Wednesday, December 31, 2014

there is no fire work

There is no fire work
It should be the way
What is there to celebrate?
When tragedies hit our land

Some may argue
It is the year end goodbye
Let's put on some fun gears
Kick off to the New Year

But stop for a minute...
When nation feels the pain
There shouldn't be any celebration
We should pray and stay united

Don't forget bigots and extremists
They have shown the true colours
They want to create chaos
In our nation of multi races and religions

No Sir...
There shouldn't be any fire work
We have enough tragedies in a year
We should stay united as a nation one heart beat

forget about taliban

The Taliban way
Some actions seem like it
Crossing over other faiths
Branding its own kind of justice

Until COA put it in better perspective
Now the religious authority should learn
We are a multi-racial an multi-religious nation
There is no room for the extremists game

The moderates will not sleep on it
They are marshalling to make it works
The nation of plentiful opportunities
She mustn't be destroyed by opportunists

We have seen the ugly faces
The words and behaviour speak volume
We mustn't allow it go on

We have to put them in paces

what bad luck Malaysia?

What bad luck Malaysia?
Who is manipulating the game?
3 commercial jets down in a year
The grieving faces, tears, shock and sorrow

Even the worst floods came
Hitting it high on East Coast states
Branding the water taking up lives
Leaving properties in submerged water

The ringgit too has a hard fall
It grows weaker in the monetary market
It maybe good; it maybe bad
But the ringgit going slides may cause alarm

And Allah controversy
It never finds a compassionate landing
Causing by a race refusing to accept moderation
God's laws belong to the will of the Creator

The angel tears falling
We should get our act together
We are all God's children
Else angels will spank us for good

the dogs out of cage

The dogs out of cage
Running wild in the open field
The owners have a hard time
Rallying the dogs to return

Every time they see
Unfamiliar faces the dogs bark
The noises ring in the air
It has become a nuisance

The owners can't bother
They sit at home watching videos
Let the dogs running free
They are engrossed in their tales

You want to complain?
The blues gang hardly care
Unless it is on the wrong side of the fence
Maybe the blues gang will come marching in

The owners breed
The vicious dogs on the field
Barking loudly never fear
They think they are God's creatures

it's hot now

It's hot now
The temperature soaring high
The last check it is 33C
A day or two without rain

A welcoming day
On the flooded areas
The water my recede
Some may go home

For others a day to dry clothes
The last few days of rainy tears
Making it with hangers hanging
Around houses and apartments

For others a day of headache
They can't take the heat
The temperature soaring
The headaches causing pain

For the dogs and cats
The day of bathing in the sun
Neighbours watch cars park on the field
The temperature rising the hot wind blowing

the sun shines strongly

The black dog looks at me
Eyes of interest maybe a new face
As the dog paces in his empty space
Ears up tail behind his paws

The rising sun
Bathing its light in the sky
The hot air blooming
The dog keeping his paces

The new neighbour
On his new house
The untidy lot
He can't forget

Maybe doing farming
Wheelbarrow,bricks and bicycles
Cluttered the porch area
With 2 praying altars

The black dog chasing
The beige coloured dog
Both playing around the house
That's the dogs lives

The sun comes out strongly
Enough of dark clouds
Maybe in the evening
Rain may fall the dogs will hide

goodbye QZ8501

Goodbye QZ8501
You had a good flight
For 6 years you took to the sky
You got your wings
You could fly
But 2 days ago
You lost your life
You fell from the sky
Carrying with you
162 passengers and crew
Down on the Java Sea
You didn't have a chance
The sea claimed all lives

We pray for the lost souls
The untimely lost of lives
Burying for a while in Java Sea
The stormy and cold water
Leaving nobody a chance

Goodbye QZ8501
At least you tried your best
There was no long time searching
The bodies floated up to the surface
The final called and a chapter close
We pray God will forgive all souls
Goodbye QZ8501 in history book you stay

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

one way love

The blind love
It will make the sorrow
The unrequited love aroma
It doesn't make it around

One way love
A man can do
He will perform stupid act
He doesn't think in his head

He follows his dick
He thinks he can do
Kidnapping a woman's daughter
Thinking she will marry him

