Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas every one

The festive season
Every faith should pray
The lasting peace and fruitful discourse
Of the many differences yet in common unity
For we all know very well
Disunity will be the fall of many
History has painted many stories
We just need to take a leaf through the past
Herein lie what we should do
Keep our faiths keep our peace and harmony
Accept our differences, belief and needs
Let no bigots and extremists paint a chaos
The majority of moderates should put them in cage
Let them see their sins of disunity
In a small place see how they behave
Once they realize their sins
Admit the wrong they preached
The nation will breathe easily
And economically pushing ahead
For in disunity we will fall prey
For another colonization coming our way

So Merry Christmas and good cheers
Let us share and be fruitful partners
Sharing our destiny in common unity
The nation we call home, Malaysia

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