Monday, October 31, 2016

disunity fall of the mighty

When hardship falls in
The people walk to the ghetto
Live together in close knit families
When money is hard to get

When politics rear its ugly head
Clamouring on a race forgetting others
The people walk to the ghetto
Together in strength divided they fall

The power in the wrong hands
It will corrupt to the core values
No matter what it is said
One race will try to intimidate

Thinking majority wins
They forget of unity
Once it isn't there
Colonization seems easy

By strength or by economy
A race can be brought to its knees
Don't get all crazy with power
The mighty has fallen before

the hound dog

The Red learns
The master of old
Bringing in the bogeymen
The Red will stand tall

The Red has no issues
The corrupted ones escape
The monies to enrich it
The Red keeps so quiet

The Red is part of the game
Playing hard to create troubles
Fighting for a clean administration
The Red can't sleep on it

The Red attacks good principles
Make police report on Isis way
Now it says of foreign funding
To destabilize the nation

The wealth of the nation is stolen
The Red pretends not to raise issue
The Red receives funding through it
It plays dumb and doesn't see

The Red learns
The master of old
The Red forgets walking in shadow
The pit hole it will fall into it

the crooks and hooligans

The crooks and hooligans
They can't live with honesty
They can't live with decency
They can't live without money

The crooks and hooligans
They enjoy the power in their hands
They can intimidate, divide and bully
They can create fear to achieve their aim

It is always a sign
The decaying soul wanting to die
On the surface it seems to survive
Playing the demon lighting up fires

The wild fire will glow
It will turn backwards by the wind
It will engulf the crooks and hooligans
The screaming of pain and calling for help

In the thick smoke
Nobody will see or hear
The crooks and hooligans
They have no way to run

Now they think what they are
Sitting on the stage eyes of glory
The command of power in their hands
If only they see what's brewing under it?

life is worth fighting for it

When we are down
We shouldn't think to escape
The easy way out
By jumping over the Penang Bridge

Once we fly in the air
The world will leave us behind
Once we hit the deep sea-water
Our souls will leave we will surely die

Is this the way of life?
The hardship and pain in our eyes?
When we hit the bottom
The next round is to get up

When the tough is going
The going will get tougher
This is where our minds capacity play
Our faith shouldn't let us become small

Don't surrender without trying
Don't run away when there is a way
It may look difficult to get out
But life is worth fighting for it

corruption mustn't be hidden

Corruption mustn't be hidden
In any law to escape jail sentence
The culprits must be expose
Even by former ministers

The police report lodged
What is the deal?
To hide the truth on the culprits?
Catch the crooks instead!

The police shouldn't give any excuses
Enough evidence collected and exposed
By the foreign countries of MO1
Why wait call in the crooks?

The former ministers
They can't keep quiet
They have rights to expose
The nation needs it to survive

We need to know
We can't be kept in the dark
The corridor of power
We can't let the crooks escape!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

addiction to parade

The tame horses
They are kept in the fence
Let them feel the freedom
Feeding them on time

The cowboys keep watch
Let no horses run away
Once the horses do
The cowboys can't ride easy

The tame horses
Once they are out of the fence
They will gallop far away
They will live in the wild

The tame horses can't believe
They have lost so much time indeed
Living in a fence watch by the cowboys
They have to spread the news

Don't get lured into the fence
The promises sound grand
Once you are in the enclosure
You can't say what's in your mind

The tame horses
Galloping around the fence
What freedom is this?
Addiction to parade

go to the rural folks

Bersih wants a change
It is the right of every citizen
The bad team must be replace
We are stakeholders we have a say

It doesn't mean once we vote
We have no say in the end
We still have our rights
The bad team should retire

Now the bad going overboard
Hiring hooligans to make us see red
There is a reason I guess
NSC comes to mind

We shouldn't fall for the trap
It is an entrapment to get us in
So Bersih should do the last minute
Cancel it and watch the show

The bad knows
The walls will collapse
There is no reason to stay
We have felt the shame

Bersih instead should go
To the villages explain things
Why Bee Anne has to go
Before we lose all hope of recovery