It makes him a target
The police will come for him
What will he gain by kidnapping?
He never thinks in his head


The stormy sea claimed
Lives sucked into the sea
The debris and 40 bodies found
It was the end of a hope

Now to find the causes
The commercial jet fell from the sky
There mustn't be any cover up
Mechanical failures or terrorists attacked

We pray for the lost ones
We pray to find answers to our tragedy
In a year 3 commercial jets gone
Our tears haven't dried up

QZ8501 came to Java sea
There it was the bodies found today
The authorities would have to mop it up
The sadness in everyone's eyes

God decides His law

God's law
The Lord decides
He never appoints any one
It is between the faithful and God

It is only the narrow minded fanatics
Serving their own political agenda
Driving to get Divine law
Into everybody's life

This is our world
Where we live according to our law
What is Caesar belong to Caesar
So what belong to God the Lord decides

The prophets came to tell about God's world
Learn to be good, humble and compassionate
Do the good deeds serve humanity in utmost compassion
We shouldn't get confused with God's world and our world

But our minds are clogged with sins
We fall preys to the fear of divine punishments
We forget we live in our world
We have to follow our own law

God's law
We haven't reached there yet
It isn't in this world
Some countries implemented to stay in power

we learn to live with it

The cloudy weather
The mists on the mountain
The day of cool
The sun takes a holiday

The other states
The floods remain familiar
The muddy water and rescue workers
Bringing food and drinks

The food business
On the land of tin village
The university students on holiday
The business drops badly

The hawkers smoke and wait
There are not many people
There are more of them than customers
Though the weather rains with light shower

The cool night
Evacuees feeling bad
Worrying about homes and others
The floods don't give way

The cool breezy wind
Some enjoy it others worry
But everyday life has to go on
We learn to live with it

Monday, December 29, 2014

QZ8501 air asia

The dark morning sky
The commercial jet plane took flight
Raising steadily all engines booming fine
The gravity pull gone back to sleep a while

The commercial jet plane
Air Asia QZ8501 was on the air
Indonesia Controlled Tower kept in contact
Then at 6.17am the commercial plane out of radar scan

The fear on the ground
Another commercial jet plane downed
The transport ministry sprang into action
SAR took flight to search and rescue

Bad weather and choppy waves
The sea water wasn't kind
The commercial jet plane could be anywhere
Maybe it land on firmed ground

An SMS was received
Sparkled hope the plane was fine
It had been 24 hours
QZ8501 still clouded in secrecy

A bad year for Malaysian airlines industry
3 commerical jet planes lost from the sky
Even before we can dry up our memories
Air Asia QZ8501 lost from radar scan

don't say goodnight

Don't say goodnight
Don't let the frogs croak
The way they like
We have to make them see the light

It is a crowded world
The people born and die
Without knowing where they will go
So don't say goodnight

Tomorrow is hard to know
We think we will see in the light
But we must know the elements of destruction
So don't say goodnight

The frogs will croak
In the raining season of the night
We will be tossing in our dreamy world
So don't say goodnight

the colourful races become one unit

The unsung heroes
They show the spirit of unity
Not on religion or class or race
They came on common calamity

Why it is only in tragedy?
We find ourselves band together
The colourful races become one unit
It's never on any religion or political divide

The yearly affair on floods
We haven't learned in all our lives
There must be a reason the floods return
Maybe checking on us what we have learned

On it once it is over
The bigots and extremists will return
Talking irrelevant all over again
On race, religion sometimes royalty

Don't they see their own reflections?
The good life in the nation
This is the small paradise they should cherish
Yet they don't see it but wish to destroy

The footprints of our past
The good deeds and sharing
In time of needs and calamity
We are bonded as one people one nation

We can do it
We mustn't allow the fools
Making us the laughing stock in the world
We have to stay committed of our values

if that not bad enough

What can we say?
Bad luck happened to Malaysia
The country of never ending possibilities
The tragedies thrust us badly

In a calendar year we lost a few hundred lives
When 3 commercial jets fell from the sky
MH17 and MH370 and now Air Asia
Mh370 still can't be found

If that not bad enough
We have the bigots and extremists
Running on their brand of chaos
Upsetting the majority of peaceful loving people

Now we have the terrorist sleepers
They could be allegedly found in the army or police or civil servants
They worked silently behaving rationally
Until they are called to do the terrorist work

All these can make us feel the fear
What are the police really doing?
For once do the real police work
For once don't play politics!

