Friday, September 30, 2011

we have to change

You must be the change

Malaysia coming into Greece
The plunder and excessive perks
The ballooning civil servants
The greed and corruption flow

At one time to trim
The civil servants population
So agencies were privatized
The opposite never happened

It's the cronies gathering
The building up of business empire
The alleged hidden pot of gold for the ruling elites
They amassed billions through leakages

Now the civil servants stand at 1.3 million
For a small country it is overgrown.......
The perks they enjoy with no substantial improvements
Our tax payers monies go to the wrong pocket

We have to change
We can't be living like Greece
The bankrupt nation where's our face?
We have to vote for new regime

the perakians can't forget

The alleged “lanun” of Perak
They have no shame
They think they earned their rights
To govern it with full immunity

They can go now
The Perakians can't forget
The back door victory
It is still illegal

No doubt the court judges
Delivery of judgements
Of the Constitution they ignore
The hollowness sinks into the darkness

Pakatan Rakyat still carries my vote
There shouldn't be a short changed
The back door day light robbery
Come GE13 there will be the change

the young women

The young women
Don't try to join the crowd
Be cool and feel good
You never know what's in store

The dark mist rising
You don't see it coming
You are blinded with glamour
The sweet coating honey

You think you are
In the company of passionate interests
You let go of your guards
In the fall to the deepest pit

By the time you realize
You are shown in the web
You can't explain how
The dignity soils your soul

The young women
You better know your crowd
You don't need to be popular
You need to save your dignity

don't live beyond your means

simple beauty

The young adults
Coming of age to the economic world
Enticing by the glamour
The class differentiation

They want to pursue
That materialistic flow
Believing they can afford
On credits pay by instalments

Little that they realize
The witches of the finance
The golden flow the web of strangulation
They suffer the financial instability

The witches just bleed them
Slowly into the depth of financial woes
In the sleepless nights of worrying
The golden rays turn ugly

It's the black day
They see their lives gone away
They work hard for it
Now they are sucked

growing old

growing old

growing old

Growing old
It has to come
Nobody can stop time
We have our turn
Now it's our days
Living in this world
Make it the best as we can
Leaving something of values
Leaving something of remembrance
Nobody can escape
The days will come
People before us
People who had gone
They left behind their legacies
Of wisdom and their recorded history
Something to help the present generation
To understand the pitfalls and journey
So growing old
Be glad we have our share
To make something of value
For the journey never ends
There is another cycle to go
Before we are graded into groups

The 7 heavens
The Cold planet or the Warm planet
The chances every one has
Use it before you are graded

Thursday, September 29, 2011

you want to retire

What is the age to retire?
Let the working people decide
Let the companies talk to the unions
In mutual agreements signed and sealed

Law will take time
It seems it takes ages to write it up
Maybe this is to show how good they are
Drafting laws affecting the people and country

You want to retire
At 55 or 60 or 65?
Let the companies and unions decide
For the government it will take ages to arrive

People live longer
Modern methods and medicines
Good health and good living
So the working class will live longer

You want to retire
At 55 or 60 or 65?
Why take years to decide?
Let the workers and companies say it out

the foreign brides


The older guys
Alone in the coffee shops
They talked about women
They talked about foreign brides

They paid large sum of money
When the women arrived
They thought they got the money worth
Arranged through agencies

They married the foreign women
For a while they were long nights
Less than a year the brides disappeared
They took money and went home

What have they learned?
Buying brides of young women
They thought they could
Now they are poorer and alone

Why don't they search in remote areas?
In remote villages of Sabah and Sarawak
They are bright young women..........
They are willing to see the city life

No they want foreign brides
They want to show they could
Now look at them
In the coffee shop alone naturally

you got a subpoena

You got a subpoena
Why afraid to attend court?
You don't have to apply to put aside
Have you something to hide?

The perception seemed you have
You can't face the barrage of questions
You don't want to tell the truth
You know you will be on the spot

Lies after lies on the flow
It is the truth we wanted to know
You can't run away
You have to face it now or later

You may argue you aren't involved
You may argue it is irrelevant
You can't hide the fact you did entertain
An unknown person easily accessible to you

Once you told a lie
When you were caught
You changed your story
Now who will believe you?

Be a man say your piece
In the court of law to tell your story
Why try to put aside subpoena?
It smells fishy stinking in the corridor

the empire shopping mall blast

The Empire blast in the early morning
A few got injured damages ran into millions
It was said the gas pipes exploded but why?
A parallel row of damages....

