his small fingers
He doesn't want to be left behind

The world that he sees
The bright colours and lights
The songs of sound whispering
The naughty monkey never jumps away

He sees the wooden horse
The bright eyes eager to ride
The new toy in his eyes
This is something he would try

He wants to crawl to the Christmas tree
He tries his best though he knows he can't
He knows how to call for help to get there
The naughty monkey is a bright boy

Now in his mother's hands
He struggles but he smiles
See I tell you I can fly
Look at me floating in the air”

On the horse Sebby sees
He makes his fingers gestures
Don't ride my horse
I am coming to sit on it”

In the distance
Sebby only smiles
Eyes glow seeing his toy
It's just matter of time”

light up the christmas tree

Light up the Christmas tree
The bright decorations of colours
The time and effort take to the score
On a switch all that it takes

The girl who makes it
She stands near the Christmas tree
Izzy measuring it up to see
Few more years is all I need”

The Christmas tree never says
Izzy looks at it and smile
You can't grow can you?
I will be tall by then”

The presents under the Christmas tree
The gangnam horse with the smurf
The boxes of treasures waiting to open
And Izzy the first to reach the door

The Christmas tree
The ringing bells and songs
The red white sock fully loaded
And Izzy will not forget

Sunday, December 30, 2012

the wall has cracked

The falling regime
The leaders still never learned
They still talk big and arrogant
They think they will rule

The cronies TV and newspapers
They don't publish or report
The bad things and events happened
They blanked out the news

It is through alternative media
The news came with alleged crimes
The corridor of power keepers
They don't say a word

The agencies leaders
They keep don't know
No officer wants to make a report
There is no directive to do so

Unless it is the opposition
The agencies officers will quickly do
Without waiting for orders or investigations
The report just filed so the dogs can bark

The leaders still feed people with money
They change the education lowering standards
They hear the scoring of many As.....
It is cheating the generations

The falling regime
They don't see the trend
They only see they will rule forever
Time has changed

the enforcement waiting game

bukit setiawangsa's landslide KL

The shot crete wall
It finally collapsed
Earth tumbling down
Houses fell

The nearby houses
The owners had to evacuate
They will lose their homes as well
It is unstable for the houses to stand

The warning signs
In papers to tell
How to look for the tales
Before it becomes too late

When it fell
The authority would come
The excuses it would tell
The guidelines then couldn't apply today

What would do the authority do?
Would a check be conducted before 2010 guidelines?
Or the enforcement officers would wait again?
The malaise of the enforcement agency...waiting!

the red river flows

The red river flows
The natural forests chopped and fell
Down by the loads
Of greed and power game

Nature will remember
The tide of revenge will come
For nothing is for free
The cycle will return

The wealth creation
It isn't for a few
The game of deceit
The plot of deception

The cry of Nature
The change has to come
There is no stopping it
The cycle of change has arrived

The wagons of looters
The floods have arrived
The red river flows
The marks of Nature cry

Saturday, December 29, 2012

oh God what's thy name?

What's my God name?
Can you tell me in sincerity?
Many want to claim exclusivity
When God has said the names

Are the religious leaders blind?
They walk the path of straight or bend?
They study the Books every day
We hear the saying “too many cooks spoil the soup”

Arguing over a name
Is this the way to spread a religion?
It is a faith to each his own
God is a personal journey to the believer

Let's us leave out the political chair
The political leaders want to confuse
With their souls and try to pollute others
What's my God name?

We believe in religious faiths
Do the good and deeds
Why want to go crazy over a name?
We have better things to do haven't we?

the rocket and the moon

Bee Anne blitz
The media employed to do
Cutting the edges
The walls of make believe

The hudud dilemma
Bee Anne will wedge it in
The Rocket and the Moon
They forget the sinking ship

The spread of pages
On the Rocket and the Moon
The different direction
It always has

The water of white and blue
The sinking ship sailing with fear
Of the undercurrent hitting rock bottom
The diversion to the Rocket and the Moon

The small hiccups
On the Rocket and the Moon
Understand each other religion
Don't try to muscle it in

Leave religion out of politics
It never comes easy to the line
The Rocket and the Moon
Sparkling bright for the white and blue

The rising waves hitting high
The sinking ship swaying rudderless along
The pull of different directions
The use of running dogs barking all night through

a child cries

A small child cries
In the dark corner of her life
She watches with frightened eyes
The games the adults play

a child labour in India

The flourishing slave market
In the modern setting it evolves
The syndicates and its connections
The modern slavery flows

It's the money
The poor families sell children
They can't take the burden
They have no means to survive

A small child cries
The eyes of tears falling
The darkness in her life
As she watches the adults play

when love is wrong

When love is wrong
Don't try to change
You don't get the spot
You only get the misery

You may think it is right
You will try to give your best
When love is wrong
You don't have to waste your time

It is just never worked
You can cry all day long
The parasite of a life
You shouldn't let it stays

When love is wrong
You shouldn't play a puppet
You dance from a string
You better cut it loose

don't marry too young

Don't marry too young
You don't get the joy
When years take its maturity
The eyes will see

The mind will rebel
When the changes seen
The young bride will regret
Settling too early in her life

Don't marry too young
Don't worry about love in your life
There is time to learn and develop
In the learning curves

Don't tie your life in chain
Of matrimony when you aren't ready
So don't marry too young
Settling too early in your life

don't marry too young

A teenaged wife died
She married at 17 years of age
In June she was
How she was knocked to die

Neighbours heard of angry voices
Neighbours saw of men arguing
She was caught in between of the two
She knocked down and dragged into her room

It was said of green eyes
The rearing ugly motive came
The ulterior motive became
A young wife died