If that not bad enough
We have the worst flood in our history
Over 200,000 people evacuated
A state of emergency should have declared!

Now the fitful sleep
What have happened to Malaysia?
The sins we have done or committed?
We have to change our ways and thinking

the web of strings

The web of shadows
The reflection on the water
The muddy crying water came
Capturing souls and drowning properties

Some parents never told their children
They allowed them to play on the tides
The tragedies of lost souls they forgot
The innocent children would fall prey

The strong undercurrent
On the surface it might look calm
The web of deception of crying water
Better evacuate before it was too late

The web of strings
The flooding would claim
It didn't make any distinction
Once you fell it made a mark 

the female ghost on the bridge

The female ghost on the bridge
The story of her suicide decades ago
When I was a young teenager
The story the old folks would spin

She didn't pick the right choice
She went on her own hunting
Picking a man her family objected
She insisted she wanted to make her own

She had a blissful life with the man
For the few months she had with him
He gave her gifts and time
She surrendered her body many times

Those decades ago who thought about family planning
They went in with hope nothing would happen in coitus
The coitus interruptus they thought they would
Sometimes the men couldn't pull out in time

Sometimes passion went overboard
The whisper of love and wanted to take charge
The women would fall for it and time would tell
Would the men be a man?

The woman got pregnant
The man absent himself
In disgrace of what she had done
The family lost face she lost hope

On the bridge she jumped
The double decker bridge in Klang
The bridge had claimed many lives
It was the easy way out for the lost souls

Don't always believe follow your heart
Be practical and know the rules of play
In this modern day it is still happened
Dumping babies and suicides

Sunday, December 28, 2014

testing waters

Testing waters
We hear all the times
Pushing the envelope
Feeling the gate away

In politics it happens often
The politicians will push ahead
Knowing too well of the reactions
A certain part of society will not accept

In working life workers will do
Testing the limits of the managers
Will they get scot free?
Will they get reprimanded?

Even in family circles
The children will test the hairs of parents
They want to see what they will get
Will they get presents or cane or reprimand?
In our lives
We too test the patience of God
Doing so many sins knowing it is wrong
Yet we go ahead smiling with our guilt

the fitful sleep

The fitful sleep
Worrying about the rain
The floods in certain states
The relief centres fully booked

The year end affairs
The food supplies never stockpile
What is Putrajaya thinking?
Catching Anwar Ibrahim?

We say “hearts beat as one”
In reality one race trying to disrupt
Giving lame excuses on religion and race
They just don't want to stand up and carry the weight

The sins of walls
Dividing the races
The unity and harmony
Floating away like the wind

No..we have to change
Putrajaya needs a new broom
Let us make the cycle
Give the nation a boost!

the naked branches of the trees

The naked branches of the trees
The dewdrops slowly floating to the ground
Of the carpeted leaves and roots
The welcoming sign of the cycle

The hard wind hitting in the air
Bending the naked branches whispering sound
The leaves get frightened and fall
Dancing in the air thinking they are free

In reality the leaves have to die
Wither on the carpeted ground its final countdown
There is no goodbye only the sacrifice
In time it turns brownish withered and crumbled

The rain will hiss its way
Telling the leaves don't have to worry
You are the nutrients for others to live
You are the hero making the sacrifice”

The naked branches looked around
What will happen when the sun hit us soon?
Our leaves have gone leaving us to fend ourselves
Will we fall to the ground and be forgotten?”

