Monday, July 31, 2017

kl sex ring

KL sex ring
The foreigners duped
With lucrative jobs offer
Once in the city
They were bundled in
Without knowing the reasons

The oldest profession
The brothels will get them
Once these women are trapped
They will face the hard truth
They may not get the chance to go home

KL sex ring
The likely route to international slavery
From here the women are processed
Take out of the country again

Luckily for the 9 women
The city police managed to track them
Released them from their shackles
One guilty party was detained

Women in flesh trade
It will never go away
Men always need them
For the different tastes

in the world of wealth

Men of means
Women will hitch rides
Stay on the glory
Feel the social graces

Men of standing
Others try to emulate
Taking selfie with smiles
At least a footprint strikes

Women of riches
Men will fly high
Hovering around for the strikes
Catch the prey and fly

In the world of wealth
Men and women will strike
On the trails of materialistic goals
They forget they can't take it when they die

fly the flag

Fly the flag
In our minds
It doesn't say
We will forget

The nation's birth
Learn it in history
The major races fought it
It turned into reality

Fly the flag
The colorful sights
Of people and religions
Sharing the common objectives

Fly the flag
In our minds
On the buildings
On the homes' compounds

Fly the flag
Don't let extremists erode it
Don't let the nation cry
Stay together rain or shine

Fly the flag
It says of who we are
We have come a long way
In nation building of unity

the red and the blue

Now it will come
In the arena of political fights
Of the Red and Blue
It is good for the people
And the nation calmly wait
The heavy weights in the arena
Once a master once a student
They will engage for the survival
The student needs to get it right
But the scales are stacked against him
Though he is the current prime minister
He thinks he can sit on the chair forever
The scandals surrounding him
PD, Atlantuya and 1MDB
Answers he needs to supply
Staying quiet ignoring questions
It will not help the Blue in the end
The Blue ship is grounded in the deep ocean
The tidal waves will cross its path
The Blue Captain can't think straight
His advisors feeding him the wrong sight
Time to learn his lessons
From the old man of strategies
From a student forgets his master
The fall is always imminent
So the Blue will fall
As the Red will gallop free
Take the flag
The nation and her people will rejoice
Let's integrity, honesty, compassion and freedom sing
And let the Constitution get back its shine

debts on the dead

Something is wrong in finance
Even the death has to pay
If he can't afford to settle it
The next of kin has to honor the debts
Even it has nothing to do with him

It will be interesting to see
How our judges will interpret its law
If the next of kin or trustee bring it to court
The dead is gone and couldn't be asked to pay
It has to be put under bad debts

Now why burden the living?
Any debts owed to an institution
It has to settle in one's life time
When a person has passed away
Why the hustle with next of kin?

There must be a clear indication
Living and death two different stop altogether
Stop hustling the next of kin they have nothing to do
The law must be interpreted justly

Sunday, July 30, 2017

take a leaf from pakistan

The judges in Pakistan
They have the balls
to bring down a prime minister
They use the rule of law
They understood their positions

Here most of our judges
They don't see the wrong
They want to curry favors
When they retire....
They hope to get into GLC

Our judges should learn
Take a leaf from Pakistan
Don't be used by politicians
They should work for the people and nation!
They are paid by the people to safe guard interests

Do we have the honest judges?
The people are watching
The opposition leaders too
We need fearless judges
To right the wrong in the nation

run the pole position

The Old Man of 92
He still rocks on the political stage
Though he has retired many years ago
But his former party made the worst cut

He couldn't stomach the bad news
One leader stole billions
Though other countries get into the act
Back home it is business as if nothing has happened

The Old Man left his party
He was the founder now in the bad key
The current leaders mocked him daily
These leaders once his machai

He formed a new party
Let the people know he will right the wrong
Though the past he might have his faults
Today he is on a mission to put it right

Now Pakatan Harapan has a new light
Gearing up to take the pole position
Anwar Ibrahim is still serving his jail sentence
For an offence cooked up in the back door

