Sunday, December 21, 2014

the moderate malaysians

The moderate Malaysians
Closing one eye never helps at all
The few extremist groups imposing their wills
On the majority who live in peace and harmony

The faults lie with Bee Anne
Feeding these groups to cast fear and divide
Funding these groups to do the dirty work
Division of output the broken products and lies

Hiding the truth
The debts piling high
Bee Anne leaders keep low profile
Afraid to say losing lucrative contracts

The extremist groups pick and choose
It is always the other races get the whip
These group leaders spinning seditious tales
Nothing is carried out by the blues gang

The perception of impunity
The extremist groups leaders running free
The coalition partners in Bee Anne
They closed their eyes and minds

The moderate Malaysians
We mustn't fall asleep and yawn
We must change the government
Let us go back to the spirit of 57

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