The initial investigations
It was stated as gas explosion
Why the guards never smell gas?
Maybe it was waiting to happen

This is the bad omen
The regime has to go
The way of silent shadows
Nobody seems to know

Now we heard the loud explosion
The residents staying around would tell
Excuses would be many...
The professional engineers will lay out plans

This is the bad omen
The regime just can't change
Transformation base on false foundation
It's time when it is done

the killer dogs

The gang

The killer dogs
The rottweilers ran
The young man fell
He got 150 stitches

He was lucky
He was alive
Attacked by the killer dogs
The rottweilers shouldn't be breed

The unemployed owner charged
In court he pleaded not guilty
The killer dogs should be put to sleep
The rottweilers many times in the news

Some may argue
Human lives lost too many
It is best the police kept them
For their crimes prevention rounds

when the weather is hot

Shopping malls

When the weather is hot
When you want to save energy bill
So you go to the shopping malls
Thinking just to window shopping

The cool places
As you walk browsing along
Aimlessly without a fix program
Watching the display of fashions and goods

Somehow many will be distracted
The marketing flow catching eyes
You think you want to save energy bill
You will end up spending....

Look at this!
Look at that!
The mind screaming
The pockets will be empty

By the time you reach home
You aren't wiser in managing finance
“Honey where you have been?
I had cooked lunch for you”

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the hunt in hair salon

If you want to marry
A married man.......
Go work in hair salon
You will meet them

When you start a conversation
The small talk the guys will respond
You touch on their every day lives
You will get the impression

Are they rich?
Are they the known businessmen?
Some can string you with their tales
They are eager to share

Wives are preoccupied
With their own interests and children
So the married guys are left out
They need somebody to share

Though you can't marry them
They can lavish you with gifts and time
The married rich guys they are humans
They need to feel wanted and glow

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

nobody wants to dance

Play the song for a dance
On the floor nobody takes to it
Every one sticks around
“You watch me I watch you” dilemma

The DJ spins the song
It blasts out in the crowded floor
Yet nobody wants to dance
As if they are no souls in them

The helicopter lights
It spins around casting beautiful rays of shadows
The crowd stand or sit around
Nobody wants to dance

The DJ never feels the pulse
The crowd mood has changed
“The Titanic sunk
In the political greed”

They have hand-phones
They receive messages instantly
Play the song for a dance
They have no souls to stick around

the nation waits for action

The cyclists on the roads
They gathered for a good cause
So they thought in the early morning
Pedaling along with the cool windy breezes

The black knight amongst them
The few hours cycling to mingle with the crowd
He just wanted to be cool
He's afraid to lose the support base

The exercise to stay connected
Afraid of what the dark would show
The diminishing light on his vision
The black knight knew he had no options

The economy of the nation
The high costs of living
The empty pockets every month
Finding hard to meet obligations

The cycling on the streets
It was to garner support
For what purpose in the end?
Just to stay cool with the crowd

The nation needs action to progress
The economy moves slowly to benefit the people
Though it is claimed generating billions
The costs shoot high back to never earning stripe

before you forget about living

Earth Time

When you complain
You can't have many things
You better sit down and think why
You can find your own answers

It doesn't grow by itself
It needs hard work and finance
You want it you have to save
Nothing comes to you for free

If you still insist to complain
Every day waking up to the new light
Go pay a visit to the cemetery
Look at the tombstones tell yourself why

You should appreciate your little gifts
Every day you get it into your life
Count it into your personal growth
Sharing it along you will live in abundance

sometimes we never think

The dry drain
The tall grasses grow
Nobody pays much attention
As nature takes it along

A cow comes along
Smell the green grass
The hunger pangs strike
It jumps into the dry drain

Chewing the tall grasses
As it gets along on the long dry drain
It is heaven nobody sharing with it
As it takes its own leisurely time

When it wants to get out
There is no way to find
It gets panic to get locked in
Fear in its eyes....

Now the children come to play
They bring sticks hitting the cow
The animal walks quickly away
Right through the end of the drain

there must be compassion


The mind cries
The way life has been
The injustice looms
If only we change

The dark wants to see
The light of day in the sky
It blinds the dark
Afraid to venture forth

So it says of transformation
Put a dark cloth over the head
Nothing has changed in the mind
The darkness still remains

The enforcing of laws
Chain the people's minds
Let them have controlled freedom
Let them cow towards authority

It never works
In religions and laws
It's the people decision
There must be compassion

know when to strike

Stay close to your enemy
Learn what he will do
Learn his crafts to get a better grasp
You can't go in blindly

Do not let yourself be known
Play the game of humble servant
Do all the dirty work
You will get many information

On the ground be the man
Listening to the issues and complaints
Grasp the methods horned the skills
Yet still stay close to your enemy