Don't marry too young
The taste of life just begins
Learn the life's journey
It isn't rosy light and magic

Don't marry too young
Young girls shouldn't force into it
Let them learn and mature
Love will come when it is right time

a child is gone

A child
A boy or girl
It's the man's decision
It has nothing to do with a woman

The man should learn
It is his genes to determine
A child is born a boy or a girl
He has to learn

A man in India
He got angry to get a girl
He threw the poor child
Away from his apartment

What kind of a man?
The innocent child just gone
For a man who can't take a girl
Though he enjoys women

Friday, December 28, 2012

the drum beats begin

A few more days
The year will come to an end
The sorrow and pain
The joy and dreams

We lived through
The prophecy of change
Now we must learn
The Earth must stay alive

The fear of nuclear war
It has never gone away
The Earth will be doomed
We will be vapourised

We can't be a ostrich
We shouldn't closed our eyes and minds
The troubling world we see
The nation of people must work together

There will be black shadows
They will take the wealth and nation
The democratic people must unite
In this world of day and night

As we close our pages
The year many ups and downs
The year that is waiting for us
We shouldn't take it for granted any more

the abandoned houses

The abandoned houses in the city
The land where tin built
The owners can't be found
The overgrown bushes and plants

The debris piling up
A haven for drug addicts
A hide out for crawlies and snakes
A breeding ground for mosquitoes

The neighbours have no idea
Where are the houseowners gone?
The Ipoh City Council can't locate owners
The houses are left to decay

The remainders don't work
The City Council should petition to court
The houses are left for years
Get the order and dispose it

Why spend unnecessary tax payers money?
Enough of notices for years
It is time to take legal action
Let others buy and keep the houses clean

the ah long menace

Ah Long striked
The new owner nightmare
The house painted red
The previous owner escaped

Ah Long wanted his payment
The last owner couldn't be found
What was the score?
The new owner dilemma

Now buyers of second hand homes
It is a lesson to be learned.....
Included in your list about Ah Long
You don't want to see a repeat nightmare

The Ah Long menace
The authorities should go after them
We all know why it can't happen
We all know the basket of goods

the water flow its marks

The eyes see
The muddy water
It never wants to go
It wants us to know

The greed has no place
In the whole eco-system
It tells us our falling
The ordinary folks cry

The natural forestation
We should know its importance
The balancing circle for our lives
We forget we pay the price

The rain beating us
The water flow its marks
The greedy way we pay
Change our ways before it's too late

Thursday, December 27, 2012

married life pull the weight together

You get married to have a good life
You want to enjoy the fruits from the tree
The light shining through the years
You can see it all seasons long

You get married not to be a slave
Working day and night even that not enough
There are needs not even satisfied
The straying partners start to cry

You get married not a burden
You get married to share the work loads
You get married not to pull the horse alone
You get married not to be a slave

You get married not to be blind
The faults you find with your partner
You shouldn't turn a blind eye
You shouldn't say you can live with it

It is sad some got married
The partners don't play the roles
They behave they own the world
They don't pull their weight to share

You get married to work on it
Through the hours of the day
When your partner hasn't done a share
You better put a sign “please exit the door”

the bag of sins

The heavy load
On his shoulder he bags
It drags him down
He always has to look back

The power in his fingers
He can't do it without looking back
The long shadow of his old master
He pulls the strings he dances what he is told

The dark knight gallops on
He knows he can't change his fate
He has many sins in his bag
The old master knows it too well

In the dark breezes he breathes
Why can't I be free do what I please?”
You can't you are part of the big spin
You have the power in the empty shell”

Now in the darkness
The horse rider breathes heavily
He has the fear of losing in his life
In his hands he has no power to fight back

the kaurs

The Kaurs landed
The Boulevard of Subang Jaya
Imported capati makers
In the kitchen...

If you look closely
They aren't the original Kaurs
They are the pretenders
Enjoying the role...

It's the capati
My my the aroma
Blowing from the kitchen
The pretenders, the Kaurs

The rolling pin
The fire in the stove
The capati coming out nicely
On the hot plate

Now Supin Kaur
And her assisant Ade Kaur
Dancing along with their work
The customers waiting hungrily

i am left on the past

The bags are packed
Sitting near the door
It's time to go home
Klang Valley once I was

The changes left me behind
I can't remember my time
Years I have left
The sound I never know

The buildings and streets
In my mind I am unknown
The years of my time
The times I am out of league

Klang Valley I am not in
The circles of the flourishing ways
I am left on my past
The sound I never know

the flood never hide

The flood never hide
When it comes it will high
Taking properties and lives
It's the season of its time

The way of the water
It can't be denied its way
When the rain fall heavily
The flood never hide

Doesn't it tell us something?
The transparency of our dealing
We never should hide it
When the flood rise the fear high

The water whirring along
Seeping through into the open
It's never wanted to be kind
It wants to show its colours

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the ostrich walkers

The ostrich walkers
On the streets and malls
The way they behave
Don't they value their lives?

They want to show
The trend of gadgets in their hands
Walking without seeing
The traffic flow of the crowd

The ostrich walkers
I sit and watch them
On the malls of Lot 10
On my walk to Pavilion

What will they do without it?
Maybe they can't pass their days
The ostrich walkers
With handphones and tablets

caley at school

The white and blue
Walking to Taipeh School
On a boxing day
Caley goes to the ring

The bell rings
She knows she is happy
The words and sentences
Displaying in her smile

She knows she has progress
Into the world beyond ABC
The friends she has to meet
The new adjustments she has to make

Standing there with white and blue
With her smile Caley will flow
Into the world of her education
The words and sentences she will make a hit