These are the young galloping horses
They are eager to fight and score
They know the walls have cracked
The season of the fall is imminent

The Old Man of 92
He has a mission to right wrong
Maybe God move in different ways
Now the chance the nation will smile

the blue ship

The Blue ship
The Captain is sick
Up in his mind
He can't think straight

The waves rising high
His eyes can't make the nigh
Though his many assistants can't say
They keep him out of the loop

The Captain looks at his map
The sailing out of his plan
He tries to reason in his head
He has his headaches

The crew of sailors
They keep sailing the ship
There is no instruction
Though they see the waves

What now?” they ask
Keep sailing you jerk!
You aren't paid to think!”
But the waves?”

The tidal waves kiss the ship
Sending it in a whirlpool
The Captain and his assistants
They run but no place to float

The tidal waves sink the ship
It cuts the ship into halves
Slowly she goes down deep
In the arms of Hades

In the headlines
The Blue ship sinks
Made of steel but rust wasted away
Once the mighty Blue now deep in the sea

it's the peak now the decline

The cycle has ended
It has come to the full
It doesn't have to spend or bribe
It will never make any headway

It has reached its peak
There it stays committing too many bad ways
The scandals, the greed, the corruption
And feeding the barking boys and girls

The 2 headed snakes on the wall
It will eat each other up and be gone
Once it turns to ashes and blows away
It is the end for the cycle has arrived

It has no way to beat the fall
The death spell has been recorded in time
The regime has to fall to its knees
There they will taste the defeat

The arrogant leaders haven't seen it
They still think they will sit forever
The tsunami of a race will turn the tide
As a whole the nation needs a change!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

the school children heavy loads

The school children heavy loads
They carry it all to schools
What are the Education Ministry doing?
It isn't today's issue

Every Education Minister tries to help
Every road changes but the loads increase
The poor children can't complain
They bring it all to schools

Why must it be so?
The schools have libraries to read and learn
They have books all along the shelves
With internet age there shouldn't be books to schools

Keep the texts at home
Tell the children to study
Back in schools bring just the work books
Relevant for the day

The schools should unburden the children
It never helps them to progress in strides
It causes backaches and hunchbacks
It is time to open up the internet age in schools

In this way no need books
Bring the notebooks to schools
Click a topic or worksheet
The answers quick on the click

the entertainers

The entertainers
They live in the lime light
They need the applause
They need to be liked

It is natural
Living on the stage
Entertaining the crowd
Hearing the fans

Behind the stage
Out of the cameras
The entertainers have issues
They hide behind songs and dance

They live to entertain audience
They should learn to entertain behind the stage
Out on the stage is the make believe
The real issues when life is off the grid

Once they are off stage
The real issues surface
Many can't handle it well
Some fall off the Earth

the months had gone

The months had gone
The road turns cold
The leads of photographs
Nothing came to pass

The police takes too long
To investigate the case
While others seem so efficient
Within hours or days

What causes the delay?
The pastor was kidnapped
Maybe he is already dead
Buried in the city dumps

Pastor Koh months had gone
The police still investigating
The leads all turned cold
Maybe buried in the city dumps

pakatan harapan's logo

Pakatan Harapan's logo
RoS disallowed its use
The party leaders have to change
It has to incorporate the words
Pakatan Harapan”

It looks like a double standard
The RoS trying to intimidate
Although it is nothing serious
It is just a logo
Why the disagreement?

Look at Bee Anne's logo
There is no full name for it
It is just “BN”
RoS doesn't disagree
RoS sails with it

Though Pakatan leaders never make noise
They agree to change its logo and design
Its leaders better make it quick
Before suddenly there is an election!