When the opportunity arrives
Grasp the way to initiate change
Quickly before your enemy knows about it
By the time he wakes up he is too late

Monday, September 26, 2011


Sarbaini went to Macc
He came out dead
Landed on the floor
Climbing through the window

The Coroner ruled misadventure
On the part on Sarbaini
The video recording lost
Nobody knew what happened

Was he pushed out?
Was he asked to climb through the window?
The Coroner didn't reflect on it
Even the missing CCTV recording

Somebody took all the troubles
Erasing the video recording
This will raise issue.......
Sarbaini didn't jump by himself

2 deaths in Macc
TBH and Sarbaini
The public will not get the truth
It's only through change of government

it's the cold turkey

It's the cold turkey
When the gravy train is gone
The parasites will be crying
In the darkness of a fall

The whispers in quiet
The voice once it had
Now it can't be heard
In jail the cranking steel doors

It's the cold turkey
The addiction can't be gone
It gnaws hard into the mind
It loses the jewel sparkles

In the dark pitch
The fall from grace
The poetry of justice
It sings badly into their eyes

It's the cold turkey
When the gravy train is gone
The empty drums echoing of misery
The green grass of home is waiting

time to get a new leaf

They can't take the cold turkey
They cry and swallow in self pity
As they struggle to live daily
In the States once they ruled

Now they push
Rolling out goodies
They don't say
It's the people's money

The light of the day
They want to switch it away
Let the people feel their anger
Nobody cares what they say

The change has begun
The last line has gone
It's time to get a new regime
For freedom equality and harmony

the scream of addiction

The break down begins
When the black knight says
The other leaders go separate ways
They don't care what it will be

The knights of the round table
They have their own schemes
Undermining the leader efforts
The lances of disharmony

So we will see
The web portals sing
The cronies newspapers silence
Painting the painted faces

The reeling downstream
The followers scream
They can't get the honey jar
The cold turkey flows

The break down begins
The process of disintegration
Maybe the slow implosion
Drawing them into the dark pit

The scream of addiction
They can't get the honey jar
The smell of the sweetest aroma
The disintegration begins

the nights of the bright full moon

The werewolves on the run
In the deepest forest they howl
Fearing of their lives extinct is the word!
They run dare not look back

The hunters run along
Silver arrows and bullets fly
In the nights of the bright full moon
The howling of desperation in the pack

The thundering hooves
Pounding hard in the dark forest
The red eyes darting everywhere
They want to live not to die!

The night breezes whirring
Telling them there is no escape
The hunters are hot on their trails
The end is near they know it

The hunters split into 3 groups
Chasing the werewolves to the end
Leaving no survivor to breed again
In the deep forest the howling of desperation

Sunday, September 25, 2011

let's be cool

Retro Dj

Let's be cool
The black knight engaged
The young hormone charged crowd
In the wireless and radio stations

There wasn't nothing wrong
Reaching out to the young adults
If honesty is the key word
The young shouldn't be worried

It's the famous back door
The Silver State captured
Ignoring the laws and the people's mandate
Now he wanted to be cool

“You help me I help you”
Let's be cool
The young adults should be wary
The black knight wanted you

Let's be cool
The cauldron boiling
Who will jump in?
Don't get conned the empire is falling

go and vote

People go and vote
Make the way for a new dawn
Smile as you go to sleep
You have played your civic duty

People go and vote
Kick out the corrupted politicians
Pick your choice who can serve
The nation and her people

Don't let the illegals take over
Through back doors of legality
It has allegedly been used
In the decades of the elections

Democracy in principles
The corrupted leaders hide it
They don't buy into its implementations
There are 2 sets of laws them and us

So people go and vote
Save our country from the corrupted ones
Let the freedom flow through
Let our votes bring the truth

m see a

M See A
The years you harvested
Into your own you did
Forgetting the principles
You were born to assist
In the decades you had been
You failed to deliver
The important things for the people
You forgot who put you there
You thought you did your way forgot your principles
You should opt out from the coalition
If you are honest in yourself
Now you painted ugly
With spots all over the face
Yet you still struggle on
Not for the people but for yourself
You have sold your soul
Into the realm of devil's hole
No matter what you do
You can't convince the people

Saturday, September 24, 2011

the day will come

Once he was strong
The body built the aggressive demeanor
Every one who met him
He showed who was the boss

The age of young
The power to drive
The people who are weak
The people who don't want war

They evaded him
They let him do as he pleased
The way he wanted his way
The people avoided him like a plague

Through the decades
The age came to halt his life
He found now he had no chance
He felt he was going to implode

The age of old
The mind couldn't hold it now
The body was weak
The arrogance whacked his mind

The sins of his years
He regretted his pursuits
Now he's worried
As he knelt down to pray

the silent implosion


The Ameeno river divides
One leader wants to hit the shore
The others row it away
They dare not land......