Likewise to the Pakatan Harapan members
Explain to the rural folks to change
This is the base where it will happen
The city folks will know whom to vote

we will remember

The graveyard of departed souls
Once they walked on Earth
They put their footprints
They shared their threads of life

We will remember
The memories in our minds
Once they shared with us
The history of the times

The years may have gone
The voices were silent in our ears
But the voices of memories
It's still floating in our minds

We will have the photographs
Holding on the memories
The departed souls once we knew
In our minds we still hold true

kill the addiction

The addiction on the hook
The souls who are hanging there
No doubt they feel free by the wind
If only they can get away

High on the top
They feel the greatness in their eyes
Swaying in every direction by the wind
If only they can get away

The folks on the street
They hardly look up to see
They have their own problems
Finding money to survive the day

The addiction spreads
The evil one will try to take
Every soul if he can lick it
He can splash his stay

The way out is to kill the addiction
Once it is done everything will run in harmony
There will no marching of protests
Together we will walk for our progress

Saturday, October 29, 2016

do we stay quiet?

Do we stay quiet?
Knowing the crooks will get away?
Leaving us the trails
Laughing at our desperation

The drumbeats hit louder
The thundering noise in the air
We all stop to watch or listen
Watching the blues running nowhere

When former ministers talk about the ills
The veins running through the corridor
The hound dogs can't keep quiet
They will bark the whole day

The bad affecting the reasoning
The hound dogs can't explain
In their eyes the glitter of gold
Swallowing them into the hollowness

Do we stay quiet?
Knowing the crooks will get away?
We should make our stand
The bad shouldn't go free

noises of muruku

Noises of muruku
Taking us into the sideways
We will feel the weight
Turn around dance the belly

That said we are lazy
Sitting down watching teevee
Fingers on the handphones
Minds catching the race

The mouthful of muruku
The noises cranking up into gears
We don't listen while we eat it away
Our eyes reading all the lines

The light over dark
The sparkles we yearn to live
The faraway look into the screens
We wish A Happy Deepavali

we live on a poker game

We live on a poker game
Each player holds his cards
He doesn't show it until it is done
On the table the pile of our complaints

Nobody wants to show his hand
He's afraid he will get ignored
So he holds on to his cards
Pretending all the times

Who want to bring the complaints?
He will be called ungrateful living on the land
The certain standards of achievements he has
He lives a bearable good life

So the players hold on
The poker game drags into it
Every one looks at each other
Well..who want to know?”

There are monies out there
You don't have to work but enjoy life
Surrender your cards and your soul
Life will be waving like a breeze”

The Devil laughs
We are playing a poker game
Who want to carry the complaints?
Show your hands or hide away!”

the bad has to go

The bad attracts the bad
This is how it is made
It will turn into a mad
It never wants to stay in the light

The darkness of things
The bad enjoys it to the hilt
It is here the bad flourishes
With the evil intentions ringing through

The worst is the good people
Turning blind eyes to the bad
They bury their heads in the sand
They don't want to know what lies ahead

They pretend it is normal
Looking at the bad marching in
As long as they still get to live
They will not say a thing

But we have enough
The bad things happening
The sane people should voice out
They can't pretend anymore

The bad has to go
The Bamboo River singing the names
Carving them on the walls
This is where they should belong

bee anne in parliament

Bee Anne in Parliament
They are rubber stamps
They don't say much
They don't want to know

They just want their monies
For the lazy work they will do
Put their names to suport any bill
They are the rubber stamps

Amno baru support the Red
Bee Anne leaders don't say much
They keep their heads in the sand
They pray hard nothing will cause harm

Bee Anne in Parliament
The people hope all have gone
In their heads burying in the sand
They don't hear or see anything wrong

The village folks don't wait and see
You better change your mindset and be free
Get back your dignity don't get addicted
It's time to break away and get back on your feet

Vote Bee Anne out
Before we all sink into the dark pit
The debts are piling high
Dr M says hitting the $800 billion mark!