Friday, July 28, 2017

ah moi days numbered

Ah Moi wants to be a Gladiator
He keeps calling his troops to march forward
Feeding them with addiction and cronies too
On the battle field against the Light troops

Ah Moi stands fiercely barking his orders
His troops stay behind dare not move forward
He watches in dismay as he turns around to see
They are high on the money games

We can't fight
We don't have our strength
We are weak in our heads
We will be high in money games!”

Ah Moi looks on the field
The Light troops marching in
The songs of victory in the air
Ah Moi turns white and runs

All his troops follow behind
Leaving all the equipment on the ground
They run as fast as they can
Ah Moi knows his days are numbered

The nation wakes up to a new light
She smiles seeing the right groups arrive
She hasn't smile for a long time
Now she can hear the songs and dance

cure cancer naturally

Cancer frightened the rich man
The poor man will say it's God Will
The average man will pray for deliverance
The blind will say “what can I do?”

Once you are diagnosed of cancer
You will feel your world has shut down
You will see how your life will be stopped
In a matter of days or weeks or months

The expensive chemotherapy
It isn't the guaranteed option
It may not kill all the cancer cells
It may make the sufferers weak instead

The world of pharmaceutical companies
The profit margins the companies want
Make the quick buck on the dying souls
There is no sure way to survive

There are cheapest natural cures
If only the cancer patients give a try
The blush berry in Brisbane Australia
Apple, beetroot, carrot and grapes with seeds

The cheapest of the natural cures
It is said of baking soda drink it everyday
It will follow the cancer everywhere
God makes us; He also gives us the cures

the blind in the mind

Love is blind
The romantics will say
They will run in circles
Believing it is love

They will stop
What they are doing
When love calls
The smile on the faces

The beginning of magic
The sparks fly in the minds
Everything sounds so perfect
They say love is blind

Everything stops at the red light
The waiting game the minds play
There is no hurry to drive
They have all the times

When the game is over
When money is lost over time
When love isn't blind
The romantics will cry

The mind will turn mad
Everything seems a lost cause
Love has flown away
Nothing is left but the memories

Love is blind
The romantics will say
They will run in circles
Believing it is love

sex and men

The men always want more
The sex and women on the row
They don't think of the consequences
They only think where the dicks want to go!

Even the politicians rant about it
The underlying reason is to marry again
A young bitchy woman to satisfy his ego
What else will the male politicians say?

The males will say
It is in their DNA
They have multiple sex partners
They have the whale of times

But when they get STD
When they are infected with HIV
When they are infected with Hepatitis C
They blame the women!

The males forget
There are consequences on the horizon
Don't blame the women for the woes
Blame themselves without save sex

The males forget
In marriage the partners are equal
It isn't a master and slave relationship
The men shouldn't bully women to submission!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

why is truth so hard to come by?

I want to know
Why the truth is so hard to come by?
Why the leaders keep spinning long tales?
Don't they know they can't fool us all the time?

The leaders behave like the weathermen
They will report raining days in the days ahead
But we find there is hot sunshine
The rays burning hard on the ground

I want to know
The hard facts of the scandals
The hard evidence of any denials
Why the public officials falling in line?
When they should work without fear or favor

I want to know
Why the break down in the law officials?
Face to face with the dark lord
They shiver and run

I want to know
Why the truth is so hard to come by?
Why the leaders keep spinning long tales?
Don't they know they can't fool us all the time?

when life has troubles

When life has troubles
Don't let it ruin the years
There is always a reason
By the way it comes

We don't have to think so hard
The future isn't our eyes to see
We will not know where it will be
Will there be troubles or sunshine?

We all play a game
On our own will and reason
Once we throw the dice
Don't feel afraid how it turn

The road of many alley ways
There will be some wrong turns
Don't feel scared to drive on
There will be a reason

When life has troubles
It isn't the end of the road
It is a test of faith and belief
In darkness there is light

the many walls

The many walls
We see it everyday
In our minds we visualize
All cut scenes behind doors

What come out for public consumption
It is the painting on the walls
The look of believing but it is false
We don't get to see the reality

Sure we move around
Every state every city and town
We will also hear the costs high
The subsidies cut but where it goes?