They know the current flow
The hurricane seems to follow
The weather forecasts sending messages
The others try to pull away

The one leader coolly enforces it
Pushing the boat to land on shore
The other Brutus leaders raising up oars
They aren't agree to explore

As they argue on points
The current takes them away
The hurricane heading to its direction
They realize too late of their implosion

The river sucks them in
Into the depth of hollowness
Only the water bubbles popping up
The greed and corruption burying them in

the singles


The single men
The lonely women
Out in the city
Living in the town

Some got divorced
Some chased out of their homes
All have a common denominator
They all live alone

Some by choices
Some by fate
Some by own believing
The world can go as it pleases

The single men
The lonely women
They still enjoy own pursuits
In their world their eyes can tell

the hudud law

The hudud law
It rattles up the mind
It visualizes the fear
Of the brutalities implementations

The multiracial and religious people
They aren't ready to accept the Islamic law
The non-Muslims will think of guillotine
The limbs and tongues will be gone

Living in hardship without it
The fear of the unjustly punishments
Carrying out by the corrupted officials
With hidden agenda to cater to self preservation

In civil law we know of capital punishments
The wrong penetrators will be charged......
In the court of law to defend their guilt
Likewise in hudud law every party has a right

For this country it will be a long while
Pas just can't do without running foul of the Constitution
The leaders should understand the secular nation
The Constitution stand supreme in the land

Pas leaders must think hard and wise
They aren't living by themselves in this nation
They are other God's children living here
You shouldn't enforce law majority don't agree

the democracy works in pakatan

The democracy works in Pakatan
The coalition partners can disagree
With their views and expressions
As long as they don't try to ridicule

The partners will deal with own members
As quickly as possible when they have gone overboard
Each party leader doesn't want to prolong the issue
Take the action and reprimand the members

With we see the democracy at work
Only Bee Anne and spin doctors will spin
The cracks in Pakatan they will say
They should look at their own backyard

The cloud of change
The Bee Anne hasn't seen
The images they refuse to accept
They still think they can rule

The cycle has arrived
The end is near.......
They can't fool the people
The Web will expose them quickly

Friday, September 23, 2011

the fishing votes

The fishing votes
The campaigns begin
Drumming up the goodies
It is the violation of the corruption codes

The people should take it
It is your hard earned taxes repaid
Don't worry about your principles
It will not fail you when election declares

The fishing votes
The black knight begins
Rounding up his excursions
He wants to feel the pulse

Will his coalition win?
He doesn't want to read
He knows the spiral staircase
The Brutus waits at every corner

The end of the regime
The last baton has finally passed
The new dawn will appear
As God will make it happens

Thursday, September 22, 2011

what will tomorrow bring?

Fishermen getting ready to go out to sea!

Eyes to the horizon
It's about tomorrow
What will it accomplish?
As the sun begins to set

In the distance of the rays
The colorful sights make it's way
The seagulls fly in total bliss
With the racy breezes flow

The fishing boats at anchor
The night of pipes and smoke
And the lashing waves hitting the boats
The fishermen never bother to check

It's eyes to the horizon
The fishermen think of tomorrow
Of the sunset sky glorious colors
They sit down pipes and smoke

it's just cosmetic surgery

Bee Anne gives
The cosmetic surgery
The party has spots
Now it wants to be free

The trying times
The ground networks spring
The sound of change
A new chapter in our history

Bee Anne getting panic
The coalition leaders play
The tune of old aged song
“Gypsys, tramps and thieves”

But then the age arrives
The old age troubles in the mind
The party has lost its shine
Into the hole where it will die

the gift of life



Life of good
Life of bad
Life of ugly
It's our doing

We have the gift
Use it for the good
For the deeds accumulate
The burden will be less heavy

The planets we will go
It is how we earned our tickets
The Cold planet or the Warm planet?
The hard labor or the easy life?

