Friday, December 26, 2014

don't let the constitution down

Don't cry
When the bad boys run
Taking over as if of right
We close one eye
Until the day we realize
Even the Constitution
They want to change
Make it their own agenda
Carrying their race and religion
Ignoring the foundation of the nation
Our forefathers had the foresight
Bridging the gaps earning stripes
Now the bad boys blow horns
Calling their own to fight on
What they see are their own shadows
Short fuse forgetting unity
With a weak leader
He seems to go on holidays every time
When he should be firmed in his words and deeds
But it is just empty talk nothing changes

See the Constitution stands supreme
No law or rules should impede the Constitution
But the bad boys have cables in police and judiciary
These officials work to collude with the hidden goals
The Islamic nation they seek to impose
When our land of nation is Secular

It is time we woke up
Time of closing one eye is gone
Enough electrical sparks in our lives
We shouldn't let our Constitution down
It is the legal and social document
The foundation for the nation to grow
We mustn't let a few to cause chaos
In the nation of peace loving people

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