Bee Anne in Parliament
They have sins in their minds
They can't say differently
They are told what to say and do

Friday, October 28, 2016

oh the change

Oh the change
I wish it comes early
I don't have to wait
Let it happen in my days

Oh the change
I hear it in my time
But some day it will not
The cheaters still running around

I hear the money talk
The hound dogs get the bulk
They want to bark out loudly
They think they can intimidate

Oh the change
There is no time to arrange
It should be on the spot
Let it happen in my days

I know the road
There are too many blocks
It makes the destination
It's so time consuming

Oh the change
I wish it comes early
I don't have to sit and complain
Let it happen in my days

the white looters in high places

The white looters in high places
They can loot it with impunity
No agency dares to touch the white sharks
They just come then go away

Leaving its nets behind
Telling the people that's what they do
They don't have the bite to take away
The white looters in high places

The white sharks swim
In the ocean of the seas
The splashes and the waves
Living lives like a beach

But the poor people struggle
The middle families work harder still
Getting ahead isn't easy these days
There are many reds causing pain

The hope is still there
The young generations will hit the road
They will rule the nation one day
When the old bad hats are gone for good

fire in the hospital

Fire in the hospital
It makes the news
Who's at fault?
What happen to SOP?

Blaming the contractor of maintenance?
Once the company finishes its inspection
The office administration should walk around
It is not sitting in the office doing paper work

There is must be a time to walk around
Every level every equipment on the floor
Train the staff to keep a look out too
It isn't sitting on floor talking

Now the reactive measures
Every hospital must be checked
MOH inspection team swings into action
Why it take a tragedy to get the ministry moving?

Be aware of the Isis lone wolf
The exploitation of a weakness
The lone wolf will make the blood flow
For a cause of an evil mind

That said what now?
After a few months everything as normal?
The SOP must be strictly followed
Else a tragedy will wait to happen again!

the time to change

The time to change
The village folks should say
They shouldn't close their eyes
They shouldn't take the crumbs

The time to change
The villagers should realize
The feeding of addiction
It will get them nowhere

Don't bury your heads
In the sand and forget
Wake up to see reality
Before it is all too late

The time to change
The party running us to the ground
The village folks better wake up to see
The nation on shaky road

The time to change
The village folks should say
Don't bury your heads
In the sand and forget!

i see the rain

I see the rain
And the roof is leaking
The ringing sound I hear
The man still says

There is no leak
Look at the other rooms
It is dry don't you see?
When the sun shines it will go away

The lies I hear
Reading the news
The money is nearly gone
The expenditures growing fatter

I see the rain
And the roof is leaking
The man still says
When the sun is up...

Everything will be okay
The man still says
The floor is shining
The lies I hear

Thursday, October 27, 2016

the bridge of suicide

The bridge of suicide
It claims so many lives
Why do people go that way?
Don't they know the truth?

Don't go before your time
You are in limbo in sun and rain
You don't have a shelter to stay
You can bang doors nobody will hear

Is this the way you want to go?
Leaving everything behind and people you know?
You think you do everyone a favour
Jumping off the bridge and say goodbye?

The bridge of suicide
Don't go before your time
You are in limbo in sun and rain
You can bang doors nobody will hear

You sit there crying whole day
Everyone you see shake their heads
You know why they walk away?
You are in Devil's lair

The bridge of suicide
Don't think it is an easy way to go
Think of the life you will have
Stay on course and finish the game

from the road to the stage

Ah Mo1 walks her way
On the road to the stage
She has the good living
Everyday in her life

I am available
Call me; pay me well
I will be there
Let me fill you to the brim

You know I am bad
You don't have to play cupid
The money is my world
I live with it”

The running dogs bark
Living on her handouts
They don't care about the dark
They care what they can get now

The yellow tries to detour
The bad to the good atmosphere
But the Devil too plays his game
The marketing skills to hide the truth

Down the valley the snakes of hell
They hiss feeling the need to feed
They always are hungry
They feed on the souls of the bad

But Ah Mo1 doesn't care
She needs the money
She wants it badly
From the road to the stage

a stupid way to die

The world is cruel
We don't have to hide
That said we don't need to die
We just have to live with it