We have a choice
In this life to make it
We can't say we don't know
We hear it so often

enjoy life as it meant to be

Sunsets on the ocean are so beautiful

I forgotten the date
It is said it is good
For life will bloom
A year after the operation

Enjoy life as it is meant to be
Learn to live stress free.....
Do some light exercise
You will feel the bounce in it

Watch what you eat
Take fresh fruits and eat lots of greens
It helps the body system to flourish
You are what you eat

Don't forget to drink fresh water
It helps to cleanse your body
It flushes out the impurities
It makes life easy to flow

Think of computer
After a year of usage
The clutters in the system
So you need to clean it up

It frees it to work smoothly
The clutters and bottlenecks gone
The system works perfectly........
it is the same with the body system

May the Good Lord watch over you
Let you see your grandchildren grow and graduate
For the years ahead we will see you
Driving home and meeting your old friends

it never surprises the people

Mat Sabu

Mat Sabu of Pas
Malaysia - Today

Mat Sabu charged
For saying his thoughts on history

Under penal code 500
The AG office and police remanded him

In the night the officers came
He was released one hour later

Why the double standard?
The AG and police down the drain

The ameeno leaders speeches
It was seditious but they got free

Even the ruling elites newspapers
Branding in seditious overtones

Yet the AG and police
They don't charge..

People wake up
You can't be blind

Know the history
How the nation came about

It was the freedom fighters
Before ameeno came to fight the British

We must know the truth
Don't let distorted version bring

The birth of our nation
The proclamation of Merdeka!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

parents in children's networks

Parents in social networks
They want to look cool
Participating in their children circles
Passing comments like of home

The children will bulk at it
Others will just let them stay
They don't want to make a scene
Back home when parents inquire

The children may take this opportunity
Telling them what they think
The parents should behave with the remarks
They are friends with their children

Let the children have their spaces
It is better to communicate face to face
The parents should start their own network
Learn the new world amongst their own

You want to be daddy cool
You forget about your own rules
Let the children have their spaces
You can talk to them face to face

the light has risen

The forces of evil
They just can't live
They just can't lose
They just can't believe

The light has risen
Rising high to the sky
It will bring changes
The change the country needs

The forces of evil
They try their last round
Using the lap dogs to bark
The good news camouflage with the dark

Now at the back door
The evil serpent crawls
Hissing its way..........
“Children you are mine!”

It never sees the guillotine
It comes smashing down on its head
It screams of last hissing sound
Finally decapitated into halves

The light slowly shines
Blossoming the eyes and minds
The forces of evil
Running for their lives

catch you in hd

Catch you in HD
The new cameras rolling in
The police traffic will come
The speeding fiends can't run

On the highways
On the trunk roads
The police traffic flow
Stopping the speeding devils

It is time these drivers learn
Don't play on the highways
It isn't a toy to play puppet on strings
This is life reality bites

Catch you in HD
The full picture
The speeding drivers can't hide
When summons arrive

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the waste war in selangor

Alam Flora
You play dirty game
The waste you leave behind
Come October 15 in Selangor

The Ameeno crony
The dirty game of waste
The Selangorians should know
The slogan doesn't work!

Dump it on their offices
The Bee Anne cronies too
In this way tell them the displeasure
Of trying to cow the state government

The waste war going to happen
The Selangorians shouldn't be cowed
For temporary measures use up the open field
Pile up and see what will happen!

Work together
Bring down Bee Anne tools
With it the journey will be bright
We don't need the lap dogs in our lives

But then waste is money
There will be others willing to participate
Let a few contractors rolling in
It isn't the end of the road

It is the beginning of a fight
The people must stay united for a cause
It is to bring down the alleged corrupted leaders
Walking the corridor of Putrajaya

life of affairs

When affairs gone wrong
The tears and shouting match
The mind goes into depression
You sink so low hiding it away

Some take it easy
It is life what to say
They quickly pick up the pieces
For they believe tomorrow is a new day

Others try to get drunk
In the bar in the arms of unknown women
They try to forget it really happens
When affairs gone wrong

Women cry
Searching for reasons why
They give up so much
Now they are dumped like that

When in a relationship
There is always a chance of bad
You shouldn't put all the eggs in a basket
Put one in your barn.....

You should remember
Giving and receiving must come both ways
There shouldn't be one sided traffic
The 101 reasons it will go bad

it's time to make a new day

borrowed mob1900

The rusty hand cuffs
It lays in dust for decades
Many had suffered in pain and sorrow
Put away without trial or reason

The laws passed by Parliament
It infringes of our rights and freedom
But of power it corrupts the mind absolutely
Finally the people live in misery

Of the minds that fear create
Of the draconian laws to protect the ruling regime
They tell you it is for our nation security
They don't say it is for them to stay on in power

Now the black knight wants you to believe
He has the gumption to make it happens
We mustn't be so gullible to fall for his tricks
“Old mattress change for new!”

The rusty handcuffs turning old
The glimmer of gold has died in silence
So now the new coated gold handcuffs
The old will remain with some cosmetic change

We have to challenge
The way things done in our nation
We can't allow the lopsided treatment
It's time to make a new day!