The many walls
The maze in our minds
The pulling of locks and doors
What we see hardly the truth

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

it's time to put the snakes in the cage

Let the snakes in the cage
They have put in too many poisons
The whirlpool of headaches and setbacks
It is time to put them in the boiling pot

There are too many kind of snakes
Each want to make its scale of importance
Into its world the suffering on the ground
The addiction of many poisons

The scales on the walls
The snakes never wants to escape
The snakes think the power in them
The poisons of corrupting the minds

Here the signs of two headed snakes
On the wall display prominently to see
It is time to put the snakes in the cage
The cycle of change must come to pass

the door of many zones

Body to body masssage
The way it brings the glow
The tensions disappear
The good air circulates

The head to toes
Every part a sexual flow
In the middle too
The zones to ignite the glow

The men should learn
It isn't on the middle zones alone
The women will fake it
Let the men feel the macho

When the men learn the skills
The body to body massage flow
The women will reciprocate
They will want the same men

The doors to the erotic zones
When the men know where to look
The prenuptial rituals will light the fire
The women will be heated up right

Practice makes perfect
It is always the truth
Once the skills are learned
The doors of many zones

But many have failed
They think they have it
A hose to shoot water
The women will live by

a jealous God

A jealous God
Once He is in that mood
Nothing will be safe
The creations will be destroyed

He thundered in His words
I am your God
There is no other but Me
Once you pray to other gods
I will be your jealous God”

The people of the Old Testament
They perished in the Great Flood
They forgot to pay homage to God
They prayed and worshipped idols

We came a long way
The Old Testament story stays
Yet we haven't learned our lessons
We still live in our sins

Pray to God
Let Him stay
Do not anger Him
For He is a jealous Creator

In Christian's World
God has revealed his Revelations
What He will do when we forget?
The 6 horns had sounded and passed

There is one more horn to blow
The 7th horn hasn't been sounded
It is a warning to the people
A jealous God is an angry Maker

Buddhism teaches of Enlightenment
The fateful must always reach His realm
There shouldn't be any statues or deities
It brings back the sins

Once we forget
We will face our own mistakes
God has spoken in His words
Obey Me or perished!”

the notes of money

The notes of money
In circulation every where
It goes from one place to another
It takes from one hand to another pocket

Do we smell the notes of money?
It stinks of sweat, dirt and oils
Most of us hardly are aware
We take it put in our pockets

The notes of germs
Though it may have died in the heat
The soiled notes of money
Don't bring religion into its value

The notes of money
It smells of stink of sweat, dirt and oils
Most of us hardly are aware
We take it put in our pockets

it's a paint of glossy picture

The painted pictures
The glossy prints say it so
The words in bold letters
The political life sinks in

The capital projects
Who will benefits?
The figures look good
Ordinary hawkers feeling the pinch

Even the ordinary people
They are struggling to live
Here we have the politics
Painting a glossy picture

Come down to earth
Get rid of the scandals
Get rid of the corruption
Get rid of the little napoleons

Giving pledges a political ploy
The corruption and greed will stay
As long as we don't change in politics
It is just a paint of glossy picture

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the bad in life

The dark lord
Open the gates
Let the peasants arrive
But he also closes
The entrance of escape

He wants to look good
The helper of the weak
He isn't of that kind
He goes by the back door
The glory he thinks he has

He wants to taste blood
Behind the cloak of his life
He doesn't tell the truth
The peasants be his supply
Giving him the long time

The dark lord laughs
In the darkness castle he dwells
The dark shadow walks
The side kicks run along
Afraid to lose it all

But the lord of light
He isn't smiling or laughing
He sends down his bolt of lights
Open the darkness
The dark lord screams and dies

The peasants run out
Screaming loud in the night
Some kneel down to pray
For the lives they escape