The light and dark forces
We have to face it each day
There is no reason to feel hopeless
When everything is stacked against us

There is a saying
Fall right at the bottom
We still have to get up
Though we may shout and cry

But sad to say
Others can't take it
The harshness of life
They take their lives

Today a 38 years old man
Jumped over the 2nd Penang Bridge
He wrote he didn't want his children
To be called a convicted person's off-spring

The shallow thinking of a reason
A wrong way to see life ahead
Judges are humans; they aren't gods
They too make mistakes in their lives

Suicide isn't the way out
A mistake done served the time
There are still years to live by
It is a stupid way to die

the debts high

The debts high
And he still tells us lie
I rather believe Dr M
The debts could be $800 billion
That said what lies ahead for us?
We will be force to pay
More taxes to pay our debts
As it is now subsidies are cut
The poor folks will hit the most
They will cry in silence
But they always forget to change
The party which makes us complain
The road to redemption
It has to happen else we will face the drift
We will be aimless floating in a wide sea
Our minds are clouded thinking how to pay
The debts claiming our nation
For a few; we all suffer in pain

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the bad eating his soul

The Pacman on the go
He has no time to play
All he wants in his life
Give him the perks
Everything will work out fine

The Pacman needs it
He knows he has no other chance
Once the way of changes arrive
He has to look elsewhere again
He knows it will be hard in his age

The Pacman can't dance by his tune
Though the music is playing in public
He has no desire to learn and listen
He swallows his pride takes his prize
What else is new when he sold his soul?

The Pacman walks on a tight rope
He can't escape his sins though he may try
The baggage is too heavy on his shoulder
He knows his bad eating into his soul
The nightmares of the dark street

The Pacman wants to get away
He tries in vain as his sins take him down
Into the dark pit crawling with snakes
There he will realize his destination
The whirring sound of his scream

be the good boys

Be the good boys
Stay quiet in the corner
Playing your video games
Don't make so much noise

Be the good boys
Don't open your mouth to say
What comes out make you stupid
So save yourself keep it quiet

Be the good boys
Accept your pocket monies
Woo your girlfriends in cafes
Enjoy the company don't say it loudly

Be the good boys
Lock yourself in your room
You can shout as loud as you want
Don't show your face nobody will stare

Be the good boys
Sell your sins and smile
Maybe you need it
Before the day is done

gone were the days

Gone were the days
How life we had long ago
The easy going atmosphere
Leaving us with its footprints

We could sit together
We could discuss without prejudices
We respect each other views and religions
But gone were the days

Now what we see and read today
Every minor thing seems a sensitive issue
All about a race still feeling confused
Years of schooling and training like disappear

It's all come down to a reason
The falling apart of the ruling elites
They breed the ground of falling season
It's time they are washed away

The talking lies never end
The kampong folks aren't senile
They have known why it happened
If only they really wake up to change

Gone were the days
Of racial harmony in togetherness
The easy going atmosphere
Leaving us with its footprints

the pitying dog

The Romeo dog
All the fur slowly gone
His body shackled by a disease
He did his shagging when he was strong

I remember he could run
Chasing all the dogs in the neighbourhood
No other dogs dare to come
He would bark and fight

But his years to end came suddenly
His owner never cares anymore
When he has his grandchildren
The Romeo dog is left to find his own food

His best friend died years ago
I asked the owner where was his dog
He told me his dog gone
Died of sickness

Now the Romeo dog
Growing thin and haggard body
Maybe he is just waiting to go
The dog owner has sins on his hands

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the long shadow

The long shadow we will see
As long as we don't make the move

The corrupted ones will carry on
Carrying wealth away without a care

The greedy ones too
They will not stay behind

The currying favours will jump in
They hope to get the crumbs to live well

The hooligans will enjoy the perks
They get paid to make troubles

And the men in blue?
Ah..they wait for the tweets!

Don't say the system is bad
It is we who forgot how to make it right

The long shadow we will see
If we don't wake up make the change