Thursday, June 17, 2010

the darkness run 22

I have seen enough
In the Mall I walk out
Feeling good something happening
The young finally want to make a play

I walk under the underground
The dim light dancing slowly
Casting lingering shadows
Then I am push into the darkness

On the hilly rocks I peep
Rising my head to see the valley
The moon half crescent bright
I feel the soft breezes....

The howling of the wolves
In the quiet night on the valley
Shadows moving finally standing up
The undead rearing to finish business

I hold on to my sword
The magic breathes with it
Once it draws out fire glow
Into the darkness light will dance

On the hilly rocks
The darkness run swiftly
The crescent moon glares
Casting shadows challenging night

Two opposing teams meet
On the battleground of the valley
The ancient warriors undead by a curse
Facing each other fighting all over again

The shouting and swords fighting
Jumping wild cutting each other to pieces
Coffins broken into pieces
No way to hide death will come

For now I watch
The undead fight
For the curse of a magic
Repeating all over again

The night dim spotted sky
Black bats flying observing the scenes
I hide behind boulders cloth of black
Changing into rock observing history

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