The wind rattle at the naked branches
You will stay around for a while
You don't have to worry about the fall
The time is still a long way to go”

pas leaders, spend time on economy

Hudud isn't a game
So don't play in our minds
We aren't an Islamic nation
Our Constitution says it so

Don't try to amend it
For the political game
The nation of people don't agree
The secular country the Constitution says

We hve the Penal Code
There many elements of hudud in it
So why must Pas keep cutting in?
Look at Kelantan the economy is weak

Pas leaders should wake up
Don't play politics in religion
Let religion stand by itself
It doesn't need them to progress

Kelantan needs the economy to progress
Pas leaders should spend time to chart it
Don't waste time playing the hudud game
For the progressive nation don't use religious laws

Saturday, December 27, 2014

the sins of our times

The sins of our times
The floods arrive
Telling us we shouldn't forget
The promises we make

Maybe we have forgotten
The natural gateways we blocked
The snaking water find no way
Causing us our headaches

The marks in our lives
Maybe we should change right now
It has nothing to do with our Lord
It has to do with us..

We make promises
We forget to keep
Nature has wrecked havoc
Giving us sorrow and pain

Floods colour blind
Floods have no religion to dispute
Floods knock at our doors
We have failed to keep God's land

it is the ground

Rich or poor
When the time comes
We will bury on the ground
There is no grade
There is no distinction
We all go
Like or not
We can't say

The facade can be different
It tells of taste and money
It is still the ground we go
Rich or poor what else to say?
Only the living trying to make a distinction
Telling what it is like in a such place
Only they forget it is still the ground
They forget it is still the ground

Maybe alive we can differentiate
Our living standards with others
Once we have to go
There is not special pass
It is the ground we will have to sleep forever
Nothing will matter it is done and gone

the ghosts living around us

The foundation was laid
Decades ago bridging the gaps
The peace and harmony of the races
Living in goodwill and respect

Now we hear
Everything about one race
Even laws running its course
Don't they read the Constitution?

The supreme law can't be changed
This was the social contract enacted into it
The race leaders then had agreed
We shared the same destiny

With bigots and extremists
They drive the wedge into the bridge
With our weak leaders in government
The little napoleons hit the gong

This is no way to go
The people must wake up and realize
They can't stay in the coconut shell
They must walk for change

the people must walk for change

The foundation was laid
Decades ago bridging the gaps
The peace and harmony of the races
Living in goodwill and respect

Now we hear
Everything about one race
Even laws running its course
Don't they read the Constitution?

The supreme law can't be changed
This was the social contract enacted into it
The race leaders then had agreed
We shared the same destiny

With bigots and extremists
They drive the wedge into the bridge
With our weak leaders in government
The little napoleons hit the gong

This is no way to go
The people must wake up and realize
They can't stay in the coconut shell
They must walk for change

Friday, December 26, 2014

the christmas tree

The young boy
The fun he enjoys
Moving along
Decorating the Christmas tree

The glow in his eyes
The colourful lights
He will remember
For a long while

The bonding in the family
The way how it will grow
The young boy is in good company
The Christmas tree he will out grow it

Now he will know
There are presents
Wrapped in colourful design papers
The young boy he will stand around

Now wish you and your family
Merry Christmas and jingle bells
May the bless day bring joy
Every day every time every where

nature anger

Nature anger
There is no limit
The rain will fall
The water will raise

The bar of danger
Nature let us realize
Her knights will materialize
Destroying properties sometimes lives

It is a taste of our own medicine
We forget how is backing us up
We keep destroying our natural landscape
In time we will suffer sorrow and pain

One East Coast Pas member
He uses flood as an excuse for hudud law
He forgets God sends in flood for a reason
We forget to be compassionate and humble

Our nation is Secular
Hudud law will be against the Constitution
It will be declared null and void
As this county isn't an Islamic nation

Nature anger
She will not forget easily
The destruction of her natural landscape
She will teach us lessons

the rain never stop crying

The rain never stop crying
In the night until the next morning
The teary eyes and cloudy sky
What's there to say but our sins?

Floods in certain areas
The displaced people feeling sorrow
Losing properties and mud laced homes
What can they do but pray?

The affairs with the floods
Every year we face the truth
Where do we go wrong in our lives?
Is it Nature we have done wrong?

No doubt we have prepared
The floods which we know by now
Keeping touch with us
The singing water sometimes claim lives

The teary eyes of rain
Some where some place someone will cry
The flooding water is colour blind
Homes, properties and lives will be marked